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NO U is the ultimate trump to any debate or drama on the Internets. It originated on Something Awful at least 100 years ago and has been used ever since, though its roots originate in playground arguments. Perhaps the most appealing feature of "No U" is the fact that there is no defense against it and it requires no research whatsoever, but still manages to enrage other people. However, beware! Master debaters know that the only escape is to enter a never-ending cycle of "No U" until one of the debaters gets bored or angry and leaves. In this case, if you are the last person to leave, a winner is you! Congratulations. Hope it was worth it.

Example of delivery

How a usual NO U cycle progresses.
Proof that NO U is at least 100 years old.
Prima: If you're just going to sit back and criticize the furry fandom without doing any research on the socio-political ramifications of the lifestyle or culture, then you're nothing more than a prejudiced, narrow-minded homophobe.
Secunda: no u

Secunda has successfully enraged Prima so much that they can no longer come up with a valid counterargument, thereby winning them the argument and the adulation of millions of women. Remember to only use this power for the betterment of society, or for lulz.

No u wars

When dealing with more formidable opponents who are wise in the ways of lulz, you may come across someone with an iron resolve. To best these opponents, obviously, you must declare a no u war. The rules are as follows (for IRC; forum variants may exist):

  1. The procession of "no u"s must be as fast as possible, but must be only in response to other "no u"s.
  2. The last person to get a "no u" in before either they or their opponent are kicked by angry ops wins.
  3. However, if the last "no u" made by you was made after your opponent was kicked (but you are not—yet), it is invalid.
  4. Multiple "no u battles" may be declared over the course of an extended no u war.
  5. There is no limit to the amount of factions in a no u war, but all factions must respond to each other individually.

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An example of how to conduct a no u war. In this no u battle, "Blast" has won.

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NO U may not be considered a valid real world legal defense, but as Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney displays, it is indeed a valid objection in Internet court.
A perfect example of No U being pulled off by some person from YouTube

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