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    Mygnrforum.com was the second worst Guns N' Roses forum on the net, partially because of the dumb-ass, power hungry, manchild admins who spend most of their time on an internet forum deleting accounts because someone has an opinion that doesn't agree with them. But is not even in the league with HereTodayGoneToHell.com which held the title as the #1 worst GNR forum.

    As of 2015 this is no longer the case since Canadian uberfag Downzy took control of Mygnr and appointed a team of politically correct, feminazi mods who censor anything that doesn't agree with his liberal worldview. Mostly however it is because he wants to milk the site for revenue from google adsense and as a result has implemented a policy of scrubbing the forum clean of any controversial, mature or adult content. Make sure to report such content to google whenever you see it for the lulz.

    Mygnr was anally raped in the ass in June of 2006 by an elite team of hackers called the boon brothers because the admin was too busy stealing money from forum members and making tons of cash of google ads to update his forum.

    The forum is divided into two main categories: Axl Bashers and Axl Nut Swingers. Both are irritating whiny bitches who operate on one key principle: I have more posts than you, therefore I know more about Guns N' Roses and my opinion is more valid than yours.

    This forum also contains the biggest Axl Nut Swinger of them all "AxlsDisillusion" aka "Jim Bob" who constantly rambles on about how much he hates the old band and how awesome the new band is because Axl Rose picked them out himself. "AxlsDisillusion/Jim Bob" is also a middle aged man who films porno of women who couldn't get picked up by the high end porn sites so they were stuck with him.

    It is well known that the fanboy types who frequent Mygnrforum mostly middle-aged internet perverts looking to hook-up with teenage girls (Sixtus & Kasanova King).

    Troll their shit.


    Despite allegedly having two fully completed albums that are ready to be released any moment, psychotic fatass Axl Rose would rather tour the world ten times over with the same goddamned setlist than release any actual music. Who could really blame him, though? Though the band is largely shunned in the United States, there are hordes of mentally ill (mostly Brazilian) people still willing to turn out to the tune of hundreds of thousands on each leg of the "Chinese Democracy Welcome To The Jungle It's So Easy Mr Brownstone Richard Fortus Solo Live And Let Die Tour" to see Axl pathetically waddle through the same songs he played in the same city six months before. Despite the fact that the "band" has released 14 songs in the last 21 years (lmao) and play the same setlist at every show, loser fans bizarrely still spend day after day endlessly refreshing MyGNRForum hoping that new music will magically drop from the sky or that Axl will play some shitty overrated song from Use Your Illusion II that nobody outside of MyGNR gives a fuck about. The absence of Axl delivering anything happy to their pathetic lives leads them to endlessly circlejerk over the same tired topics, such as:

    DJ Ashba

    DJ Ashba is one of GnR's seventeen lead guitarists. Despite being the worst of them, Ashba is privileged with playing the opening riff to legendary songs such as "Welcome to the Jungle", "Sweet Child of Mine", "Slash is a Cancer", and "I Hate Niggers, Immigrants, and Faggots". Not only can Ashba not adequately cover Slash, he can't even cover that queer Robin Finck, who finally left the band after nine years of sitting around waiting for Axl to brush the Doritos off his chest and leave the house. Ashba is a walking advertisement, wearing his Monster t-shirt and constantly whoring his terrible AshbaSwag clothing line in every interview. Ashba has been in the band since 2009 and has not recorded anything for Guns N Roses outside of a remix for "Better" that nobody outside of MyGNR has heard. Despite this, Ashba posts the entire Guns N' Roses discography on his website and has a song that Slash played on autoplay when you click to view his tour dates. Ashba is literally everything negative that GnR fans accuse Slash of being, which leads to an immense amount of butthurt that Axl would allow someone like this in his "band".


