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    Natsuko-Kun (now known as "Burisu") is a user on DeviantART, known for her excessive drama, inability to take critiques, her obsession with J-rock and anime, and her group of adoring, ass-kissing fans that are always there to tell her how OMG KAWAII DESU NE ^____^ her work is.

    Seriously. Who could love something this fucking emo?


    Nutsacko-Kun likes to draw "hawt" anime J-rock stars that look so much like females, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that she's actually a lesbian that likes AZN girls.

    This is a boy?

    She also likes to use a rainbow of bright colors in each drawing. That, or no colors at all. The latter are bad scans of skinny boys in awkward poses.

    liek omg kawaii azn bois!!! ^______^

    As revealed in this journal, Nutsacko wants to find someone to obsess over...But not just anyone! He has to be a hawt Japanese^_^anime j-rock boi!!


    Good lord.

    Nutsacko Can't Take Critiques

    This is where the extreme lulz began, when someone dared not to kiss her ass, but instead *GASP* told her that some parts of her art could use a little improvement! How dare they! Nutsacko's adoring fans quickly came to her rescue, telling the attacker how OMG MEAN they were and her art was perfect in every way.

    Aww, we're sorry, Natsuko-Kun! We didn't know about your ass burgers! ;_; We'll kiss your ass next time like we should! Now THIS is why the bitch hasn't improved at all. She won't accept comments unless someone is giving her flowers and candy.

    Instead of being a pussy and kissing Nutsacko's ass, a friend tried to talk her out of being so butthurt. Nutsacko started to whine and decided to act with even more butthurtedness. So productive, amirite?

    Immature over-emotional wapanese 13-year old: Thats your problem.
    Immature over-emotional wapanese 13-year old: Thats your problem.

    Further into her grand butthurt denial, and after generating a great deal more of whine, she proceeded to block her friend from the page, but just for a few minutes, guys! She unblocked them after a few minutes of the silent treatment, thus solidifying her overwhelming maturity and assuring that she was the righteous winner of the argument.

    OH NOES! ='(

    This reeks of spur-of-the-moment drama.

    Emo Journals

    Apparently, Nutsacko wants critiques, even after the [many] big tantrum[s] she has had. But you're only allowed to critique her under one condition: You have to kiss her ass and say over 9000 nice things about a piece before you dare say anything negative!

    So we can only critique you as long as we don't point out something that sucks or offer any good advice? Genius, I say.

    AND OMG SHES SOOOO SOWWY U GAIZ...Wait, what the fuck?

    Her "mournals" are always long, subscript, nonsensical textwalls filled with her daily (and apeshit) musings that her poor idiot friends have to pretend to read just to humor her because otherwise she'll go emo on their ass. Fuck that shit.

    In one journal Nutsacko rambled on about some shit that never really happened. It was her chance to pity-whore and make sure her friends UNDERSTOOD HER TROO FEELINGS and remind everyone that IT HURTS because SHE IS A HUMAN TOO. : No shit, dramafag.

    I'm not some kind of uploadable computer that posts art and has no feelings... I hurt too...


    —Natsuko-kun on herself

    Even though artist are said to be the most humble people on earth, that doesn't mean we don't have hearts that can be stomped on...


    —Natsuko-kun, giving us her words of wisdom

    Awsum Ideas

    Nutsacko has some ttly awesome ideas! And she wants YOU to tell her what you think! (But only if you're sucking up to her.)

    Because being born with cat ears and a cat tail is totally a RL birth defect.

    She also feels the need to add long-ass descriptions to her art. These descriptions include a vast plethora of information about the character, lots of ^_^, information about her personal life, and other cool stuff. And don't forget: She "EXPECTS YOU GUYS TO READ THIS!!!"


    Natsuko-Kun KNOWS Men

    Since she has such talent in drawing sexy J-rock boys, she decided to share her talent with the rest of us and made a tutorial on how to draw men. File:Howtodrawmen.PNG

    Wow, Nutsacko! 'Coulda fooled me! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that was a tutorial on how to draw anorexic women.

    how do i butcher fandom?

    Nutsacko-chan is also known for her rampant raping of everything you've ever held dear to your heart. Especially the latest OMGAMAZINGANIMU of the moment. She will make it gay and you will like it, motherfucker.

    Leaving DA? Ohnoes!!

    Nutsacko found out about her ED article. Heart broken, distraught, and pissy, she did what any mature person would do: Whine and decide to have a drama-fest by leaving DA. WIN FOR ANONYMOUS!


    That stuff happened when she was 13, you guys! She's 14 now! In that vast difference of at least 100 years, she's gotten way more mature. While she did take it surprisingly well, her friend's replies were the lulziest.

    Interestingly enough, none of her friends ever complained about ED extensively or did anything to stop her from going. In fact, one of her friends found her ED article quite funny!


    And we don't blame them, for Nutsacko is a curious one indeed. Sorry, Kun, I guess noone loves you after all! D=

    Smacking in some good sense, for great justice


    lol wait jk

    Just like 90% of people who "leave" DA, it turns out she isn't leaving after all!


    Have we flipped a bratty retard around? Will she now be a worthy member of DevianTART? It doesn't matter what you do now, Natsuko-Kun: because Anonymous NEVAR FORGETS and NEVAR FORGIVES.

    Moar Butthurt Than She Lets On

    Remember how Nutsacko said she wasn't mad about the article? LOL JK. She's pretty pissed.

    So are you mad or not? Make up your mind, 'Sacko!

    Other absolute horrors