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Neutral point of view

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Neutral Point of View (or NPOV for the retards) is Wikipedian for "Don't be a newfag and slag this article off, or we'll revert your edits".

The term is used frequently on Wikipedia and is an unwritten law of the Wikipedians, in which you must be unbiased in everything you say when making edits. This law states that your point of view should be neutral on the topic and should never say anything hateful or could otherwise slander the subject in any way. While this leaves little room for trolling, sneaky Wikipedians can bypass this law by adding a "Controversy" title on the article and softly slagging it off with formal, unbiased sentences and using incredibly long words, while including evidence of said controversy. If you can do this and not ever have your edit reverted, you are a true troll.

Other uses of NPOV

Fox News definitely uses a NPOV. They constantly remind us that they’re “fair and balanced”, so they must be telling the truth. Fox News would nevar lie, not at all.

A calm, rational opinion on NPOV, as told by a true gentleman

Neutral point of view sucks ok.
Nobody ever comes to the internet with out a goddamned motherfucking point of view to spout off okay? So this bullshit about being neutral? It brings up more bullshit than it's worth. And plus people think that not having a point of view on a subject makes you more reliable. No, it makes you more stupid is what it does. I don't trust you if you aren't spouting off about something. Yell. Scream. Do something. Just don't fucking tell me that i'm not being neutral. There's no such fucking thing so


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