    Beta is a fat, retarded Brazilian prostitute who doubles as Axl Rose's housekeeper and Guns N' Roses's manager, which says all you need to know about Axl. He also has a weird and creepy relationship with her, going so far as to call her "mother" despite the fact that she is only a couple of years older than Axl himself. Beta exists solely to tell Axl everything that he wants to hear, such as "you are not fat", "you can sing", "Slash is a cancer", and "hey, I've got the six dozen large pizzas you wanted. Do you want me to bring them up to your room?" Beta's son Fernando and daughter Vanessa comprise the rest of GnR's management team, which does little other than book the same tours over and over again and tell fans to fuck off when they ask about anything. Once they had a six hour meeting, the result of which was to tell NGOG and ManetsBR to fuck off and leave them alone #complaints complaints complaints.

    Team Brazil have also accused Mygnrforum of being racist because posters there likened Beta to Consuela from Family Guy. The resemblance is uncanny to be fair.


    The favorite topic among unemployed 40-year-olds of all music fanbases. Who gives a shit what 99% of the people actually at the shows want to hear, right? It's all about you, refreshing that "SHOW THREAD: GUNS N' ROSES AT HUEHUEHUE ARENA, BRASIL" at 5:00AM in your underwear. Did he not play that one song from the Chinese Democracy album that nobody bought? Fuck him. He's doing nothing but dragging this band into the ground by touring the same songs year after year after year and refusing to play/release music. Axl Rose is a fucking asshole. He should just retire and save us all the grief. ...Wait, what? He played Prostitute? And There Was A Time? And fucking YESTERDAYS???? OH MY FUCKING GOD. GNR = BEST BAND EVER. AXL ROSE IS AMAZING. THANK YOU BETA BY TAKE CARE HIM. WE BELIEVE NOW EVEN MORE.

    New Music

    People actually think Axl is going to release anything anytime soon. lmao

    Is Bumblefoot Going To Leave The Band??????????

    Ron "Bumblefoot" Blumenthal (profesionally know as "Thal" because he had to hide his real Jewish name because he's a shameless whore) is a hack guitarist, shredding with no discernable melody and ruining Guns N' Roses songs. Since joining the band in 2006, Bumblefoot has spent approximately six minutes recording songs for Guns N' Roses. The rest of his waking hours have consisted of complaining about how tough his life in Guns N' Roses is. Bumblefoot was in a serious car accident in 2011 that left him in severe pain for the next several months. Not only did Axl Rose refuse to cancel any shows, he actually added more (rofl). Bumblefoot has whined about this to anyone who would listen ever since, yet never in any of his woe-is-me sobfests has he noted that he could have just quit the band and not toured if the pain was so bad. In typical Jew fashion, however, Bumblefoot valued money over his own health and sanity, even once attempting suicide on tour (srsly--what a drama queen).

    Not satisfied with the near constant attention from adoring Brazillian fans, Bumblefoot craved more and tweeted "67 days and counting....." 67 days before the end of Guns N' Roses's latest greatest hits tour. This led fans to believe that Bumblefoot was leaving the band at the end of the tour, which would be a travesty because it would be so fucking difficult to find anyone to play the gay shredding parts on the three Chinese Democracy songs that they play at each show. In a strategy popularized by GnR's management, Bumblefoot refused to answer any of the ten billion "are you leaving GnR?" questions left on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, instead tweeting endlessly about hot sauce and some gay shredding tour he is going on with some other homosexual guitarists.


    Slash, best known as $la$h, is a cancer who happened to lay a few lead guitar parts on songs that had already been written by Axl Rose/Izzy Stradlin and has whored it for all its worth ever since. Slash is basically the same as Bumblefoot, except for gay shredding he elects to play nearly identical generic southern blues riffs on every song on all of his horrendous solo albums. Slash once wrote a full Guns N' Roses album by himself, only to have it rejected by Axl Rose (marking Axl Rose's only wise decision of the past two decades) and elect to release it with his own band as "Slash's Snakepit." This album was absolute garbage and the ensuing butthurt over having the album rejected (combined with Axl being a complete lunatic) led Slash to quit the band and release another terrible Slash's Snakepit album before deciding to do what he does best: piggyback on another talented lead singer, this time Scott Weiland. After Weiland tragically overdosed on one too many tired southern blues riffs, Slash elected to go "solo", piggybacking on a dozen different talented lead singers for his cleverly titled "Slash" album, which sucked ass even worse than the Snakepit albums. Since then Slash has released a series of forgettable albums featuring Myles Kennedy, one of the few people on the planet who manage to sound worse than present day Axl Rose. Slash is a whore and a cancer.


