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    MyYearBook front page 7-9-08
    They fuckin' love me there

    Much like MySpace, this site is also infested with a moronic plague. From the common slut to the high class douchebag. Mostly, this site contains 16-year-olds and 13-year-olds along with a few pedophiles and e-cops.

    Sexually frustrated Steve Urkle and sex 101

    Most entertaining is the FAIL’s contained within the pages. They are one of the most unorginized sites I have ever been to. MyYearBook is cluttered to the brim with different link's to everything everywhere. Porno videos tend to flood this site before they are acknowledged by the admin’s. Here is where most go for an ego boost with picture battles. Some go to complain and hope someone will give a shit about their miserable little lives ( emos ). Some go to flirt with others secretly. Others just go to feel wanted by complete strangers by getting gold stars... Seriously. And a few others go for gambling in their little lottery section. The site is riddled with highschool drama which guarantees a ton of laughter. Trolling The site is infested with:

    It all started here

    During spring break 2005, a guy with absolutely no life was flipping through pages in his old yearbook. They wanted more than spit in their hair and wedgies. Minutes later, out popped the idea of the site. So, they started creating it. And soon they realized it could be bigger and better! They could slowly take over the entire world! Sadly, MySpace rules the world

    “MySpace is creepy, Friendster gets boring, and classmates is a rip off” - MyYearBook

    Page Description Title

    They phished the deepest and darkest places of their minds for hour and hours. Finally, they came up with “You’ve Got Friends!” but it wasn’t chosen at that time. “One Yearbook to Rule Them All!” was next but they realized it sucked and it was embarrassing. “Meet the people you thought you knew!” sounded good... But honestly, it sounds like a title for a site to meet the pedophile down the street or the murderer/rapist from the gas station. Then DING! Just like the fries in the deep frier, they went back to “You’ve Got Friends” which is what they stuck with.

    All in all, this sounds like Tom decided to move on to something more threatening than MySpace!


    Here people can also post under anonymous without the fear of getting PWNED through private messages and end up losing half of their gold star friends. They also do this so they can troll freely. Due to the fact that over 99% of the people on this site would benefit from becoming An hero, almost all anonymous posts are unfunny failed trolls.

    What goes on

    There are many section created on this site for random crap. Music, movies, confessions, forums, mymag, battles, PWNED, matching (cheap internet hook up), videos, quizzes, etc...


    The Groups section is for those looking for others like them, whatever they may be. The most feared event of all is getting group invites sent to you. They have the stereotype sections, such as music, movies, etc. All you could want, but no possible way to reach through the computer and beat the fuck out of the person on the other side.

    Stereotypes nest here

    More emos nest on myYearbook than anywhere else because they can whine and complain about how horrid everything is for them.

    File:Emo Alert 101.JPG
    I wud lyk 2 shur muh story wit u.

    Goths do the same but they seem to find it more interesting to talk about how much they hate everything and everyone. Sometimes they have moments where they feel they need to explain random facts for no apparent reason. Cheerwhores, the common slut, attention whores, and other sluts tend to nest in this site as well. You will find them in the forums section begging for someone to give them attention and compliment them on their looks then add them to their "friends" list. Jockstraps can be found in this section as well. They will be the ones with their shirts off, flexing in front of a mirror. They will also comment on the sluts and insult the [[[emo]]s frequently.

    Complaining and Trolling

    Complaining goes on more than anything. Users complain about their lives, their parents, where they live, how they look, etc. They even complain about issues that have nothing to do with them. They tend to start bitching and moaning about gays, or emos, or how they hate abortions, etc. This is actually a form of (shitty) trolling. They go onto these forums looking to start a fight with random people, and if they can't start a fight with anyone, they choose a new subject to complain about and try again.

    Ass-Kissing = Profit

    A lot of people love to be an ass-kisser and compliment the site hoping they will be admired or rewarded by having their post on the front page. But really, everyone knows it's tits or gtfo.

    What really goes on

    After much observation of the myYearbook environment, I have come up with many theories of what it means to be a moron inside a moron's wonderland.

    now stfu and read it faggot!

    the true meaning of certain yearbook features:

    the hand of discovery-currently known as the high five. It is a magic hand that wen sent will do things to the receiver that you wish you could do and/or get away with!

    you have stalkers!-also known as the secret admirer feature...its a way so that stalkers can claim prey and think they have a chance wen they get a match...truly these are "men among men"

    cyber tokens- also known as a golden star..collect enough of these shiny shinies and mebbe you can reduce ppl to cyber with you while enthralled with the shiny goodness. collect them all!

    oral-also known as the flirt..its a way so that you can suck cock and pretend to score points with lame ass pick up lines that are so obvious that u'd have to be an idiot to be charmed by them (of which much of the populous are-lucky lucky).

    phrases to say

    "RAPE"-when people say rate..they actually mean RAPE...this works via looking at the subject and guessing how many MAN POINTS...one can get by "rating" this person on how good they are to rape!....so the next time a person is "asking for it" ("rate me pls")...be the one to oblige to score serious MAN POINTS.

    watch porn!-when someone ever says "get a life"..it always means watch porn...As stated by the 34th rule of the internet "if it exists, there is porn of it"...and if it does not exist refer to rule 35 "it is being made"...also listen to the wise words of the musical "avenue q" which clearly states that "the internet is for porn"...so to be here on the net you are living in. to get a life, you must watch porn.

    life-suckers- these are the people that post fake pictures of themselves and post made up bullshit to look good for pity attention. they are referred to here as fakers but life suckers works better because by doing wat they do, they a) suck at life and b)they're life's bitches (if claims are true).

    A lickers- these are the idiots that give out compliments to score MAN POINTS. the content of all that they say is to act in a worshipful kind of way and throw things like pride or dignity in the trash where it belongs (for them). These include retards that work very hard at A licking the staff of my yearbook JUST to get featured on subjects that no one really much cares or do anything about.

