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    Not even Doom music can save this kitty.
    File:Xp the cat.gif
    3 Months, 4 buttons and 1 dead cat.

    NEDM, an acronym for Not Even Doom Music. It was a meme born from the darkest bowels of YTMND as reaction to serious business. Shortly after its creation it was promptly smeared all over the Internet like anything that appeals to a young white demographic. It is considered to be the much anticipated sequel to Zippocat and as such it's fantastic, like any sequel. NEDM is the source of much Internet drama and hate from those who can't appreciate art from YTMND because killing cats is not funny ever. If you think any differently then fuck you, you insensitive fuck, just FUCK YOU. If you vote anything other than one at any point in time then it is obviously clear that you enjoy burning cats and wish to destroy the American dream.

    In July 2005 a video was created when a then 26 year old put his pet cat "Mottles" in a small cage and decided to douse it with flammable liquids and set it on fire to the amusement of his teenage BFF who happened to be holding a video camera innocently close. It was decided that the Internet JUST HAD TO SEE THIS.

    Everything began innocently when the video of the man forcing Mottles into his small cage and lighting everything aflame was posted on a site dedicated to the strange and gruesome, Ogrish.com, and it was clear that there was nothing whatsoever to worry about as the Internets had a good wind to them that day. Fortunately, drama quickly began after a "HelterSkeltor" did what any reasonable basement dweller would do after witnessing an unspeakable horror from the Internet, he posted a link to it. He then told all of his friends who the cool guy who found it was, him that's who!

    In a rare fit of compassion a large group of forum members rose up to declare it unfunny and moved forward to ban the party responsible from life. The stupid fuck had neglected to use a proxy when posting his ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES and his IP address was traced quicker than Mark Foley to a Boy Scout camp, hot damn. PETA was quickly roused to fight the injustice of the Internet and by then everyone who was involved was seriously fucked. The teenager who had originally posted it was immediately arrested and the man who originally tried to entertain the Internets turned himself in from trolls remorse. Afterward, it was declared that they had indeed failed it and all videos were deleted by the appropriate Internet authorities.

    By this time it was apparent that the original visionary was feeling very sorry for himself during his interrogation due to his stupid teenage counterpart's inability to learn Computer Science III which everyone knows is the top hacker cat burning level needed to post an illegal video on the Internet. He soon realized that he was now going off to jail for his stupidity. He was promptly walked out of the police station and sent off still contemplating how well the Belgium police could protect his now fragile NeoPets from furious media scrutiny.

    Creation of the NEDM Meme

    Omg NEDM!!!1
    Batman lieks NEDM

    In response to the drama the Internet Police took away countless Internet licenses for failure to be grave in their Internet proceedings, they then deleted fucking everything but much to their surprise the video reappeared on YTMND. Member “Baron” decided to post the video himself on YTMND after he had personally edited the video to include music from the classic computer game named DOOM. The subsite was deleted within hours of its creation, but not before large quantities of YTMND users had voted on it. However, the comments on the original cat-burning YTMND disappeared with its deletion. As per Internet law it was immediately voted 5 stars by anyone who had the luck to stumble across it and this HAPPENED to offend some. Outraged that anyone could ever vote the malicious burning of kittens as a 5 STAR!!11! an agitated Titanium-Gecko began to downvote all sites created by users who had five-starred the burning kitten YTMND as a protest.


    In retaliation, the subsite was then upvoted by a number of people among them was YTMND user “Spotz”. After noticing that all of his sites had been downvoted by Titanium-Gecko he explained that he only upvoted the burning kitten YTMND for the "irony of using the Doom bunny music" and not because he condoned or approved of the actual burning of cats. This was serious business though! and Titanium-Gecko really really wanted people to really know what horrible people they were being, and as a master of wit he quickly posted the now famous quote detailing how nothing makes burning cats funny, nuthing at all you cat burning fucks! D:<<

    Since you do not 'condone' burning kitten your sites have been 3'd until further notice. Still...nothing justifies 5'ing burning kittens. Not even Doom music.


    —Techno-Gecko letting you know what he thinks of YOUR music, mister.

