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Nathan Gale was a former U.S. Marine who shot dead former Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell, and three other random people during a performance of Dimefag's band Damageplan in 2004. He was shot that evening by copfags. For some reason he loved that shitty band Pantera who were just ZOMG TUFF GUIZ. But this guy also would listen to their shit before footballs games.

Rust in peace

Nathan Gale was ejected from the Marines in 2003 after the Marine CorpsE had diagnosed him mentally unfit for military life.

Smoking a Dimebag

In the evening of December 8th 2004, at a Damagefag concert in Columbus Ohio, Gale rocked the stage with a Beretta 92 pistol and opened fire, pwning Dimebag. Following this, Nathan Gale turned the gun on those who were rushing the front, in an attempt to stop him. He shot and pwnt audience member Nathan Gay and club employee Erin Halk as well as Jeff "Gayhymn" Thompson, a member of the band's security entourage. He also wounded the band's tour manager Chris Jew and drum technician John "I told u I was hardcore" Brooks.

Columbus copfag cat-face James Niggemeyer, tossed a bitch-fit by by firing his weapon, a police issue shotgun. Nathan Gale was physically fucked by 'bout 7 or 8 buckshot pellets, all hitting him in the face. Copfaggot Niggemeyer, was reassured by a Damagefag roadie who told him "You just became a hero nao. You saved lives." But in reality, the roadie was a fucking retard who didn't know shit. Nathan Gale also was hailed for his bravery to sacrifice himself by preventing Fagtera from cracker supremacy. Now Phil is a mad bonehead.


Nathan Gale pwns Dimefaggot

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