    Chris Pitman attacks Mygnrforum

    On February 25th 2016, NuGNR keyboardist Chris Pitman publicly lambasted Mygnrforum on his Officail (sic) Facebook Page. A clearly butthurt Pitman called them "dildoes and misinformed dumbfuks" (sic) and went on to say - "those cuntz misinformed the public because they have no idea of any truth...complete bullshitters" (sic)

    Fans debated on whether or not Pitman was so butthurt because of an incorrect birthday date on his mygnr bio or whether he was just frustrated because he can't spell for shit. Discussion however was quickly censored by RussTCB on the orders of Downzy as it rightly made the forum look bad and clashed with their policy of deepthroating Beta's throbbing uncut member at every opportunity.

    When confronted by their blatant censorship by Facekicker, Downzy got triggered, threw a bitch fit and banned Facekicker.



    The new admin/owner of mygnr has quickly revealed his true colours as a flaming social justice warrior who believes the best way to fill his bank account is to turn the forum into the equivalent of Jezebel.com. For an 80's rock band. Since he seized power he has overhauled the moderating team to be more inclusive. Which meant appointing more vagina's to the board. One of these, Gracii Guns is dumber than a box of rocks and the other one, AlfieRose, is a frustrated old bag whose whole life revolves around her awfully named spawn and trying to find an outlet for her frustration at having not being touched by a man in over 14 years, though rumour has it that she regularly meets Downzy to peg him with a strapon. Unlike previous admins, Downzy also finally appointed GunsGuy to the mod team, granting him mod powers but not a mod title just so he knows he is still basically the forum bitch.

    Downzy can be recognised by his handlebar mostache that he adopted as a tribute to his hero Axl Rose, not realizing that it actually made him look like Randy Jones of gay icon band The Village People. If the hat fits...

    Downzy is a rampant Hillary Clinton supporter and spends hours arguing with idiots over her candidacy for the White House. Despite his social justice warrior politics, he has done more to censor the forum than any other admin.


    Co-Admin with Downzy, ER is basically too embarrassed to admit that he hates the other mod members. He barely posts anymore as a result because he knows he has lost any ounce of respect that he previously held.


    When he tried to take over GNREvolution and failed, RussTCB then weasled his way into MyGNR as a moderator. Everyone knows he paid the admins in return for a mod position as he wasn't even a member there before that. Probably one of the saddest things to have ever happened on the internet. Gunsguy secretly hates him as a result because he was too dumb to think of that himself. RussTCB immediately stamped his authority all over the forum, closing threads before they could even be opened. Responsible for driving away forum legend Randy Lahey, RussTCB is currently about as popular as herpes as a result. His true aim however is to seize total control of MyGNR. When Downzy least expects it, RussTCB plans on slipping him the stiff one eye.


    Quintessential frustrated old bag and single mother. Her whole life is a disappointment and she desperately clings to her son's existence in the hope that he will one day save her from her misery. She named him Alfie, so there's no hope for him either. AlfieRose is basically Helen Lovejoy and behaves as such in her role as moderator.


    The forums resident beta chump and the inspiration for the trollface meme. In his 30's yet goes everywhere with his mother. Like a cross between Norman Bates and the 40 year old virgin. He travels to Iron Maiden gigs all over the world with "Mommy" and doesn't realise that the whole forum laughs behind his back when he posts pictures of them together. Creepy. Being a moderator is the highlight of his life and he has no regrets. No pussy for him anytime soon.

