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    NeoPets: The Darkest Faerie

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    A srs RPG for furries.

    The Darkest Faerie isn't as cool as it may sound. Remember that website you went on when you were 8 and played furry games, while taking care of your own virtual pet? Some people never grew past that website. Some never matured and blossomed into adulthood. Those people were furries, and they wanted moar.

    i own this game and i haev beaten it 2 but i never get tired of playing it. it rocks!!!!!!


    The Darkest Faerie's Birth and Reception

    On November 15, 2005, NeoPets decided to take their obsession one step further. They wanted to create a hardcore RPG that any gamer would be proud to own. An rpg that one would be proud to say, "Yes, I play this game and I've beaten it over 9000 times."

    Unfortunately this game fell a bit short. Not many hardcore gamers were proud to say they spent all their time roleplaying furries outside of a forum. The only people who wanted this game play it all the way through were 10-12-year olds and furries themselves.

    The concept seemed very intriguing to the RPG player. The title brought to mind an epic quest to seal away the most evil of Faeries as you meet many characters along the way while using magic and battling mythical creatures. A double-take reminded them that it was a NeoPets game.

    Gameplay and Story

    The hot villainess of the game.
    These two supposedly hold enough power to save the world. Wtf?

    The story is that some evil fairy chick (The Darkest Faerie) got locked away underwater as a statue, for a million years or something, for trying to take over Neopia. The spell keeping her there got weak and she, DUN DUN DUN, managed to escape and come back to the world. She was fucking pissed that the Faerie Queen (Fyora) imprisoned her underwater and left her to die, so she goes to choke the bitch.

    Meanwhile, a wolf redneck furry named Tor was suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, inspired to go on an epic quest. He goes to become a knight and is accepted immediately even though he's been on a farm his whole life. He goes to save another useless fairy chick (Illusen) and comes back to find The Darkest Faerie has everyone under her control or something. She made the world dark.

    While this is happening, in another far far away land, a furry girl magician (Roberta) is sent to save Fyora and destroy the nameless evil fairy. She and Tor meet up somehow and realize their destinies are woven together. Shit happens and then Neopia is saved! And the Darkest Faerie is locked away in a statue again, but kept in Fyora's bedroom so she can keep a close eye on her from now on.

    The game is played as Tor or Roberta. You battle other furries and make smaller furries become your minions to follow you and chew out whoever calls you a fag. Also, Roberta is the only one who can use magic because Tor fails and needs to drown in a sack thrown into a waterfall, along with nearly everyone else.


    Not surprisingly, all of the NeoPets players fap to this game nonstop. It has even led people to join NeoPets and revolve their life around the virtual animals. Typical fans of the video game are mostly girls, ranging from 10-18 years old, and gay men. They love to produce shitty art and orgasm over the game with each other. Like this link, for example.

    Atomic.gif Warning!
    Do not search for fanart from this game. Every picture made is horrifying and is like spraying acid onto your eyes.

    I really love this game sooo much! And neopets! (yes, I am a super duper nerd of neopets..)


    —Typical fangirl

    Ooooooooooh my goooood, I didn't know I was alone... O_O


    —In the closet Neopian

    I absolutely LUFF the darkest faerie game!



    I spent 3 years looking for that game...3 YEARS!!!



    i dont really understand that game... but my little brother plays it.


    —Normal non-brainwashed person

    I haven't sat down and played this one myself, but I've watched my younger brother play it


    —Notice a pattern?


    The Movie.
    Let's Play.


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