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    Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

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    What? This article does not need any more forum users, not at all.
    You can help by not adding anything, especially not forum users.

    Mushroom kingdom Fusion-logo.gif

    Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is a fan game combining Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man, and just about every franchise JudgeSpear can force in (that is, until he resigned from head status and indecisive Obreck succeeded him).

    More like Massive Kluster Fuck.

    The Game

    MKF is currently unfinished. The current release is 0.3.1 beta. Updates happen only a few times a year due to the devs trying to shove huge shitwads into each level. This leaves the faggot community in want of cum.

    EDIT: It looks like they're starting to learn their lesson, as the suggestion boards are indefinitely locked! And only more than a year after the forum was started! Now how long will it take for them to either clean up the clusterfuck or give up?


    We're-a gonna rape you! Woo-hoo!

    The game features too many playable characters, ten of which are required to beat the game. The developers seem to focus on adding more and more 'secret' characters that aren't really secret because they continuously announce these new additions as opposed to working on the core ten. Kirby and Samus have yet to be finished, and developers have churned out dozens of characters they don't need, worst of all Classic Mario (hardcore version of Mario).

    The core ten:

    And that's not all, since most characters will now have clones, alts, or secondary skins of themselves, effectively doubling the roster! Man, that's the best idea ever! Let's bloat the game that's already pushing Game Maker to its limits with unnecessary characters that nobody cares about!


    Unlike characters, Developers actually keep the juicy parts of the plot a secret. What is known is that a cosmic horror, known as Legion, is fusing all of the worlds together and taking them into his realm, known as Twisted Reality.


    THE DEVELOPERS CAME. Took them long enough...

    JudgeSpear and his team of chimpanzees have somehow forced a whole bunch of bullshit into just 11 worlds. They are:

    • Mushroom Kingdom... man, just see the Mario article.
    • Alternate Earth, where you realistically wipe out huge armies with only a handful of characters.
    • World of 201X-20XX, because everyone thinks Mega Man is cool!
    • Demon Realm, despite the fact that noone cares about Ghosts n' Goblins. On the plus side, DOOM is also showcased here. Though vastly superior to Halo, it still doesn't make up for the shitty World 9 or redeem its own world.
    • Gehenna, the nonsensical offspring of JudgeSpear and Ben66.
    • Adventurer's Domain for all of those FFtards.
    • Nintendo Subspace, featuring every failure Nintendo has made.
    • Mobius, so all the furries can have all their perverted wet dreams.
    • Halo Ringworld Edge of Beyond, focused primarily on a fucking mediocre game.
    • Twisted Reality, where everything becomes even more clusterfucked.
    • Minus World, in honor of a glitched water world which looped forever. AWESOME!!1!


    The devs freely welcome shit produced by anyone using their public source. Because all the MKFR members are faggots combined with the reality of Sturgeon's Law, nearly all of them are shit which has to be edited by the admins before it can slow down the official release. However, it is incredibly easy to get the green light for crap. Should you fail to get a level into the game due to lack of quality, there is only one way to redeem yourself.

    This is how to properly make a level:

    1. Rip off a level layout from an official and much better game. No one will ever know that you suck making them.
    2. Make up several gimmicks which will only be used in your level. This is especially important. Your level must contain lots of unique content that no other level has (or will have), otherwise people will mock you for being an uncreative turd.
    3. Like the above, make several enemies which will only appear in your level.
    4. Place the aforementioned enemies in clever places, and "fix" it by giving out more power-ups.
    5. While testing, complain about why the level (and the game itself) is so fucking slow.
    6. ????
    7. Fail.


    Recently, the development team of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion decided to remove several elements of the game including the half-assed shitty shmups system and World 6. In its place, they put a fantasy world which fits the game better (as in, it's actual platforming as opposed to a retarded genre shift). However, it will most likely be full of crap because the only fantasy game the typical internet user cares about is Final Fantasy, giving World 6 a lack of variety.