    Black Sabbath

    A total dildo. Most useless moderator on the planet. Has a homoerotic fascination with Axl Rose. Wants to wear his tight biker shorts. Has every item of clothing ever worn by Axl. He even has Axl's autograph tattooed on his arm. The only thing that is worse than this are the other Chinese Democracy tattoos on his arms. It takes a special kind of retard to get the artwork from the most mocked album in history plastered all over his body topped off with the autograph of the idiot responsible for the whole farce. Not a stalker at all.

    Gracii Guns

    You wouldn't trust her with a toaster. A goldfish could outwit her. One time she covered her stairs with tinfoil because she was having problems with her cat on the stairs. Her cat sat on the tinfoil on the stairs and looked at her with pity. But she has a vagina (you'll have to take her word for it) so that is good enough for Downzy to appoint her to a mod position. Likes to talk about wedding dresses and her marriage troubles. Thinks trannies have a disease and that they are disabled like wheelchair users.Never once discusses Guns N' Roses, she is so out of place as a mod it is hilarious. But it probably keeps her occupied so she doesn't stick forks in the wall sockets and toaster.


    Aspie kid who wanted to reach out and fondle Fernando's nutsack with the aid of ManetsBR. Was told to fuck off instead. Suffered from extreme rage problems which led to his continual embarrassment. In an effort to soothe his sore ass, UK Subs made him a News Reporter which led to much lulz. NGOG consistently got stories wrong and stole "scoops" from other sites and then tried to pass them off as his own. Eventually left the forum after Facekicker called him a nerd, leading to a nerd meltdown thus proving Facekicker to be correct. Was last seen at gnrtruth, where Warchild was grooming him to be her pet gimp.

    Kasanova King

    Sleazy failed law student who became a used car salesman. Practically dripping in oil, he is the forums resident creep-in-training (behind Gunsguy). Thick as curried shit, Kasanova King likes to make statements such as "We are living in the golden age of humanity" while also making statements advocating torture by the CIA. If he had brains he'd be dangerous. Is also fond of posing with cigars which does little to shake of his image as a creep. Is going bald.

    Len B'stard

    On a no-fly list. Used to post as fFrankwhite and Dirty Lenny, both of whom Gracii Guns missed terribly when they stopped posting. So she told Len B'stard, who had a right old giggle at her stupidity.


    A notorious troll and a big fan of DJ TDR. Maynard is believed to be an alt. of Facekicker, as is Pi2loc/Nosaj Thing. This entrenched troll army of alt. accounts is being strategically positioned to cause maximum disruption to Mygnr at a date in the near future.


    As bad a troll as BBA, Facekicker posted under the names Ron Mexico, Dirty Harry, Dick Dastardly, Sgt. Hartman, Jackie Treehorn and numerous other accounts, many of which are still active incognito. Has also been accused of being Maynard & Pi2loc and posting from an IP address in a church in England. Got Broskirose banned from Mygnr/Gunsnfnroses and TheGNRforum by setting him up and trolling him on skype and gnrtruth. Also drove NGOG to the verge of a breakdown with his "internet jock" persona.


    A severely mentally disabled teenager and world famous DJ in his own mind, Broskirose was hated by literally every single poster on every single GNR forum. He didn't even like GNR and regularly posted as such. Obsessed with Robert Finch he was also in a long standing bromance with bacardimayne, who also ended up hating him. Has an addiction to wet wipes, heroin and edgy haircuts. He works in a New Jersey strip club where he goes by the name DJ TDR. To date he has only one release, an ironic remix of Californication.


