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Info non-talk.png Mr. Pregnant should not be confused with Thomas Beatie, who doesn't deserve the title of "Mr."
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Mr Pregnant in the midst of creating a crack induced video

Mr Pregnant The Internet Legend (Powerword: Atelston Holder) is an extremely fat individual from one of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, who wears a pot on his head and makes love to rubber chickens on JewTube. You can't make this shit up. Mr Pregnant is an individual who has taken the "getting rich off the internet" thing a little too seriously. His plan is to go on to jewtube and make annoying videos that lower the IQ of those that watch it. Also, he makes up words that make no sense, which is evidence of his retardation, words like "shnaker shnaw"

To his credit he did engage in a short lived flame war with a bespectacled piglet which has helped lead to the downfall of the aforementioned swine. He is also a successful musician who has released 3 albums, according to his MySpace.

Examples of His Artistic Merit

The Tree Have A X

The Renetto War

Mr Pregnant's JewTube account was suspended for uploading a VH1 video featuring himself. Viacom had the video removed and thus also disabling his account, making him cry like a little bitch without an ounce of self-awareness:

Following this display of faggotry, Renetto made fun of him:

Mr Pregnant was reinstated and responded with a flame video proving that he takes the internet too seriously


On June 9, 2011 Mr Pregnant's account was again disabled. This time he had three strikes going against him, the first strike was for one of his retarded videos of him making an ass of himself in public and the other two for making 911 prank calls. He later admitted that the prank calls were fake, however considering YouTube took one of them seriously it would have been wise to remove the other video to prevent further mishap. Mr Pregnant, being the autistic negro he is, took the termination quite well:

Watch as he claims he isn't going to cry, but once again breaks down like a little bitch.
Atomic.gif Warning!
mrpregnant has returned! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cause' he be snatchin' them up one at a time!!!




—Mr Pregnant talking about his moobs

My penis is something I adore. But I can't see him anymore


—Mr Pregnant on his penis

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