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Map of Nebraska

Nebraska is a state so worthless a search on Encyclopedia Dramatica for "Nebraska" would redirect you to Shit Nobody Cares About for over 9 years. It is a Conservative farmland of nothing between 2 equally worthless farmlands of nothing.

Nebraskan History

Nebraska first became a lolcow in the JEW.S.A. in the 1850s. During this time things were heating up with slavery division was being sewn between the Racist southern states and the closeted racist northern states. The question of rather or not the territories of Kansas and Nebraska should become slave states. The balance of slave to free states was even up until that point. So this was bound to break the balance (unless they made one a slave state and one a free state but whatever...).

The President at the time, Franklin Pierce, didn't want to deal with this shit, so he decided to just let them decide with the Kansas-Nebraska Act. When passed in 1854 it caused a lot of drama has Pro Slavery People and Anti-Slavery People flocked to the state to help swing the vote. This turned into violence in an acts of violence as both sides killed each other.

Flash forward 170 years and absolutely nothing has happened in the state. Absolutely nothing. Stop and think, what has come out of this state? What happened in this state. Nothing that's what.


File:Nebraska field.jpg
The Red light District in Downtown Omaha

Beaches, Mountains, Forests of lush wildlife you will find none of that interesting shit in Nebraska. Nebraska is a flat farmland of nothingness. Corn or maze as it's known by the local Injuns who survived the 400 death Ethnic Cleansing, is the primary state crop and by extension primary export of the state.


One of the great past times outside of sibling incest in Nebraska is Tornadoes (known as 'Naders to the local fags). These are powerful cyclones of wind and rain and shit that form into a column and wreck havoc on the Riverside Trailer park where Your Mom parked her piece of shit slab down with you and her new boyfriend. Every year over 9000 Tornadoes are reported in the state ranging from EF1 to EF69. The larger the EF rating the more cows are wasted.

Notable Nebraskafags

File:Franklin Corn.jpg
A popular Children's Book in Nebraska

Half of the people on this list are Pedophiles. Really makes you think about Nebraska doesn't it?

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