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    Hey! Big Thumbs Up.jpg This article isn't lulz just yet, but its coverage can spark a lollercoaster.
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    Cat eyes.JPG
    100px Nads6969 is an Epic Lolcow
    Be sure to milk her for her fat and succulent lulz drama.

    I don't like calling it tracing. I just work the way I do.


    —The lunacy of the ultimate tracer whore.

    A disgusting shit of a dog with a husky puppy.
    The hideous fat face of a tracer lord with an addiction to kleptomania.

    Nadia Stepputat or more commonly known as Nads6969 is a greedy, slimy cunt of a life form that believes every piece of fan art in existence is solely made for her to trace over with her shart art skills. Unlike your typical tracer whore, this bitch has become the ultimate cock queen among all art thieves by stealing over a combined total of 130 different people and receiving over 200 DMCA reports on her traced abortions. Nadia is a 500 pound, almost 40 year-old single mother that lives in her dilapidated trailer park shed in Quebec living off welfare and child tax checks from the government. Since she refuses to get off her fat ass and get a real job she spends practically all of her free time searching the interwebs for fan art to trace and steal. It's assumed she has been tracing and stealing other people's art for over 13 years and in all that time her incredible shit skills have not improved in the slightest. You'd think that when a lard cunt spends 27 hours of the day tracing that they would somewhat improve a bit, but this cock queen has actually progressed backwards. When her sad swole of a son attempts to take time away from StupidTwat's concentration of shitting out traced butcherings, she proceeds to dump her offspring on her own mother so she can avoid the complete responsibility of being a mother. Sadly for StupidTwat, the hoard of pissed off devianttarts dug up as much info as they could on this psychopath and discovered that she's actually lost custody her son on multiple occasions. Nadia's ex-husband called child services on her in order to take back their crippled offspring after realizing that his child's birth whore was too busy stealing fan art instead of taking proper care of their own kid. StupidTwat tried to cry through her diseased vagina about having "severe depression" and that's why she couldn't take care of the swole that came out of her cunt, but absolutely no one on the face of the planet believed her since it was obvious that she was a pathological liar. She is a ripe and fat drama cow primed for milking so troll at will for succulent results. WARNING: When trolling this sow, screenshot EVERYTHING as she is notorious for hiding any negative comments made towards her.

    Nads' Traced Abortions

    Nadia's incredibly talented shArt at it's finest!
    Top: Nads' butchered abortion. Bottom: Hanarain's beautiful art. Totally not traced amirite?!

    This ball sack is most commonly known for her constantly-changing art style as well as line art that looks like it was done by a retard with Parkinson's. Nadia has been stealing drawings for approximately 13 years and you'd think that she would at least get a bit better at drawing, maybe? The answer to that is a big fat nope. She's created a liquid shit of a comic called "New Senshi Generation" (or NSG for short) that is basically an entirely ripped off plot of Sailor Moon just with her Mary-sue original characters slapped over top. Every single panel in every single page of her comic is shittly traced from the Sailor Moon anime because Nadia has shown to everyone that she has absolutely no creativity existing in her lard asshole. This is why she has to resort to stealing and tracing every form of Sailor Moon art as well as steal the designs from other fan artists. Her personal favorite victims to express her kleptomania addiction on are DracheaRannak, KarolHofman, FireFlea-San, and Hanarain; all of which have blatantly told her that she does NOT have permission to trace their art. But does she listen let alone care about artist's rights? Fuck no! Because she's a sad piece of shit with severe depression and that means she can do whatever she wants! Because "fuck the hatrs!!!11"

    Sooooooooooo original kawaaiiiIIII!

    Examples of Nads' Leet Art Skillz About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Even if I did, you can clearly see it’s not ALL traced.


