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Mundanes love polka music

A mundane is somebody who isn't batshit crazy. The word is typically used by sexual deviants who suffer from megalomania, but varies according to group:

Mundane users will usually not be found participating in LJ Drama. However, when backed into a corner it is possible to drive them to the point of insanity, causing them to go on a kamikaze rampage.

In fact, Mundanes will not be found participating in the internet much at all beyond the occasional Google search, Amazon purchase, or Ebay lurk. This can be remedied by recommending them to a certain charity for the elderly,a certain gay rights website, or ED's own collection of fine art photography. Viewing these pages will invariably scar the smooth, milk-colored surface of a Mundane's perception of humanity, while satisfying a Freudian curiosity that resides within them, with end result usually being complete destruction of their sanity.

*NOTE: Furries do not use the term sheep, for fear of offending somebody's fursona.

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