    Smitten by Titanium-Gecko's butthurt, a moheevi quickly whipped up a remix of the original video with Coburn's We Interrupt This Programme [Jean Claude Aimes remix] accompanied by happycat and began posting the comment "NEDM" wherever he could. At first, NEDM sites simply featured the cryptic letters "NEDM", with no explanation given as to what they meant, such as AwesomeBob's "NEDM is coming." Eventually, moheevi created a site using the happy cat image which user Stratos-the-Bratos saw and used for the third NEDM site. After seeing one of StarOnion's sites Moheevi updated the original site to include this picture with the infamous 'chapstick' quote.

    Few people understood the joke behind the NEDM sites until Spotz explained it on the YTMND forums and revealed the story of the now-deleted burning kitty YTMND and Titanium-Gecko's one-man crusade against it. Since then, the NEDM fad still remains somewhat misunderstood according to its supporters and content creators. The creators of the fad state that it in no way supports animal cruelty. NEDM simply means "Not Even Doom Music can get you a rating of five stars" (because the site is usually bad or random). NEDM can be applied to anything, not only animal cruelty, and because of this the fad is one of the most varied on YTMND.

    In summary: "**** off, haters.




    Internets, serious business.

    This, however, did not stop YTMND from trying to increase its advertising revenue and hit counts by adopting the video as if it were created by them and they became the proud creators of the now “famous” meme. Whether or not the hypocrisy displayed by the YTMND administrators in claiming to ban the video but encourage the offshoot meme ever did raise advertising revenue for that month remains unclear, however, it does seem that the number of faggots that frequent the YTMND wesbite has grown exponentially. This has left some of the YTMND administrators wondering if they could try the same kind of thing again.

    Following the original YTMND run Mottles the cat came back in a big way for every dumbfuck this side of the google ship to salivate and cream themselves over. Memeism instantly ignited and the fields of Internet were engulfed by flaming kittens and hearty laughter, NEDM had been born. The term quickly spread as it was only the coolest thing ever invented and soon it was declared that NEDM was, in fact, coming. NEDM quickly became a monster of a meme and produced many lolz but it soon died as YTMND kills everything with any comedic value sooner or later. This is all fact, fuck you, and it remains unknown whether or not Portal music would make NEDM funny.


    People love burning cats. It is the source of much controversy and healthy debate.

    It's just a cat. It got burned, it died, who should really care. Thousands of people die every day, often by the hands of other people. There are videos of it on the internet, and those aren't taken down. These things should never be censored, anywhere, lest we lose sight of what "low" or "base" activity is and inevitably revisit it...Holocaust, anyone?


    —YTMND nerd

    id like to give a big f*ck you to anyone who is 1'ing this site just because they dont like cats and think they should burn, or say that things die everyday bla bla bla. murder is wrong, unless its a matter of survival of the fittest (which this is not a case of)


    —YTMND nerd 2

    wtf u bunch of pussies its just some stupid animal why dont u try to stop people from killing each other instead of worrying about some gay cat


    —YTMND nerd 3, Lord of White Trash

    there is worse stuff then burning cats, like raping children.


    —YTMND nerd 4, he knows what he is talking about.

    if u love cats so much why dont u f*ck them


    —YTMND nerd 5, Master of Verbal Skills

    Let me say that I have seen the so called "Cat extermination" video back b4 the heat took it away.OK it's not that bad...no im not a cat person and infact i love dogs. but if i saw it done to a dog I would look at it no differently.I've seen a muslim burn to a tree in a vid it was worse. U SNOOZE U LOSE..u missed the video so DROP IT AND B GREATFUL WE HAVE AN AMAZING FAD THX 2 A LIL BELGUIM BOY. NEDM FTW!! long live the fad NOT THE CONTRAVERCY!


    —YTMND nerd 6, kthx

    So I come to Wikipedia to find out what this NEDM cruelty thing is about, and you don't even have an article on it. This is not good PR.


    —Swindon, United Kingdom

    NEDM in Technicolor

    Glorious Pixels of NEDM

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    NEDM in Text Form

     _   _  ______________  __
    | \ | ||  ___|  _  \  \/  |
    |  \| || |__ | | | | .  . |
    | . ` ||  __|| | | | |\/| |
    | |\  || |___| |/ /| |  | |
    \_| \_/\____/|___/ \_|  |_/

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