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    MySpace Trackers

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    www.myspace.com/encyclopediadramatica did not visit your shitty profile.

    MySpace trackers are non-existent tools used by phishers on MySpace for scamming 16 year old girls into revealing their passwords. Every retard on the internets seems to think they have a million internet stalkers and want to know who visits their profile, because they're just so rad people will go to that extreme amount of effort to rape them.

    It all starts when they read a MySpace bulletin saying, "Finally! A MySpace tracker that works," or other such bullshit. Clicking on the link within the bulletin leads to a MySpace tracker website, where the clicker is then persuaded to do another click or two, and before you know it, the hopeless MySpace sluts have been phished and are back onto their profiles thinking, 'AAHHH HELL NO, where's my tracker, nigguh?' That's when they see a bulletin that appears to be posted by them, and they think, 'hey, I don't remember posting that!' They click to see what it is, and what do you know, it's the MySpace tracker advertisement!


    Read the fine print, kids.

    We may temporarily access your MySpace account to do a combination of the following:
    1. Post bulletins to your friends promoting stalkertrack.com.
    2. Post comments to your friends promoting stalkertrack.com.
    3. Post a blog about our upcoming tracker for your friends to read.
    4. Customize your blog header html with a clickable stalkertrack.com ad image.
    5. Send a batch of blog invites on your behalf.
    6. Send IM invites with a personalized stalkertrack.com message and/or image advertisement attached - to your friends and potential friends and other members.
    7. Introduce new entertaining sites to your friends via comments, bulletins, and messages.

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