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Negi Springfield

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Negi Springfield is an autistic, hyperteloristic, weeaboo that spends enormous amounts on Tinychan, 4chon, a variety of other imageboards, and even on ED's own EDF. How does he have time for all that? Is he a wealthy heir? Does he play the stock market? No, he's an unemployed 25 year old living in his dad's apartment.

Tripfagging on 4chan

Negi Springfield began posting on 4chan after reading the first volume of Negima's manga. He chose that name as a way to attract attention, which has worked well since negative attention is still attention. Aside from his name and tripcode, he frequently avatarfags with characters from Negima. Several trolls have picked up this shtick, but none match the glaring faggotry of the original.

EDF and nudes

On the old Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums there was a user named Atomic Joe who I wanted to have banned. A mod said the now infamous words "Post your dick and I'll ban him" and I did. Now the pic is everywhere. ;_;


Who would've expected it.

Negi posted his online in order to get someone banned from the old EDF. Note the abnormal distance between his eyes, that's a symptom of a congenital malformation. Note the micropenis as well. Those nudes have been a constant source of stress for Negi, who keeps bawwing to various white knights to help him erase his nudes off the Internet.

Fun Fact: The user he once tried to ban is now a mod on EDF2.


His autism and especially his common meltdowns raise the blood pressure of every Tinychan poster. Every thread he posts in gets hijacked by people posting the pictures to the right. Every time he tries to befriend with a user who clearly dislikes him, he asks for apologies, as if tinychan is some sort of hugbox.

Fun Fact: He would later go to EDF2 and ask them to white-knight him against Tinychan posting the pictures he originaly posted on EDF1.


Negi Springfield runs Negimachan, a chan that is centred on an anime made solely for pedophiles. However, being centred on some anime that only appeals to a few people, the chan is essentially dead and boring. The only activity it ever had was spamming in order to promote other chans and the occasional troll post that leaves nothing but his dong.

His friend would probably be delighted if he knew that he and the inside of the house they live in is being put on public display. Sounds familiar?

"That wasn't me, you guys!

On April 1 2013, Negi decided to try a new tactic: denial. He took to IRC claiming that the nudes posted on ED weren't his, and that he'd been playing along the whole time.

I'll beat all you trolls at your own game.You keep thinking that retarded faggot is me. I find delusion to be hillarious. Yours in fact.


—Negi, unaware of how facial recognition works.


anyway I have no nudes and any that do exist are fake


—Keep telling yourself that, Negi


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