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    Neil Patrick Harris

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    Neil Patrick Harris will be posted by the same
    unfunny newfag until you like it.

    The AIDS, from all the buttfucking, has already begun taking its toll

    Not a true story.

    Neil Patrick Harris is an alter ego of Barney Stinson and a popular A-list so called celebrity. He is best known from being gay, starring in some ‘80s TV series that you will never even recall, and meeting your mother. It should also be noted, that - despite his wide-opened gayness and the fact that he's already "married" AND has two adopted kids - he's one of the most longed for shlick material to half of women population in this world.

    How He Met Your Mother

    There's not really much to tell about this smug faggot and his acting career before 2005, maybe except for the fact that he graduated from high school. After a couple lousy roles from time to time, it was the year that he was finally granted a chance to become famous: by morphin into a suit wearing, irresistible sex machine Barney Stinson in a brilliant, award-winning sitcom called How I Met Your Mother. The original content of the series was to show us a story of Bob Saget and his vain attempts to get laid in his younger days, but since nobody really cared, it was Harris that became the real star of the project, thus eventually changing the name of the series to How I Met Your Barney. True story - check out the link at the bottom of the page.

    Fun fact: in the series, he is heterosexual.

    The series lasted for nine seasons. Yep, nine long years of Harris and his minions having sex with each other and desperately trying to find true love. The formula of the show would never change, the jokes get tiresome sooner or later, and we wouldn't even see the said Mother before the final season. Quite a lot of fun, right? Why would it survived so long then and won so many awards, you may ask? For the award part: well, some folks are just stupid. The popularity thing? With all of the other people in HIMYM being awfully boring, it was apparently Harris who saved the day by constantly making fun of women, getting at least one pussy per episode and stealing the air time of other characters. It was a matter of time before audience would love him for that, but also - woe thee - baww in a never ending agony when he openly admitted he's a fudge packer. I know, not really helpful explanation. To tell you the truth, I have no idea why people would laugh their asses off every time Harris and, occasionally, someone from the gang said anything. Maybe it's because of the constantly irritating, mindless laugh track that is forcing your reaction to what's going on at the moment. It kinda reminds you of The Big Bang Theory, also starring socially awkward gay-man, who brings the audience to laugh burst every time he opens his mouth for no apparent reason.

    Here, watch this and figure it out by yourselves. Don't worry if you don't find anything. You're getting a cookie for going through this anyway.

    Protip: 6:34 to 6:43 - a typical reaction to an episode of HIMYM.

    Anyhow, as we've mentioned before, he couldn't meet your mother, because he wouldn't be interested. And no, her looks is not the case here. In a statement published in 2006, a year after his fame began, Harris admitted he's a teabagger, crushing any hopes and wet dreams of his not-gay-at-all fans. Not only that, but this granted him an even bigger fame and ever-lasting praise from Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender organizations. First this, later Sheldon-BAZINGA!-Cooper, who's next? Is this some kind of twisted fashion, or what?

    Is now a meme

    Aside from being unfunny on the television and humping men's asses, Harris would also become an inspiration for moar RAGE comics and memes, no surprise there. There are at least three well-known memes starring Harris and his creepy personality of Barney. These are named: Legen-wait for it-dary!, True Story and Challenge Accepted. They are all equally unfunny and forced, but the first one is more of an annoying quote, that every fan on the show will use no matter where and what for. We're gonna focus on the last two then.

    Harris true story.png

    True Story was created on Reddit in 2011 and is based on a scene from the first episode of HIMYM’s fourth season. It presents a black and white, below average drawing of smiling Harris with a glass of wine and the words "True Story". It is mostly placed in the last panel of RAGE comics of all kind and is supposed to inform us, that the events depicted in comic were based on something that actually happened. But that's not the rule. Nowadays, you can add this meme whenever you want, no matter if your art is about meeting Jimmy Savile in person, having a threeway with Japanese high-school girls or landing on the Moon. You think that your comics will be funnier if you'll put Harris' face on them? Well, bad news train arrived: that's not going to happen.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Challenge Accepted is the second meme generated directly from HIMYM. It became popular in 2010, but appeared as a catchphrase much earlier - in 2006's episode 6 of the series, where Stinson announced his intention to seduce an older woman. It is now used as a form of accepting someone's task or simply doing something very stupid as an act of courage. Just as with "True Story" it is present in RAGE-based comics, mostly represented by a stickman with crossed arms and a cocky face. And, again, use it in whatever manner you like, because no one will notice your hard work anyway.

    Faggotry Accepted About missing Pics
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    • How I Met Your Barney - also, pointing out the undisguised butthurt of lesser characters after their depreciation.
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