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    No this is is my porn for the day. WTF?

    Nakedgirlparts is a locked LiveJournal community full of ugly lesbian camwhores with low self esteem who post their naked photos to have them complimented by other ugly lesbian camwhores.

    History of Nakedgirlparts

    Nakedgirlparts was created in April, 2002, and since has received thousands of horribly ugly self-taken camwhore shots.

    The community was locked, with an application process to be allowed into the community. To be considered, you had to be female (or a shemale), and hideous.

    All went fine and dandy for the community until May, 2007, when Anonymous created a fake journal as an ugly lesbian, was accepted to the community, and saved 300+ 500 pictures from the past two years.

    Nakedgirlparts spreads to /b/

    Doesn't even qualify as polishing a turd

    The community itself has gone up and down over the last few months, after the community members found out that their precious nudes had been posted all over 4chan's /b/. IT MADE THE LESBIANS VERY ANGRY, and they closed down the LiveJournal community. Then, they got sad, because they had no where to post their ugly naked pics, so they brought the community back up in late June, 2007, where it tentatively remains to this day.

    The file is still occasionally uploaded to file hosting sites under nakedgirlparts.zip or ngp.zip, and an embedded .jpg with the file split into eight parts is also spread on /b/.

    The pictures have no aesthetic value. But, if you love the sweet, sweet tears of people who thought their nude pictures were totally safe on a community in LiveJournal, this may be for you.


    OH GOD...I CAN TASTE THEIR TEARS... fapfapfap


    Anonymous, doing what he does best



    Gungirl, aka shotgun-chan, originated from these photos.

    Her LiveJournal name is secondhandwhore. Her IRL name is Maria.


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