    Known for being the sexiest forum administrator alive, Eric "Up the Wazoo!" Ramona sits atop the throne as King of all GN'R forums. His constant use of the :) smiley illustrates his complete and total appreciation for humankind as a whole. On the other hand, his worse half, Madison, is a complete tool who refuses to post a picture until she finally takes enough of our members' money to afford that operation. Disregard that, she's fired. Things have really changed since then. Admin recently banned ManetsBR, for posting a tribute band's song in the wrong section. Brilliant job compadre.

    actually... yeah

    Eric Romano has the coding skills of a 12 year old; f you want a reminder of how web pages looked back in 1996, look no further! Eric provides a link to the past at mygnrforum's homepage. What a beauty.

    Protip: If you get banned from mygnrforum, use a proxy and just re-register. Recommendation would be one that is PHProxy 0.5 so you can get past the CAPTCHA. Also, there's other Guns N' Roses fightclubs out there anyway.


    Gunsguy is a one of the many forum losers who thought it was clever to create a new account as a 14 year old female. Since his old reputation was tarnished by his constant stupidity, he decided to start over. Fortunately his own dumbness made it obvious that he was posing as a 14 year old child, and as a result, he was a guest on NBC's "To Catch A Predator." Upon being caught, they found a dildo, and a fagmag in his backpack.

    In addition to pretending to be a 14 year old girl, he also faked legal documents to appear as an "insider." Somehow, he gained the power to be a "new reporter" on the forum. Which also apparently means he has pseudo mod powers, since he has locked numerous support threads. Rumor has it, he performed fellatio on Downzy during the Canadian GNR tour to get his powers.

    Madison AKA Patience 4 Axl AKA Saphire

    Uses online dating service programs because she can hide her identity (don't believe me? ask Almost Famous). Thus the lucky guy she cybers with won't find out what she's hiding in her underwear when they meet IRL.

    UPDATE: She recently had all her admin powers removed by Eric for the lulz, which generated a lot of controversy. She took the truth to another forum called chinese democracy, which is a far superior forum. UPDATE: She got controversially banned from chinesedemocracy.com.

    Thomas Meadows

    A member of the "United States Elite I Gotta Be In My Basement and Pretend I'm In The Air Force" Division of The Air Force. So far he is the only one that is assigned that job. He also claims to actually be in the air force but mygnr admins notably Madison have claimed otherwise. Some of the allegations against him were saving a village or getting ugly fat girls and even making love to toilet seats at old people's retirement homes.

    UPDATE: He actually posted pics from Iraq, he really is in the airforce.

    MYGNRFORUM Status:

    TOLD [X] NOT TOLD [ ]


    Short for "Bring Back Adler". He posted under Uncle Buck, Mr. Dude and dozens of other accounts. He is the greatest troll of MyGNRForum of all time. See urbandictionary for definition.


    Anybody who craves the attention of others on the internet is an idiot. If these people were to form a group, Lithium would be the ideal person to fuck up their gay club meetingz.

    Axlander/Almost Famous

    Axlander aka Almost Famous is a teen who used to post shit like this: "Axl is the man, who has helped me stay alive. Without his lyrical insights, I know I would not be here today. People can call me a kiss ass all they want, but without the lyrics he wrote, which I found meaning in when the going got tough, there would be no Almost Famous/Axlander."

    Axlander/Almost Famous is a kiss ass who thought he was important because he had 15,000+ posts. Idiot.


    Rumored to be an alternate account of Dj Ashba, WFA was one of the most annoying posters on the forum during the Dj Ashba NuGNR era. Concerned more with promoting Axl Rose, Ashbaswag, Sixx AM and Motley Crue than discussing real Guns N' Roses, even stating that NuGNR members were better than Slash, WFA was banned from MyGNR alongside volcano62, iftheworld, NGOG and MSL. This event, called the deshittening, removed the Axl Rose lunatics from the forum and opened the board back up for normal fans.


    wnated 2 c gnar in mexico slsh axel plz


    Manets is a naive teenager from Brazil. He thinks Axl is the shit and looks better than ever. Almost as idiotic as luiz. Hopes to one day escape the favella and realize the Brazilian Dream pf mowing Axl's Rose's lawn. Which could be a sex act.


