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    The fieryangel

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    "Oh noze! I jus don no why Shankbone's gots tah picks on duh fiery angels! Wots he duns!? Dat Shankbonze dun been a jerk to dat po delicate gurlfreind o'mine, duh fiery angelz!"


    —Traditional Hymn to The fieryangel, sung at the Court of Jimbo the 1st

    The fieryangel was the name of a contributor to the Wikipedia Review who just showed up and started ripping TOW new ones every day. No one seemed to know exactly who The fieryangel was and (s)he seemed to be a very mysterious character. (not) As much as they searched and searched, nobody could really figure out who this mysterious person was...

    The Angel researching Germaine Tailleferre during his thrice-daily cum dump from Papa Bear Buttshow's barebacking his ass.
    Jean-Faggy Buttshow showing off the only side Midget Pig Bottom has any interest in.

    But as many things are, the answer was really quite simple: the name contained the key to the mystery. You see, the name was the title of an opera. Yo, shizzle.

    The Fiery Angel or, a True Story in which is related of the Devil, not once but often appearing in the Image of a Spirit of Light to a Maiden and seducing her to Various and Many Sinful Deeds, of Ungodly Practices of Magic, Alchymy, Astrology, the Cabalistical Sciences and Necromancy, of the Trial of the Said Maiden under the Presidency of His Eminence the Archbishop of Trier, as well as of Encounters and Discourses with the Knight and thrice Doctor Dick-Agrippa of Nettesheim], and with Doctor Faustus, composed by an Eyewitness.

    This was to be oddly prophetic...


    A little bedtime story (we hear that they like those a lot on TOW...)

    Once upon a time,, there was a part of Wikipedia that nobody went to. This was because it was populated exclusively by screaming Wiki-Cunties. Now, those of you who never go to the opera probably don't know this, but Wikipedians are probably the bitchiest creatures on the face of this Earth. Almost as bad as opera fans. You take Joan Crawford, mix her with Bette Davis and add a swig of RuPaul and you still don't have any idea of how bitchy opera queens are. Or Wikipedia assrapers.

    These bizarre and smelly creatures jealously guarded the gates of any article that had anything to do with opera, even though everybody knows that nobody likes opera (except for opera queens and Moreschi) and they had the sacred privilege of being able to decide what was important and what was not. They spent their days in happy bliss making royal pronouncements about the relative "importance" (or not) of opera composers...But this peaceful bliss could not last...

    Enter The fieryangel

    It came to pass that two voyagers come across the Court of King Jimbo and decided to Spam the shit out of it. This was only right and good, since TOW only exists for spam and porn (don't worry, we'll get to the porn part soon enough). But since TOW is really a hypnotic drug, they were seduced by this happy kingdom and decided to be good citizens of the God King...This was to be a fatal mistake...

    The fieryangel meets the Screaming Opera Queens

    A TOW opera queen discovers that the Sacred Word has been removed from the Sacred list!)

    One day, The fieryangel came across the kingdom of screaming opera queens and saw a phrase that was so putrid, that he just had to change it. This phrase was the lavish spectacle of the intermedi. Now, if you're normal, you're probably thinking "So what. That phrase sucks. Get rid of it".

    But you're forgetting that you don't ever, 'EVER', cross an opera queen, not if you want to live to tell about it. You don't touch ONE WORD of the SacredOpera Lists which must be kept pure for all eternity to forever honor the name of our King Jimbo the 1st, forever and ever AMEN. And if the phrase the lavish spectacle of the intermedi is ever removed from this list, the World shall disappear in a clap of thunder and everything shall vanish. You don't even think of redirecting these articles to something more interesting! Or you shall be forever destroyed and thrown into Hell for all eternity

    So when the word lavish was removed, a catfight of biblical proportions was unleashed upon The fieryangel.

    After a serious bout of scratching and clawing, peace once again reigned on the kingdom of the opera queens...but there was trouble on the horizon...:

    Definitely NOT on the list of major opera composers, but almost certainly on JzG's Ipod...

    You see, The fieryangel had discovered the opera queens dirty secret: their sacred list was completely unsourced and totally failed NPOV and had to be baleeted. The Opera queens ran screaming to Arbcom and got The fieryangel bumped off the site...(well, not exactly, but that would have happened eventually because OPERA QUEENS NEVER FORGET!!!) However, it so happened that JzG made a rather stupid statement about what was not on his Ipod, which lead the Wikipedia Review to discover what was on his Ipod...