    Hostile Takeover

    Police.gif FACT ALERT:
    This unfunny attack section was written by butthurt faggot Ben66. Now, MKFR, who is the enemy of MKF: ED, or your own fucktards?
    Aww... is da baby gowna cwy?

    Some months ago JudgeSpear announced his leave from the project and his intention to revive his crappy Mario fangame Super Mario Fusion. When he found out that MKF was going to actually be a good game, though, he muscled his way back onto the team and kicked everyone involved with organizing and planning off the team or demoted them to Active Contributor (which is the same thing). The standards of the game have now fallen to a new level of epic fail. Worried that your stage may be too thought out and actually decent? No need to worry! Just give it to JudgeSpear or Del (AKA JudgeSpear junior) and they'll dumb it the fuck down, getting rid of any actual subtley or unique gameplay and making it an interactive Micheal Bay film, except shittier (if that's possible). Bonus points if you give your slow paced puzzle-based level to Del to make a video of him utterly breaking the level and blasting through it like he's on speed.

    What could have been at least decent is now becoming utterly shitty. Mushroom Kingdom Fusion should be avoided at all costs.

    Other Fusion Team Projects

    Knowing that MKF had fallen from its original idea of just Mario visiting other worlds, JudgeSpear restarted the whole mess with Super Mario Fusion: Revival. This game is slightly less fucktarded, given that the crossover content is much lower and there aren't a clusterfuck of characters. However, it still has many of the faults Mario games have.

    In addition, resident hothead Genisi has started "Lost in Retro", which has no crossover content and features Mario adventuring through various eras of his own series. We don't know much about it right now, but it will most likely have the same pitfalls of any Mario game and more since Mr. Loose Cannon is making it.

    Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor

    File:Sonic kills Mario by We hate mario club.png

    The boards for MKF's development. At any given time, you may see the following:

    • People bitching about things that they have full ability to change to whatever the fuck they want
    • People bitching about Tails being overpowered, Mario and Luigi being boring, or something no one with an IQ above 5 would care about
    • People (particularly GirlFromCambridge) bitching about stuff they know absolutely nothing about
    • TheomanZero whining about the smallest thing and not backing down in the face of logic and reason (get banned faggot)
    • People changing their usernames every day, causing mass confusion
    • The entire community beating the death out of forced memes, cocks, IRC bots, AND THIS VERY FUCKING PAGE.

    In reality, the regular, active members themselves (along with those watching on YouTube) are bigger faggots than the staff themselves.

    Forum activity and MKF interest is currently lower than it has been, possibly due to people realizing that the growing pile of tangled up developer cocks isn't really all that pleasant. This means that if nothing improves, the only remaining population will be of the overly defensive developers and their numerous sock puppets, living in denial of reality.

    The following list will hit the highlights of the community. In case you can't read templates, don't add any more users. Most of them will just whore for attention anyway.


    A former MUGEN player who hasn't changed at all since he left the MUGEN community. The founder of the project, JudgeSpear is an Admin of the boards, which are full of as much fail as he is. Known for being quite spiteful and getting into unnecessary arguments with people with an equal or greater ego (if that's possible).

    He conceived the SHMUPs system, which was going to be the main gimmick of the old World 6. Yeah, let's introduce a completely different form of gameplay into an already huge (and growing) project! Yay us!

    He also had a fun time with Mew before he used his Azn brain and realized that Mew was useless, both as a whore and as a developer (see below).


    Normally, the person who revived the article wouldn't add forum users after he pasted on the needsnomore template. However, depending on your point of view, no person is actually using this account.

    Yes. Hello isn't even a person, being lower than humans, Blacks, Spics, Azns, Jews, fatties, and even otherkin and furries. He is no more than a program written by incompetent Chinese hacks designed to rip off every one of Shigeru Miyamoto's ideas. Because the Chinese fags were too lazy to make quality games by themselves, they used the bot to auto-generate templates in the already shitty Game Maker. Mario fan game sites know these pathetic knock-offs as the Hello Engine.

