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    Mr. Oompapa

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    Mr Oompapa is a well known vandal and hero on TOW, well known for his pwnage of Wikipedia articles with the word "OOMPAPA!" as well as random user talk pages of people which he finds on recent changes. Eventually the vandalism resulted with the admins putting the word "OOMPAPA!" on the Wikipedia bad words list. It appears that by his vandalism Mr oompapa appears to be some kind of incredibly fat Buddha that enjoys eating curry, with the word "Oompapa" itself, meaning "fat Buddha". Of course this goes to show how moronic and fucktarded Mr Oompapa is, even though the result of his vandalism on Wikipedia has generated massive Lulz to those who hate Wikipedia.

    Time on Wikipedia

    Mr Oompapa in his time on Wikipedia has made many admins butthurt such as Yamla (who he sees as his arch nemesis) by repeatedly revealing his real name on his talk page, causing him to go crying like a baby for oversight, even though his real name ended up on Wikipedia watch anyway not long after.

    Yamla is Butthurt on WP:ANI after Mr oompapa revealed his real name on his talkpage
    An example of Oompapa pwnage on a faggots talkpage

    Oompapa's career began in April 2007, where he began messing around with Jimbo Wales's userpage and since the block he has used over 9000 Wikipedia sockpuppets and he has been dubbed by other banned wikipedians as their personal favorite. In the same month he began mr oompapa got the Wikipedia defcon to to level one! when he used over 100 sockpuppets in one day until he got his Ip pwned by a David Gerard checkuser, and all the hundreds of sockpuppet pages belonging to him were huffed per "WP:DENY" later on Oompapa supposedly quit Wikipedia after being identified as another vandal known as Molag Bal, only to return exactly a year later and got straight into the habit of being a whore creating a page about him returning to Wikipedia. Around the same time Oompapa began vandalizing Wikia and Uncyclopedia and attacked pages with his usual style. It is believed he spent this time off on JewTube with his profile being here, he also posted a gay video about himself which is the most unfunny video out of many on the site.

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