    So The fieryangel put on his boogie shoes and hightailed it out of there before the screaming opera queens could tear him apart. He went to the land where people wail and gnash their teeth and where the sacred Kool-aid may not be served! So didst the Fagetry of Oppperaaahhh become pure and unsullied!

    Muzak Fagit is a company owned by a fat American musicologist, middle-aged saxophonist skin flutist and sucker of meat popsicles; composer of oral works in Cookieville. He has gone by the names Greta and Jayne, and on weekends at a suburban Parisian hookah bar as Big A Fuckmuhbutt, where he pays to get horse-fucked as French midgets punch him in the nuts he despises because they remind him that he is, biologically, still a man. Big A and the Muzak Faggits conspired in 2006 to make Wikipedia their personal advertising machine. Arbcom banned both their royal asses, but not before they created articles about themselves. The two then went underground as The fieryangel on the Wikipedia Review. Big A went around telling shitty bands to stay away from Wikipedia because he was pissed they wouldn't let them re-write opera history to make it look like the music they pimp in their business was the greatest fucking music ever written. Let's just say the Muzak Faggits have a little USI....

    Wikipedia will never, ever, get EU cultural funding for a project because of me!!!


    — an actual quote from Muzak Fagit as The fieryangel at the Wikipedia Review.

    As recently as April 2008 the Muzak Fagits were self-promoting on the French Wikipedia.

    For the first six months of 2008, he stalked Wikipedia's Israeli faggot pornographer and serial self-promoter David Shankbone. On Wikipedia Review, sysop and general ass-cancer Somey liked that the Big A provided the diffs and the links to trash Wikipedia. Nobody knew it was Muzak Fagit behind The fieryangel, even on Wikipedia Review, until dumbass A, wearing his facemerkin man-disguise, joined the Wikipedia Review's Facebook. Like, how many other opera-loving, saxophone-sucking, Germaine Tailleferre-fucking, expatriate furfaggits can there *be* in goddamn Sodomland? Even less, Lameass-sur-Marne, a city of not even 20,000 people, where Big Wedgie wrote that he and his boyfriend Jean-Faggy are celebrities. Shankbone brilliantly set a trap for this drama bitch (even the fucking name 'The fieryangel' is some big fucking dramatic opera reference nobody gets). He got his IP from a StatMeter! Shankbone came completely unhinged at Wikipedia, creating moar dramaz when he was told by double-agent Alison that unless he's Tony Sidaway, he "must never, ever call a bitch a cunt on Wikipedia."[1] as the last time someone called a woman a "lying, manipulative cunt", they were banned. Shankfag vowed to show the Big A that the Internets is serious fucking business, just for the lulz. A long time ago, in a fagaxy far far away.

    A's self-promotage was Shankbone's pwnage both in English and French, even though Big A tried to save his English Wikipedia article by removing a PROD using an anagram of Shankbone's name, "User:Vanish, Dead Knob" and then he gets blocked while he poses as a German meth whore named "Greta".

    Muzak Fagit: Where Every Homo Who Plays The Skin Flute Gets Published

    The Big A first found out he was a dramatic faggot in the black hills of North Faggistan. You could say he was "The Asshole of America's Asshole". Too ashamed to allow him off the ranch, his parents home-schooled him (and watched the sheep get rammed) until they could send him off to the moist Armpit of America: Texass. There he learned to suck off a guy for a nickel until he saved up enough to buy his first fistophone.

    Muzak Fagit: The Wikipedia Years

    In a typical example of USI, he was seen adding himself to his shitty school the Saint Thomas Academy on Wikipootia (and misspelling what he does).

    After ArbCom told the Muzak Fagits to plaster their spam somewhere else besides all over the French, Italian, English and German Wikipedias, the two homos left behind their MuzakFagit account and ran into the open, loving arms of the concise and intelligent criticism of the Wikipedia Review.