    The Hello Engine is basically a complete ripoff of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. 3. The only exception is the frog suit, which must have confused the bot or its developers somehow given its long absence.

    Evidence that Hello is a bot:

    • Able to randomly generate decent levels, but completely unable to make something actually unique
    • Speaks only in short sentences with small words, indicating that it only knows Simple English. This is a sign of foreign technology.
    • Shows absolutely no personality in its posts.
    • To hide its true nature, it hardly ever posts and will never converse with forum members.

    There are a few known routines in Hello's programming:

    • Engine updating. Evony sweatshop workers and WoW gold farmers unite to rip off anything from a Mario game and add it to Hello's database. Some think Hello itself is getting smart enough to rip off Nintendo by itself. However, adding crap is about all that happens, and hidden glitches may thrive for years before being detected by its developers.
    • Shovelware flooding. The bot makes a SMB3 ripoff every month with its crappy engine. His games tend to have average ratings on MFGG because not everyone on the internet is as fucktarded as the Chinese.
    • Flooding crap into games made with its engine. Each Hello Engine game (such as MKF) has an encrypted code Hello can read simply by running the game. Should he find a game with a significant fanbase, he will offer to make levels for it. This explains his high-ranking position on the MKFR.
    • Installing malware on your computer.: Ever wonder why MKF runs so slow (other than it being Game Maker's fault)? It's because every Hello game comes feature-packed with spyware and other goodies. Hello and his yellow shit developers have no qualms harvesting all your personal information.

    It is theorized that eventually Hello will be upgraded to the point where it can supersede Nintendo's abilities, after which Nintendo will go bankrupt. This theory is bullshit because Chinese people can't do anything right.

    Lars Luron

    Listen, I don't usually do stuff like this but really, fuck you guys. You constantly say that you don't give a shit about any of the things you document here, and yet here you are bashing MKF for no apparent reason. If you hate us so much, why not just, I dunno, ignore us. If anything you're giving more advertising for the game by doing this.

    And yes, I AM the only saving grace of the project, and if you article-editing people can't fucking handle the truth, then, as I've said, just delete this article and forget about the game. If you truly want people to stay away from MKF, don't advertise it like this. That is all.


    Lars Luron is an old fart who seems to think that MKF is his son and that he should go all Mama Bear when someone pisses him off, like when he blanked this page and left a nonsensical rant. We're not sure why he acts like this, especially since JudgeSpear actually conceived it and Obreck2 is currently the acting lead. Given that he is neither, he's probably just batshit insane, and soon to be demoted like every other faggot who's become an admin. But who knows?

    Xavier Genisi

    Genisi ponders on how to compensate for his small penis.
    Genisi 24/7

    The resident hothead.

    He is known for locking topics with little reason, kicking users off IRC for no reason, and having quite a temper. His alternate names include Penisi, Joe Pesci, and Adolf Hitler. Don't call him out on it; his head will asplode and you'll meet a boiling hot banhammer. (Then again, do it for great justice.) Like Nazis and Jews, Genisi's mission is to utterly destroy the community. In the Jews' case, this was perfectly acceptable due to them being such greedy little faggots. In the MKFR's case, this is also perfectly acceptable, both morally and legally. After all, rules never apply to administrators! What makes it completely unacceptable is his raping of dead bodies left behind.


    Admin Obreck2 hardly ever posts and hardly ever goes into the chatroom. This means two things: one, he seems to know that the MKFR is full of faggotry, and two, he wants to avoid it whenever possible. However, in avoiding the problem instead of actually fixing it, he proves himself to be apathetic of the mass faggotry that goes on in the MKFR, making him support it by default.

    It is believed that Obreck is the father of criminals, aspies, and furries due to his lack of standards in administration. Heck, you could possibly swap him with Bob Chandler and Bob's wife, his son Chris-Chan, and everyone else in the world would not find any difference in things.