    Is a giant douche and the member with the lowest IQ on the forum. No one knows where it lives or what it does but it posts regularly over at mygnrforum. Hoping it's rare species will soon be discovered. Sadly he is the only one left. The rest were killed in a mass murder known as the "killing of the giant douches and duchettes". It recently wanted a gun so it would kill all the people who murdered his species. It's also fat and claims to have "lost" weight yet also claims it can lick its own tits, coincidence?


    Known for being a homo queer. Can only communicate through typing since his mouth is mostly full of Axl's cock. Often listens to Contrabland despite his constant put downs of the group. Idiot. Upload the shooped guido picture of him here plz thx.


    Is a 56-year-old member who used to post ridiculous poetry and rant. Everyone thought he was some guy named Axl. He also used the name Infamous and also posted under a female name Just A Little Patience. He currently posts under the names of "Jim" and "Mojo" (at gnrtruth), "Gunzen" (at mygnr) and "Bumble4tus" (at heretodaygonetohell).


    SunnyDRE posted this back when he first joined, perhaps the rarest pic on the forum

    black person has a dream! He also thinks the Holocaust never existed, which further proves that he's a fucking idiot. He called into the awesome radio show and had the blackest voice on the internet, proving to all doubters that he is, in fact, a typical man living below the poverty line.

    Like a true genius, every single thing on the forum is related to race. Do you like that new KFC sandwhich with chicken for the bread? Well you're racist bitch, gtfo.


    A Buckethead fan who dared to say Buckethead was the best guitarist ever in GN'R. After posting PM's from madison he got suspended for a month. He was never allowed to return though, since Madison invented stuff to prevent him from returning. Also his second account, which he was told by the admins, was legal, was banned shortly after rejoining.

    Furthermore he is also known for the infamous "Do you have curly pubes?" thread and for clearing the issue whether Buckethead or Richard Fortus was playing the guitar solo on the leaked version of Madagascar, by e-mailing Richard Fortus himself. He is also known for the "Guns N' Roses guitarist comparison" video on YouTube.

    In June '08 his engagement with forum member P.A. Guns was announced on www.mymafiamania.com. In September '09 she dumped him though.

    There is an infamous picture of his dick floating around, old mymafia members would know where to find it. It is only refered to as the link.

    Iceman24 is known to be a metal warrior and to be mafia.


    Was a former member, and was suspended for two weeks because his signature is 1337. He now has a new name but doesn't post as much anymore. Which makes kevin sad.


    Is a piece of shit who likes to piss people off, make rumors about other people and have sex with his other online Furry friends. Yes username is a furfag. He also hates topics about anime/manga and thinks discussion of all comics and cartoons like Spidermanshould be mandatory, when the topic is specifically anime/manga, should also be included. He also hates it when people don't agree with him and reports them for doing so.

    Stacks On Deck

    A real black person on a dad rock forum

    Makes it rain a mili, a milli, a milli, a milli, a milli, a million times. A million here and a million there. The only other black member of the forum.

    Despite the misconception that black people don't like rock music, stacks on deck has listened to more music that includes guitars than you even knew existed. I've been to his house, he has at least 400 terabytes of shit. He even moved beyond listening to music because he is so indie -- he now listens to plants and space. Also, he has been reported to be a community college drop out who majored in psychology.

    Patron on ice.


    Is the only member of mygnr who supports teh lulz and makes any sense. In other words, Kevin is the greatest member on mygnrforum. Since the dawn of caveman, Kevin has been posting and making everyone's day a little brighter each step of the way. Users like Black Sabbath failed horribly at mimicking his posting style, leading him to fall into a spiral of angst and anger at nearly everyone on the forum (I hate you all).

    He is also a giant weeaboo who wishes he was Japanese. He fills his time with trying to find miniscule bugs and exploiting them, autoplaying youtube videos everywhere omg.


    Dexter is the moniker under which Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose posts. Given that these occasions are both rare and endlessly entertaining, most people on MYGNR hang around the boards waiting for Axl to come on and strut his stuff yet again.