    Muzak Fagit: The fieryangel Years

    "Wikipedia will never, ever, get EU cultural funding for a project because of me!" - Big A as The fieryangel

    Bigbootey's Batshit Crazy Denial That He is The fieryangel

    Muzak Fagit's IP address at The Lonely Conservative's blog, same time The fieryangel was posting about it at the WR. Here's Big A's boyfriend signing in with the same IP at Wikipedia during their spammathon ArbCom.

    In all his faggotry, still sounding like a cunt and Fucktard, he tried one last attempt--that mostly worked--on the Wikipediot Review (Neo-Nazis aren't that smart). The jizz is this: Big A befriended Jimbo Wales on Facebook so that he would do him a favor, and blank the ArbCom about his spamming Muzak Fagit 9001 times on Wikipedia. Then, according to The fieryangel, he told Jimbo a lie: he is The fieryangel (when he really is not). This was a trap the Big A set for Jimbo, to see if, after doing him the favor of blanking the ArbCom page, Jimbo would then tell other people that The fieryangel, who went around to conservative blog "The Lonely Conservative" and fed the insane bitch there a bunch of bullshit, who vowed to "take Wikipedia apart", who continually ripped Wales a new asshole daily on the WR, whether Wales would betray Big A's trust (after doing him a favor) and spill the lie that The fieryangel is Big A (when he/she/it's not). Make sense? No? Well, here's The fieryangel's explanation of how he is not 'Big A' and he exposed Jimbo (from the May 13th Wikipedia Review thread courtesy blanked by Neo-Nazi Hypocrite Giant Cunt Somey):

    Okay, Davie, it's Agatha Christie time...

    You see, this was a trap. And you fell for it hook, line and sinker.

    Only one person knew who The fieryangel was, supposedly. But that was a plant. And the person who was given the information was none other than....

    Jimbo Wales.

    Let me start from the beginning: He runs Muzak Fagit music publishing, a publishing company who publishes almost all of the work by Germaine Tailleferre published after her death (ie most of the important works). He is a fine saxophonist and has performed extensively in festivals devoted to music by women, especially those organized by the Donne in Musica foundation. I met him in Fiuggi in 1998, where he did ten premières in three days of new music by women written for him. He's a real inspiration for those of us who believe that women's music is important because he puts his money where his mouth is: he plays the music and he publishes it. He's a very close friend, as is his partner, Jean-Faggy Buttshow.

    When I heard about the business concerning the List of Important Opera composers on Wikipedia I was horrified. Especially because it was quite clear that neither Jean-Faggy nor Big A was fighting this fight because of any interest they had in this business: his reconstruction of Tailleferre's most important opera is still not finished (although I'm told it's getting close), but the opera that he's reconstructing was a failure during it's initial production in 1951. It was an unjust failure, but it was a huge, huge scandale. There is no way that this work could be considered for such a list.

    But here were two MEN who were fighting for the rights of women to be included in the history of Opera...and because they were MEN, they were dragged through the mud. I got really mad. And I'm still mad. And I'm not alone. You guys blew it big time with this situation and you've paid for it many times over. You will never, ever, get EU cultural funding for a Wikipedia project because of this. (ED note: totally not making this up.)

    The Tailleferre situation is extremely complex and the Big A is very close to the heir. There was a period in which other parties outside of the Estate were trying to exert control over the Tailleferre work. Big A was essential in stopping that, but he didn't make any friends doing so. At some point, there will be a very big court case involving Tailleferre's manuscripts and the artistic control over her works. At one point, it seemed that this would happen earlier this Spring.

    Big A really wanted this Boisseau Arbcom material off of Wikipedia for many reasons, but mainly because it cited the name of his company and the name of his partner in the title of the Arbcom case itself. He asked me how he should do this. I suggested that he approach Jimbo Wales on Facebook and that he broach the question there, knowing that Wales was most approachable in that venue. He made a friend request, asking for peace, which was accepted by Jimbo and then he made his pitch for the courtesy blanking of the Arbcom case.

    At my request, as a test, he said that he was me. This was to see if the information would be leaked.

    It obviously has.

    What does this tell us about Jimbo? And what does this say about someone who leaks private emails to third parties without permission?

    Sorry, Davie, but you're out.



    "Call Me Miss Fieryangel": You fail it (It = coming up with a story that any of the 13 year old boys you try to pied-piper with your Fukophone would see right through). Le Cuntage! The Aristocrats Shat Upon You! Feel The Luv!

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