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    "No" is the opposite of yes and is the answer that you always get when you ask a girl "Would you like to go out on a date with me some time?". Variations include Nah, naw, nope, nooo-wa! NOOOO!!, "go and fuck your dog" and DO NOT WANT!!1 No only means yes when said by a woman who obviously wants to get raped, as all women of course, do.

    Linguistic variations

    Nope cannon.gif
    1. In Raep: FUCK YEA!!!
    2. In Icelandic: Nei
    3. In Greek: Ochi, όχι
    4. In German: Nein
    5. In Russian: Niet, Нет
    6. In Latvian: Nē
    7. In Italian: No
    8. In Latin: Minimè
    9. In French: Non
    10. In Portuguese: Não
    11. In Spanish: No
    12. In Hebrew: Lo
    13. In Cornish: Na
    14. In Croatian: Ne
    15. In Arabic: La
    16. In Japanese: Īe/Ūn, いいえ, 否, ううん
    17. In Chinese: Bu, 不
    18. In Persian: Na
    19. In Finnish: Ei
    20. In Estonian: Ei
    21. In Turkish: Hayır
    22. In Hungarian: Nem (you may also say "nagyonkurvárakivancsukvabazmeg", but this is a bit more difficult to transcribe. Could also try "kurvára nem!", meaning something like "Hell no!")
    23. In Armenian: Cheh
    24. In Swedish: Nej
    25. In Danish: Nej. Nah/Næh. Nope/Nope. Ukorrekt/incorrect.
    26. In Norwegian: knull meg i ræva
    27. In Polish: Nie
    28. In Albanian: Jo
    29. In Romanian: Nu
    30. In Dutch:Nee (pronounced nay like the Aulde-English word for no)
    31. In Chinese: We do no want!
    32. In Aspergian: Yesh?
    33. In Negroid / Ebonics: FUCK YO' MOMMA
    34. In Will Smithese: AWWW HELL NAW!
    35. In Assburger: I am disinclined to acquiese to your request.
    36. In Irish: Feck off!
    37. In Welsh: Nw (pronounced 'no').
    38. In Canadian: Eh?
    39. In /b/: NO U!!!
    40. In Drunkspeak: Wuld yoo haf secks wit me plees?
    41. In Æ: B&
    42. In Africa: The fuck you think?
    43. In Australian: Nah fuckin' way, cunt!
    44. In Swiss German: Nei
    45. In Tunaknese: Dholna...
    46. In Chavspeak: Naw A fawkin pumped yer maw ya cunt.
    47. In Engineer: Nope
    48. In Afghan: Ne

    Notable No's Down Through History and Daily Life

    When asked if he would please stop killing joos, Hitler answered. "Nein"

    When told to bathe himself, John Cena replied: "Hell no."

    When asked for their opinion of Barack Obama, an entire trailer park of rednecks responded: "He'yall Naw!"

    When god asked him to stop being such a little bitch, Satan (see satanism) told him to fuck off in the following way: "Noooooo! I DUN WANNA! DUN MAKE MEEEEE!" This one is particulary important because it was followed by the most amazing smiting in history.


    When a woman say's no it either is the equivalent of the magic 8 ball saying "ask again later" or when mentioned in a discussion on sex means "Yes but it is so much hotter if you force yourself on me." No never means no when it comes from a woman. "No" is also the answer every slut will ever give when you ask to see her vagoo, which is why Ron Jeremy invented Tequila.


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    Darth Vader's famous line.

    Two dipshits protesting against Twilight.
    Typical starwars scene.

    Many people fail to understand parts of this word.


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