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    NSLE has published several volumes of gay-hentai. Needless to say, he is a nauseatingly sick fuck.

    NSLE was/is an Administrator on Wikipedia and is a 13 year old boy from Singapore who claims to be 17. He works with MONGO. MONGO blocks and then NSLE protects their talk page so they can't communicate. See above in the first section. They also often protect their own talk pages so nobody but the hivemind admins can talk to them, either. From the wikipedia chat logs, he says:

    2006-04-24 12:24 < NSLE> sean_black: MONGO blocked him.
    2006-04-24 12:24 < NSLE> I merely protected his talk page

    More goodies:

    2006-04-26 03:57 < Tony_Sidaway> I think the tubgirl picture is rather lovely. It has a prettiness that is difficult to reconcile with the subject matter.
    2006-04-26 03:57 < NSLE> I made it onto Hivemind.
    2006-04-26 03:57 < NSLE> Somehow.

    later someone asked:

    2006-06-10 18:48 < Marudubshinki> wasn't NSLE one of the first on hivemind?

    He was de-admined in June 2006 for, "The Arbitration Committee has been made aware of very strong (but necessarily privileged) evidence that NSLE (talkcontribsblocksprotectsdeletionsmoves) abused his sysop privileges in unprotecting an article which he then used a sockpuppet to edit, and we believe that these actions were done under the direction of a permanently-banned user." He now claims to be on a wikibreak.

    Chatlogger also finds:

    2006-06-02 08:43 < Grue`> damn, someone gave me a barnstar and NSLE reverted it!

    He claims he left the project because his gay-partner Lar refused to fellate him on IRC but since the only interaction NSLE has with other human beings is via Wikipedia, it is highly likely that he will return as a sockpuppet and resume his pathetic attempts to solicit pity sex from other Wikifags. NSLE stands for "Nation States LEicester", the former being an online nation-strategy game which provides NSLE a much needed boost to his abysmally low self-esteem, and the latter being an English football team whose captain he is currenly stalking.

    NSLE lives in Singapore and is currently unemployed. He spends 17 hours a day on Wikipedia blocking users who refuse to state on record that he has the biggest cock they have ever seen. NSLE spends the remaining seven hours either furiously masturbating while chatting with sexy minxes on the Internet, or by rocking back and forth with his hands over his ears trying desperately to shut out the voices. NSLE believes himself to be the son of King Zanthar of the Crab Nebula, despite the fact that a paternity test has confirmed the fact that he is, in fact, the undesired result of a torn condom and a night of passion between his mom and uncle. NSLE's psychiatrists say that it is vital to his self-esteem that he be allowed to act like a stud on Wikipedia, lest he go back to boosting his self-esteem by tormenting his neighbours' kitten with the same cigarette butt that the bullies at school had stuck up his ass. He frequently tries to act cool by using British-words, even though it is common knowledge that NSLE is nothing more than a yellow-skinned-below-poverty-line-malaria-infected-fuck, corright or not?

    The Aardvarkesque Wikibreak

    NSLE never went on wikibreak. He immediately went to a new account, user Chacor. Pathetically, Chacor now hangs out at the Administrator's Noticeboard, giving out free advice, pretending like nothing happened. He is generally ignored.

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