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    Mykel Lande

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    Mykel Lande: Self-Proclaimed Celebrity

    Watch Mykel's live showw

    His real name is Michael, but the internet knows him as Mykel Lande. He is the grandchild of Harry Roth and Heir to the St. Elmo Steak house and he twitpics the spot constantly. He claims to be an "A-list Celebrity" due to his excessive fame whoring on the internet. Mykel gained attention with his videos on Youtube, his live shows on Stickam, and his MySpace page. Recently, Mykel has been making the rounds on twitter and networking with personalities such as Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton, Stevie Ryan and most recently groupie Kat Stacks. Mykel is a self-proclaimed 17 year old boy (but we all know he's 18!) internet celebrity and attention whore from DC who now lives in Long Beach, California. On the surface, he's just another blue-eyed, hard partying, fame obsessed teenager, but he prides himself on the fact that he is a professional skateboarder, singer, actor, and model. He currently is milking up his so-called internet fame even though it's long gone. He has proven that he will do anything to be famous.

    Mykel is well known in the internet world by his relationships to actual celebrities and other internet celebrities alike. His relationship with fellow fame child Kiki Kannibal was widely publicized on the website sticky drama. Their lucrative tweets to each other appear and disappear. Mykel claims to be related to rapper Asher Roth and claims that Asher is his cousin. He is lying. He also has talked about working with Spencer and Heidi, fellow fame whores, yet no project has been found. It was rumored that Mykel was signed to Tila Tequila Records, but left the shitty label for JIVE records. Mykel also has a relationship with Kat Stacks, who is a celebrity groupie.

    The other side of Mykel

    Mykel rose to fame on stickam by posing as pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler who he resembles. It was reported that Mykel made money as Ryan's look-a-like and got paid to skate and simply appear at skateparks and events. He is also a Professional skateboarder himself who skates for Element. In 2009 Mykel Lande was exposed on stickam by his longtime associate Kiki Kannibal, and he began creating his own stickam page and promoting his music View his Stickam


    His official Single

    After partying hard one night, Mykel decided to make profit from the stupidity of his fantards by recording his voice using autotune and calling it music. He somehow managed to manipulate the teenage girl fans of his into buying his music. His first single, "Dreamer in the Dark", although widely acclaimed, was removed from itunes due to the fact that Mykel stole an unauthorized instrumental from Lady Gaga producer RedOne. His current single is titled "Angel" and was recorded using his iphone. You can find his "hit music" on his new myspace page.

    Stalker Drama

    Since Mykel rose to fame on the internet, he became ambushed with Stalkers. He notoriously changed his phone number over 11 times. Some of his stalkers include the psychopath Erica, a girl who goes by "________", and several other young crazy teenage girls. He reportedly has restraining orders on over 6 girls.


    Mykel claims to be almost everything you can imagine. A part time Pro-Skateboarder, Pop Star, Actor, and model. His skateboarding videos on youtube are rumored to be stolen from his friend, and Paris Hilton's brother, Conrad. His music is all auto-tune and stolen instrumentals. His acting shows his debut film on facebook by a director named Geddess, and his modeling consists of webcam, and iphone pictures. He is apparently working on new projects and auditioning. Only time will tell if he can actually become as famous as he is on the internet in real life.

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