    But then, he was the one who made MKF the clusterfuck it is today by corrupting JudgeSpear's original plans...


    File:Desu 10.jpg
    So I herd LKA liek DESU

    The weeaboo basement dweller who runs #mkfusion and also moderates the forum. Like any other moderator, he and his operator henchmen will ban you for being a faggot while hypocritically being faggots themselves. Well, they WOULD, but then no one would be able to use the channel.

    There is one sure-fire way to troll LKA:

    1. Introduce a bot into the MKFR with spammable and "cool" commands (such as the rules of the internet, which will lead users to flood the window with rules 1 and 34)
    2. Sit back and relax while everyone abuses the shit out of it
    3. Set off LKA's notify
    4. Cue LKA coming into chatroom, bashing his head on the keyboard at the sight of all this faggotry

    LKA is also known for introducing forum shop-related things such as the CHANCE TOMATOES which 99% of the time caused users to lose huge sums of cash. Lest anyone rejoice over idiots being pwned, he hosted a game to earn more chance tomatoes which would almost certainly put users back in the black.

    And then, there's throwing tomatoes, base crusher throwing tomatoes... what is with this fucktard and tomatoes?


    Oh, look! Mew invited friends this time!
    If I were not female, my visits with Mewtwo would be less interesting! Teeheehee!


    —This actual quote is just a harbinger of all of his faggotry.

    Mew is quite possibly the most insane yiffing furfag to ever enter the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor, and DEFINITELY the most insane to actually get a high ranking position (thank heavens he's demoted). As an admin, all of what Mew did was either make up bullshit about Pokemon canon, make up bullshit for MKF's story, pretend to be a female and cyber with Mewtwo, or draw horrendous pictures. He has contributed nothing to fulfill MKF's bloated level list; this was probably why he was finally demoted after one year of being a lazy bum.

    While making up his bullshit, he will constantly deny any facts you use to disrupt his fantasy world, and may even bring disciplinary action against you (well, he would if he was still an admin, haha). If he can't warp reality to what he pleases, he'll gladly delete everything you say and do (and challenge whatever he can't, as other devs have realized) and continue to promote his own bullshit.

    Today, he still babbles "canon" nonsense like a tongues-speaking Charismatic and still cybers with fictional characters, possibly because he's too much of a loser to get laid IRL.

    Captain Cook

    CC has bad taste in girlfriends. He'll deny any relationship, but fundies wuv CP.

    Resident Bible-beater. Once attempted to get a level showcasing Jerusalem into MKF (to be fair, there have been Bible games, but all of them are complete shit). Despite this sheer faggotry, he somehow managed to work his way up to SMF:R Team Member and currently moderates three boards in the MKFR. Given his strong reaction to topics about the WBC, he may be a member in denial.


    Ben66 joined JudgeSpear in his effort to make this clusterfuck a bit early in its development. Instead of being an actual help to the project, he has done just about nothing but make up shit for world 5 (and the understandably poorly received character Cosmo). When JudgeSpear finally woke up and realized that this lazy Jewbag was doing absolutely nothing, he took away Ben's unnecessary promotion, eventually leaving him to be no more than an "Active Contributor" (yeah right). Ben currently does nothing for the project and constantly bitches on how Active Contributors are the exact same thing as normal members as you see on the current version of this very article.

    You can't hide from us, Ben. Where do you think the Off Topic link in the early versions of this article came from? Someone is watching your every move. Kiss kiss...


    Some sick fuck that likes Tails a little too much. Even Rouge the Bat and ED itself are safe havens for Tails compared to this insane fucktard. Seriously, you should have seen him running to girlvinyl begging to be hid. But ED has no place for furries due to their subhuman nature, and thus we could not accept him.

    We almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

    Fortunately for him, StarsimsUniverse seems to have been absent for quite some time.


