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    145px This article needs
    Moar Mudkipchan

    You can help by adding more Mudkipchan

    SO I heard you liek...

    Mudkipchan first appeared on 4chan's /b/ very early August 1 of '07. Her entire body is covered in paint, obviously to attract a mate.

    By not covering her ears with paint, she falsely reveals her race as white. But further pictures of her show that it was an illusion and she is in fact Mexican prompting guys to request that she keep the paint on.

    In recent developments she appears to have abandoned pokefags in favor of meaty PC gamers, appearing with the half-life symbol on her breasts in a noticeable unmudkipped way.

    Note From The Mudkipchan Herself

    I'm not a camwhore, or even an attention whore for that matter.

    The True Story behind the Mudkipchan, came simply from a bet my x-bf and I made to see whether or not I could make mudkips sexy. (you be the judge...) When we broke up he decided to put them on the internet.(/b/ strikes again!!).



    The Half-life(his game of choice) pictures were also a bet btwn

    him and I, just to see if I would do it.



    And, thread(No.34647222)is total bs, I never said my body was the only thing I had.



    If /b/ has anything to say, by all means lemme hear it:





    Do I Have Potential? About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    tl;dr moar bewbs.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    A Challenger Appears!

    In Novemeber 2009, this "MudkipChan" appeared on /b/. Though shooped, moar mudkip was met with much praise. But failed since this one used photoshop and not real paint.

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