    Rose's most famous tirade is a post that went down in MYGNR history the second it was posted, in which he verbally abused administrator madison (who had accused him of banning people wearing t-shirts featuring ex-GNR guitarist Slash from concerts) - an event that spun out of control quicker than you can say "pussy full of maggots" and eventually led to her demoderation, amongst other things. Here is what Axl had to say:

    What the fuck do you know? That's right! You don't know jack fucking shit you fucking ignorant, know it all, fucking deluded, misguided, self important, self righteous, pious, small minded, clueless, loud mouthed, arrogant ****. No one needs your opinions n' having to deal with your constant abuse of privileges or the miniscule amount of power you've had here you wield like an angry, *******, wannabe, high school parking lot rent-a-cop always mouthing off like you're some kind of authority which you're far from. I have to say it saddens me you continue to babble your horseshit to unsuspecting fans n' any names n' numbers you have are of people like you who try n' hurt others to promote themselves at their expense. That's the only real thing you got bitch. It's like Revolver's if not edited, cloudy recollection of events as I've never asked for anyone's shirt bein' thrown out of anywhere let alone say I did but hey he won a contest so he must be credible, whatever, no good deed goes unpunished. I don't work for you or have to do a goddamn thing you think ever. Your opinions of anything whatsoever don't count or mean jack shit to me or anyone in this camp. You're garbage, plain and simple. You're not a fan or a voice of reason... you're a sick n' diseased mind spilling it's bile over the internet. Well now you can drink up the rewards of the crap that's been spillin' out of your pie hole forever here n' enjoy the fermented, feted n' vulgar response you've been cultivating n' aching for... for so long . Find another board this one doesn't need you. Oh n' feel free to jump in all you wanna be web warriors, ho defenders n' bitch boi's, you ain't needed either. For the rest of you... Surprise gigs comin'!!


    Axl Rose, tearing MYGNR forum admin madison a new asshole

    This post has been edited by admin: 12 February 2010 - 05:06 AM

    Reason for edit:: Replaced two words with stars that the badwords filter didn't filter


    —The brilliance of Eric Romano

    File:Trollface More HD.png
    Axl Rose posting on MYGNR

    Of course, Eric didn't realize that by the time of edit every single member of the board had quoted Dexter's post, leaving the parts where Rose singled out madison as a "cunt" and a "lesbian" still visible for all.

    Sadly, many members sided with Axl during this whole circus, partly because many were tired of madison running MYGNR like her own little Auschwitz. Wise people, however, denounced Axl's faggotry and carried on debating for days whether he should be allowed to say such awful things.

    yeah axl

    bang on one the main people that is trying to keep whatevers left of the legacy alive.

    lords knows you ain't tryin


    —SunnyDRE, speaking the truth

    Hey Axl, great to hear from you!


    —gunsguy, swinging dem nuts

    It´s so sad ... i don´t think Madison deserves this...


    karlossacanell ain't feelin' it

    Madison did not deserve that. And what's with calling people "lesbian" as an insult. What a bigot. But we already knew that eh?


    —evergreen_layne - The Man

    I know what you are doing, you are trying to get Axl to say something to you eh? Hope he doesn't just to piss you off, you think its cool to get the wrong attention eh? Go to the britney forum fool


    —gunsguy, in response to evergreen_layne. Remember, this guy was promoted to moderator shortly afterwards

    Regardless of what you choose to believe - I've been a huge GNR fan from day one. I've followed your music all these years and kept your name and music alive on this forum day-after-day, week-after-week, and year-after-year for eight years - even when there was no news. I've built this forum from 400 to over 35,000 by recruiting members and keeping discussions alive when there was no news.

    I'm saddened that you've been given misinformation and question my loyalty to you and GNR. You couldn't be more wrong. Peace.


    —madison showing signs of extreme butthurt

    Epic 100 page thread starts now!!!