    Resident Emo prophet. She regularly binned topics that she predicted would be derailed, flamed, or whatever the fuck it was that week. Currently demoted from Moderator status, followed by the boards suddenly becoming a slightly better place due to the lack of one extraordinarily paranoid chick moderating them. She has shown emotional instability rivaling that of Chris-chan's. She is most likely a Scientologist, because there cannot possibly be another reason she hasn't been getting much-needed psychiatric help.


    Qu is the nerdiest member on the MKFR, knowing everything that no other sane person cares about. He treats every bit of trivia like a newfag treats forced memes, forcing all of it down your throat whether or not you like it. He is just one of the many members that needs to shut the fuck up about shit nobody cares about.

    Qu: MKFR's answer to everything you don't care about!


    Believed to be a pretty cool guy by the MKFR; known to be a naive retard to us. When some unfunny faggot is about to be served due justice, he shows up attempting (and generally failing) to defend that user's sorry ass.

    However, he and Supnitle have pulled off one instance of epic trolling by pretending to revive their parody newspaper. After months of resetting the counter, both of them "cancelled" the revival, resulting in lulz.


    Some annoying n00b who thinks he can boss around the admins on the forum. Instead of asking questions, he tries to force changes to the forums as if he actually matters. Incidentally, if it wasn't for this very attitude, he would not have his own section, being a mundane fuckwit like the rest of the community.

    Somehow, he was unbanned from being a faggot before. Maybe the developers will learn their lesson and kick him out for good this time.

    Banned Users

    Despite the high levels of faggotry in the MFKR, it has standards. If you actually manage to get permabanned from the forums, you officially suck at the internet and should an hero right now. Please. It'll increase the world's average IQ.

    • FiremariomkiZX: Fucktard beyond all comprehension. Suggested stages of fail like "Deathshroom Kingdom" and "Firemariomki's fort" and challenged the already clusterfucked plot with even more faggotry. Eventually, JS couldn't take it any longer and kicked him out for eternity. He is one of the few to never have his ban undone. Untill the old forums crashed, and he was given a clean state.
    • ArcticXero: A troll who utterly destroyed Shadic, corrupted Supnitle, and absolutely wrecked Shadic's MKF Ware project. This resulted in much lulz... until Shadic went absolutely nuts instead of going an hero like any sane person would.
    • Shadick: The bastard combination of a black man and a Jew, Shadic is the most obnoxious prick the forum has ever known. After being trolled by ArcticXero, he became even more of a faggot. For some reason, JudgeSpear let him back in.
    • Moneyman: Another annoying faggot who was banned and idiotically allowed back in. Not particularly noteworthy.
    • mona: An absolute moron who thinks abusing exclamation marks and spelling worse than a kindergarten student is trolling. He achieved absolutely no lulz (as opposed to Xero, who had some success) with his babblings.
    • DON'T CLICK THE LINK: One of many bots which spammed the forums with Viagra links before being renamed and banned. Hell, knowing the community, they'd probably click it anyway for kicks.


    The MKFR uses dream.esper.net as its server, and #mkfusion as its channel. Said channel is often plagued with members changing their nicks every five seconds and severely horrible crappy RPing. It tends to be muted often because of the retarded moderators thinking this is a good idea, when in fact it just make them look like Power-crazed fucking nazis. Instead, everyone should be banned from the channel, which will make it a lot better.

    Unfortunately, that defeats the point of making an IRC channel in the first place. Oh well.

    QUICK! +C IS OFF! Go spam colors until LKA rips his hair out!


    The link is on the MKFR's main page, but regardless, you can view the deadness here.

    The chatroom that was created first. Since it was a chore to properly moderate and full of cancer, the mods told everyone to go to IRC. The chatango quickly died afterwards, and the cancer moved to IRC, along with most of the members there. The only ones remaining were either butthurt over the changes or unable to use IRC for some reason. This led Supnitle to ban every moron left, which caused lots of lulzy drama for a failure troll.


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