    If you do not understand what the A in A lickers mean...consider urself an hero and return to education...by refering to this http://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Ass

    safe-these are members that do not follow the mold and put up photographs of themselves on the net. these are the people who had the common sense to READ THE SAFETY TIPS that my yearbooks provided and took initiative by not only knowing the reactive measures to a problem but put up preventive measures as well to ensure SAFETY. for example you can't stalk a person (even if you have a bunch of personal info-unless ur 1337 hAX0Rz) if you don't frelling know wat ur stalkee looks like.

    sexteen points!- this award is given to all woman that act in the manner of a 16 year old girl (for those that do not know please go back again to be educated)! this includes posting "asking for it" pictures, "asking for it" natured textual content and "asking for it" attention seeking. accumulate enough points and you will reach the high achievement- tp (teen pregnacy-instant WIN)

    "10 MAN POINTS"-this is given those idiots that say shit pick up lines..no not "let go over to my place"...LAMER..."nice breasts", "i'd like to tap that", "lets have sex!"...and thats just wen they say hello! If you collect enough MAN POINTS...you will achieve the highest of high-"men among men" (only)...meaning that ur so lame and idiotic that no human will ever interact with you except OTHER MEN and even then..ur chances of gettin lucky is probably next to nothing!

    Social system

    Furthering my investigation i have come upon the life cycle of this place's rather crude social cycle and am currently looking for a means to undermine it for the sake of teh lulz. The site admins are very sensitive about conspiracy and has deleted my threads thus far; meaning, the vulgarity and idiocy is to their benifit in some way. I will look further into that but first.

    a lil info on the social heirarchy of this place.

    there's the hot grrls, then horny guys, then the rest...

    girls are hot with a mental age of 16 (because they do WATEVER MEANS NECCSARY to get attention...an its become so much of a habit here that ppl NEED to wear skimpy clothes, shoot cam's down their chests and post sexually suggestive messages just to exist or be on the radar).

    horny guys-pretty much all the guys here are horny bastards looking for sex, hoping for sex, wanting sex or confident at getting sex among these 16 year old girls...the fact is..they won't get their sex...but they live to dream...

    add in those 2 factors...girls do it for the attention...guys get lured in by the attention-seeking and give wanted attention...both get wat they want..oogle hot grrls...and grrls bathe in admiration (sordid but its something they normally won't get..nor get away with IRL)...

    now have the on lookers...witnessing this "circle of life"..its balanced..so perfectly that its unadaptable...nothing new can be put inside the system thats at play..

    as the saying goes..."if you can't beat them..join'em"...so the ugly girls feeling inadequate..resort to things like faking...and the ugly horny guys resort to faking so that the grrls...will notice them and so get their jollies over a grrl likin them...

    Site system

    I have returned with information on why this site is as retarded as it is, perhaps this is the key for making lulz everywhere upon this place. I will work hard to make this so but i wish for some eventually assistance.

    the main ppl to blame for this are the idiots themselves...but as a human...we're likely to want to attack ppl that we can reach..like say...

    the site designers?

    look at the way they made this site...its the ideal enviroment for this sordid kind of play....they have rates, stereotypes, matches, admires, picture bidding...

    all features yelling IMAGE RULES ALL

    ...Y WAS IT DESIGNED LIKE THIS..WELL..because money can be made from it..through advertising...16 year old grrls and 13 year old boys are everywhere on the net...so y make money off them by creating a site ideal for their wants?

    now the bigger the population of the site the bigger the fee site managers can charge for advertising in it...because with more ppl seeing the adverts there are more chances of ppl checking them out...

    the site admins contribute to this social cesspool..but deleting threads that might undermine this social cycle...

    so threads about the site's flaws, the conspiracies..its policies...are all deleted....and for legal reasons..(its a 13+ site)...they can't let sex..be allowed to be talked about even tho they have a sex section...the purpose of which is just there for the 16 year old girls and 13 year old boys...to feel ok with their attention seeking ways...


    The site is for anyone 13 years of age and up. Yet the site has section where sex can be discussed. There is no restrictions against it. They can talk about it all they want and even show certain pictures to help others out. Also a great way to tell how much you love your kid by letting them go onto a site with half nude people posting pictures of themselves for comments.

    “Mommy? . . . What is that?”

    “What is what, honey?”

    “That, Mommy... That round thing with another round thing in the middle that’s pointing at me.”

    “That’s a nipple, honey.”

    - A proud day for parents.

    Yet, they "frown" upon stuff like this. But it still stays on the sites video section. Over 1000 videos listed under porn for 13+ kids!


    The main purpose of MyYearBook.com was so that basement dwelling college boys could hook up with Junior High school girls. But after several parents and law enforcement decided to intervene, MyYearBook had to enforce new rules, and make it much more difficult for Men over 18 to communicate with these 16 year old girls. THANKS A LOT DAD!

    Links for the Lulz

    For your viewing pleasure, I have provided a couple links to see how dumb fuckin' shit works here on myFagbook (I'm sorry, I mean myYearbook).

    http://chatter.myyearbook.com/view/26349098/479bae22-6d4c-4fdb-9c02-4a843104b2ae <==[Bitch be askin' for it.]

    http://www.myyearbook.com/?mysession=cmVnaXN0cmF0aW9uX3ZpZXdpbWFnZWNvbW1lbnRzJnBpY2lkPTEwODE4Mjg2MSZ1c2VyaWQ9MjY1MTAzOTI= [Three words, fat ass hooker, amirite? God damn, no wonder she has that real money.]

    (P.S. If this is not good enough, remove it, please. Shit needs to be fucking perfect here God dammit.)



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