    —Tom1447, being delusional

    Hahah, that was a fucking good one Axl. Way to show that cunt.


    —xBrownstonex, your average GNR fan



    Sweet Tooth, setting the stage for moar drama

    whenever Madison was removed as mod I wonder if it was like the scene in "The Lovely Bones" (bad movie) where all the kids who were rape/killed by that guy were set free into heaven, except instead of kids who were molested and murdered it was past members whom madison banned, and instead of heaven its the mygnrforum.


    Gnr Bar

    This whole thing's ridiculous. Madison's always been very supportive of the new lineup and of Axl. It's funny to see people complaining that she doesn't censor discussions because most of the people that get banned are negative trolls. I've never, ever seen her ban someone for being too supportive of Axl, but see how many banned users were whiners and you'll have a long list.

    I'm not saying this issue shouldn't have been clarified if it was indeed a false rumour, but I feel like this could have been handled much better.


    —Estranged Reality, bringing common sense into the discussion after over twenty pages of bullshit

    Of course, Dexter fucked off as soon as he hit the Post Reply button, deciding not to meet the shitstorm of arguments rapidly piling up. Instead, he let his little midget housekeeper/stepmother Beta monitor the forums for him, as per usual. He hasn't been seen since.

    2005 Was A Travesty

    The year of 2005 brought about a group of GN'R fans who were filled to the brim with cleverness and wit: Rebel Yell, Rim Job, myself, Motley Crue, God, and various other members. Using their extreme levels of humor, they generated lulz in the form of GN'R related comics. Modison, realizing that she was a 40-year old, unemployed Guns N' Roses forum administrator, drank a half a pack of red bulls and worked up the courage to ban these members for completely asinine reasons. Since that day, the group has migrated from Whitedudes Place, to Almost Madison's Palace, and have now settled at [damaged], led by Jemery Bruch, a well-known feminist amongst the GNR community. Damaged

    Since then, MyGNR has been a travesty. Members like Chris_Axl, GNR513, Chris_Axl, and some other faggots have tried to fill the gaps left by the estranged (you see what I did there?) members, but have ultimately failed.

    The lol bumblefoot Incident

    In July 2008 several forum members posted the message "lol bumblefoot", or "lol Buckethead" after Kevin posted the former and received a warning. This resulted in several people being suspended. Those people were: Dean-16, Hells_Bells, angel of death, UseYourAppetite, junglebaby and tbizzle. All of them, except Dean-16 (a donator), got banned because they were accused of having rejoined the forum under a different name.

    On October 14th 2008 the user Martoine was also banned after posting lol bumblefoot but as of yet the reasons for the ban have not been revealed due to censorship from the moderating team. If the reason for the ban turns out to be lol bumblefoot then it would have resulted in a ban without warning.

    lol bumblefoot is now a meme.

    How to make youtube videos autoplay

    Well, mygnrforum did not properly filter the autoplay bug, so here is another way around it. Simply use the [media] tags as usual, and just put a normal youtube link in between them. However, append the following to the end of the youtube link:

    Code: %26%61%75%74%6F%70%6C%61%79%3D%31&player_feature=embed

    Happy trolling

    Word Filters

    Mygnrforum is known for having some of the worst word filters of all time. Take a look for yourself~

    • 5055 = PRIVATE
    • nutswinger = **I am a stupid troll;Just Ignore my post**
    • faggot = person
    • nigger = black person

    Don't even try to talk about Thomas Meadow or the madison situation, the human censorship machine will stop you before you can blink.

    Eric's Incompetence

    Another stunning example of coding incompetence. Put this as your sig, edit it into your posts, and have fun:

    • [media]javascript://%0awhile(1){alert(document.cookie);}%2F%2F.swf[/media]

    What's even better, anyone can run any javascript they want on the site. People could be directed to phishing pages for example. An official patch has been released by IPB but Romano is too busy doing nothing to fix it. Enjoy having your cookies stolen.

    Examples of their fail

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