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National Emo Kid Beatdown Day

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This banner was created for National Emo Kid Beatdown Day.
The payback that never happened.


On or before 30th April 2006, MySpace user Hatepantsbad had the idea of making 6/6/6 an Emo Kid Beatdown Day, as evidenced by comments he made to Thedonlukas and Reptigurl on 30th April.

The earliest National Emo Kid Beatdown Day banner was included by Coolguyearl in a comment he made to a friend on May 19. By this time, National Emo Kid Beatdown Day had become a common meme on MySpace. At about the same time, it become a topic of discussion by school-aged punks, such as on the Total Punk Radio forum.

It spread to other sites such as LiveJournal and 4chan with only a few days remaining before the Apocalypse.

Soon enough the emo kids began retaliating by whining about it on MySpace; this of course did nothing and plans to smash the head of every emo possible continued. When the day finally arrived the streets began to fill with emo blood. Emos in their millions began having the shit and teh ghey (too bad it didn't work eh?) kicked out of them and the sales of My Chemical Romance records depleted by 99.9%.

The original National Emo Kid Beatdown Day banner.


A Filipino emo (gookmo) kid named Paul Clemente was the first victim of National Emo Kid Beatdown Day. He has recently changed his clothing style, musical tastes and also started loving vagina making this day a great success. Unfortunately, this most likely didn't happen to all emos. Still, emos were beaten the shit out of and epic lulz ensued! lulz

A New International Tradition

Norway also has their own Beatdown Day called "Drep En Emo Dagen" (Kill An Emo Day). It lies on the 15th day of December. It all started on a web-portal for youths named "Hamarungdom" around December 2006 by Drakar. However, it's not about beating up filthy emo-kids; it's more about legally "putting them to sleep", mostly because the police weren't to keen about all the blood and mess which would have filled the streets.


An article was published March 27, 2008, stating that the Mexemos were feeling left out:

Anti-Emo Riots Break Out Across Mexico. Lulz.

The Second Coming - 09/09/09/

Get your shit ready! The date is just around the corner! It will be like Jesus', but there will be punch and pie.

The Second Coming

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