    —StupidTwat, the Cock Queen

    If that didn't make your head fucking explode with pure shit then please admit yourself to your nearest hospital. There is more idiocy packed into her statement than there are nuts in a PayDay bar. This delusional fuck attempts to make her kleptomania seem like a hypothetical situation. Bitch, an entire race of retarded doormats would still have the capacity to realize that you fucking trace like a schizo having a stroke. This is probably one of the biggest logical inconsistencies the Cock Queen has come to say because the sentence doesn't fucking work whatsoever; the situation she presents is factual and miles away from hypothetical. For the stupid people: she's also fucking stupid. What Nadia essentially says here is "But I don't trace! And besides, not all my work is traced!" Fuckin' wot.

    Totally Not Stolen, Not Traced, 100000% Original shArT!! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Typical Nads' Behaviour: Denial, Lies, and Holy Fuck

    Nads is so amazing that she doesn't trace anything at all! That original you found doesn't mean shit!
    "FireFleaBitch said I can't steal her arts but I hate her so that means I can do whatever I want LULZZ"

    As mentioned earlier (pay attention) another distinct characteristic that Nadia has become popular for is her pathological lying. This bitch swings back and forth with her admissions to stealing/ tracing harder than a New York prostitute looking for black dick. She cannot make up her mind whether she wants to admit to everyone that 'yes, she is a fucking tracer whore' or continue with the 'I dun trace you guyz!' crock of bullshit; the latter of which being more of a lie than Trump's marriage. Everyone and their mother knows the truth that Nadia StupidTwat is, indeed, the lord of all tracer thieves. Boy does she fucking love lying, though. She lied to all of her "friends", she lied to all of her followers, and she lied to anyone who took a hot second to mention that her art looked suspiciously like someone else's work, just uglier as fuck.

    She's gonna keep stealing your art cause she dun care! Isn't she amazing?!

    Nadia also loves to smash the ban hammer when it comes to anyone who is against her kleptomania. Whenever she is called out regarding her insane amount of theft she always resorts to the "I don't care" response and hides practically every comment (so screenshot when trolling this bitch). It really doesn't matter how you word your comments because if it has anything to do with mentioning her shit tracing skills even in the politest manner, she will delete your comment. Why? Because it hurts her precious fake feelings and she'll go bawwww into her bedbug infested pillow that no one is sucking off her fat cock. This cunt has become so self absorbed in her own orbit that she doesn't give a flying fuck about anyone else, even the sociopathic blind maws that call themselves her "fans". If you aren't shitting out constant praise for her second rate Xerox reproductions then she will completely disown, ignore, or even ban you from viewing her abortions. If you also weren't enthusiastically sucking off her cunt with undeserved praise and adoration of her non-existent creativity and atrophied art skills, she labelled you a "cruel and jealous bully/ hater" and your comments "totally didn't faze her at alllllll". This sow would then proceed to create a journal and/ or status update to explain how "totally unfazed" she was. StupidTwat loves to put her whale cunt before everyone else including her own kid and has even admitted about caring more for Sailor Moon than she does her son. She desperately wanted to look like a legitimate artist yet she couldn't realize that she wasn't even an artist to begin with. In reality Nadia was a dark, empty, and disgusting fag whore who choked on her own bullshit and drove everyone away for just being herself. She has lost almost all her followers, friendships, relationships, accounts and even respect all due to own doing of being "hErSelF".

    Depressed: The Ultimate Excuse

    Apparently she's so depressed that her social worker encourages her to steal all the arts!

    This drugged-up mess of a human life form believed that her depression and lack of mental health excused her from all basic human tenets of courtesy (which included asking permission from other artist's to steal use their art, giving credit, and just saying fucking 'thank you'). Nadia firmly believed that her life struggles were the worst in the world. They were so terrible, in fact, that she expected everyone to pity and empathize her because "she was soooooooo sad!". However when there were any genuine attempts at helping her or correcting her ill behaviour, it was met with something even more engorged than her swollen ego: her monstrous victim complex. Nadia absolutely loved painting herself the victim for any situation she could.

    She's so fucking [email protected]@@@d that she isn't tracing as much! The only logical solution is to dump her kid off on her parents!

    The irony of this situation is how Nadia doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone but herself. She doesn't give a fuck about her followers and she clearly doesn't give a fuck about the people she steals from. Regardless of whether you are a fan or an artist she steals from, you are only seen as a resource to her greedy klepto infected brain. You are just a means to an end for StupidTwat. Though she cries diarrhea tears that she is a "bullied victim" in this entire train wreck, she has flat-out refused to do the right thing (which has included getting some professional fucking help and oh, hur dur, stop fucking stealing.) This rotting slime of a lifeform is very well aware of doing something she knows is wrong as fuck and shits over anyone who speaks out against her. But let's not forget how much of a victim SHE is!!!11eleven

    It can never ever be her fault she lost everything :C

    DeviantCringe's Video

    Finally a good video was made about this giant piece of shit that helped expose her to the masses. And as predicted, Nadia's deviantart page was completely bombarded with comments following this video in which she proceeded to delete every single one.

    Holocaust Debacle

    "Naming my character after the mass culling of jews is SOOOOOOOO COOL!"

    Some people don't give a shit about someone's stupid original character name, but oh boy did Nadia receive a flood of controversy with this train wreck. It seems the hoard of mass devianttarts weren't pleased with the name StupidTwat gave to one of her shitty traced abortions: Holocaust. Feeling a knot in their panties, the butthurt jews and christian sluts alike took up arms onto Nadia's page and stormed her profile with pages upon pages of raeging comments. Though quite a few tarts had an honest attempt at helping her find a more pleasant, less historically-murderous of a name that would suit her Jadeite bootleg a bit better. Yet even with generously well-motivated substitutes Nadia was adamant that "holocaust" was simply a synonym for "fire". What was even more entertaining was how Nadia thought the whole situation was the perfect time to inflate her victim complex.

    The ultimate excuse.

    Can we also mention how she thinks the holocaust is a "belief" and not an actual event? However we can confirm that Nadia skipped taking History while in school. But let's dive into the main divergence here: despite being told by several people including her own followers, Nadia had admitted that she doesn't care because other people are generally offensive towards her. So since other people offend her (by pointing out how much of a tracing/ thieving skank she is) then she is entitled to offend everyone right back. The "so edgy" here is almost satirical. Why bother attempting to offend people as a form of "revenge" in such a hamfisted way? StupidTwat doesn't seem to realize that the way to not being offended is to, oh... I don't know... stop taking and tracing other people's art without credit and/ or permission? If Nadia literally stopped tracing and stealing, started asking permission, and started citing and crediting her sources, all the fucking drama she brings upon herself would just stop. She has been told this multiple times, but she's too cool to listen to that nonsense! Because let's be real here: it's much easier for this psycho cunt to be spiteful and childish. Apparently Nadia never equated the word "holocaust" with the actual HOLOCAUST. But even when called out she can't let go of her precious "victim" feelings.

    In wake of this fucking wreck, StupidTwat decided to take down the traced abortion of her Jadeite clone and instead posted an insanely passive-aggressive status update.

    All Your Designs Are Belong to Nadia

    StupidTwat has proven to everyone that she has absolutely no creative art skills whatsoever and that also goes for when she is creating her Mary-sue original characters. Because she cannot rely on her own ideas she instead rips off other artist's designs and characters, stealing them for herself. What splits Nadia off from the typical weeaboo thief whores is the constant and blatant denial of ever taking anything, yet her 5 minute clone traces will look almost exactly the same as the original she stole it from. Even when confronted with the undeniable evidence and sometimes having the original artist come forth and state, "hey um that's fucking mine?" Nadia will still deny slashing shit. There have been multiple instances of confrontation towards Nadia regarding her horribly infringed garbage and her responses were always filled with the typical "I did nothing wrong, I deserve everything because I'm god's gift to art!".

    Why Create Your Own Ideas When You Can Steal?! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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