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    Mozdoc Alicentaur (Jeremy Quentin Wetzel) is a male, possible pedophile furry who resides in California, USA. He has the honor of being banned from the furry convention Further Confusion 2003, 2004, and 2005, several MUCKs (Tapestries, FurryMUCK, Altered Realities, Unbridled Desires, and Meadows MUCK), WikiFur, FurBid-SF, Furnet, deviantART, and Fur Affinity.

    Fuck. Do you know what I have to say about that piece of shit? Mozdoc is one of the sickest human beings I have ever met. He is shameless, disgusting, and awful. I am surprised that ED article of his is not three miles long.


    —one of many fans

    The man

    Jeremy, in real life is allegedly (according to one of his victims) a slightly overweight, blonde haired blue eyed piece of shit that even Hitler would not take. He has no outstanding career, only known career is that of deliverig pizzas and has no semblance of IRL life at all, and often likes to describe how his day would be were he a centaur.

    He is pretty good about keeping his face off the internet, but at least one grainy picture of him exists. Had been on a webcam in his bedroom to a 13 year old girl. Bedroom was filled with models of different furry and sexual content, and models of his different characters.

    Characters being played

    Mozdoc plays several characters on FurryMuck, including:

    • An AliCentaur -- Single headed horse'taur with a horn, pair of wings and four hooves. Overtly sized male genitalia. Can only speak "Mozdoc" and all RPG content involved raping a 13 year old girl.
    • A Centaurpede -- three headed horse'taur with 250 full horses connected head-to-tail, ending in 1000 hooves.
    • An Overdraft'taur -- three headed horse'taur with six arms and similar multilegged arrangement like Slephnir of Norse lore (12 hooves). Overtly oversized male genitalia on par with Doug Winger's work.
    • A Bitch'taur -- Female domestic canine-taur with sixteen oversized breasts running down both torsos. The spelling across each breasts side says "I AM A BITCH" and cannot be covered up due to a curse. In line with a story of a womanizing male being magically turned into such a creature. The bitchtaur also has a nipple on each of her hands and feet, and she lactates, so as to squirt milk everywhere as she walks. His forehead has a third eye.
    • Unnamed -- Three headed horse'taur with wings, two horse bodies and overly large genitalia, including rows of male genitalia on arms, legs, on the horses flanks and even on the palms of the 'taur's hands. Six female breasts on the 'Taur body and six breasts on the underside of the horses body also.



    File:Mozdoc is coming.jpg

    Mozdoc is notoriously one of the worst commissioners furry artists run into. Bounce around cons long enough and you'll hear stories of the centaurpede guy that is willing to approach anyone and trail off on a tirade about his character. Some artists have been able to spot him as he approaches and quickly come up with an excuse to not be open for ideas. Some artists have incorporated a $10-per-leg fee to deter him from asking for art. Since he has been known to throw a fit about artist's prices. Any way of rejection is advised to keep him from talking you to death about his asinine characters until you take his commission just to make him go away. Then you hope and pray that he actually goes away. (Please help by adding your own stories about Mozdoc encounters)


    MUCK bans

    Mozdoc has been involved in several MUCK controversies, the earliest record of which stems from SpinDizzy MUCK, where he was toaded in 2000 after breaking into the account of Argon (another player on the MUCK, and editor of "@Action News", SpinDizzy MUCK's online newspaper).

    Later, in 2002, a follow up article concerning Mozdoc was posted in @Action News, written in a satirical style. The main thrust of the article stated that Mozdoc's original six-month suspension from the MUCK had been extended to a permanent ban. The article stated that this was due to his attempts to break through his suspension by repeated rapid connections to Spindizzy, and then when this failed by trying to evade the ban with a new character alias Myana from a different ISP, which succeeded until such time as the wizards detected the fraud. Findra, server wizard on SpinDizzy, verified these parts of the satirical account as being accurate.

    Mozdoc was also banned on Tapestries after attempting to escape the stockade by @toading himself and re-registering. Following WhiteWizard's IP ban, the wizards received an email from Mozdoc containing a repeated expletive.

    He was also banned from FurryMUCK, Altered Realities, Unbridled Desires, and Meadows MUCK, the latter after Mozdoc continued to harass the headwizard, an administrator of WikiFur under the name SpazKitty, after she banned him on WikiFur.

    As of May 2007, Mozdoc has been unbanned from FurryMUCK.

    Kacey Miyagami

    In early 2002, Mozdoc began to distribute Kacey Miyagami's artwork without her authorization. Shortly after she protested and her wife, Ayukawataur, stepped in to intervene, Mozdoc escalated his actions to open threats against Kacey's life. Following advice by her family, she filed a Restraining Order (TRO) in November of 2002. This injunction lasted from the date of filing until November 17, 2005.

    Both Kacey and Noriko were named as protected parties on the TRO. This prohibited Mozdoc from having any contact with Ayukawataur and he was banned from FurBid as Noriko believed him using her system would inevitably result in contact. When the TRO expired in November of 2005, Ayukawataur reviewed his constant attempts to covertly use the system. She decided at that time to not restore his access. He was unbanned in September 2007, but re-banned a month and a half later. At this time there is no projected date to review his status.

    Mozdoc resumed his harassment, including death threats, after posting a manifesto on why he hates her on his user account at Fur Affinity in a journal entry dated October 14, 2006 , and placing a disparaging comment under one of Kacey's artworks, "Farewell to Earth", a fifth-generation commission to Bernard Doove[13]. He was banned from the site the next day by Fur Affinity administration. Dragoneer stated in May 2008 that Mozdoc was "permanently banned from Fur Affinity and all of its services. That ban will not be lifted."

    Mozdoc continued his anti-Kacey harassment in other forums, including Bernard Doove's LiveJournal.

    This harassment continued in person again at Further Confusion 2007. He was removed from the convention by con authorities for harassment after multiple warnings, and for attempting to take covert photographs of Kacey's print display books. He was allegedly removed from the grounds later that evening by hotel authorities for being in con areas without a con membership. AAE has officially declined to comment on the issue.

    Furaffinity Ban

    Since July 07, 2007, Mozdoc's account was permabannned by FA's Dragoneer due to the classic pattern of :

    Mozdoc meets Fur. Mozdoc makes request. Fur doesn't do it right away. Mozdoc harasses user. User blocks Mozdoc. Mozdoc makes fake accounts to get around blocks, harass user. User continues to block Mozdoc, ignore him. Mozdoc threatens to kill him. Fur gets nervous, contacts admins. Admins explain to Mozdoc that's not right. Mozdoc continues to threaten, track people down, kill them... gets banned.

    Then you get these e-mails and the 30+ AIM names Mozdoc created to stalk, harass and threaten me over AIM (which I did not record) and ultimate threatens to track me down at [CONVENTION_NAME_HERE] and stab me in the back with a knife.

    But according to everybody else... hey, he's really a nice, sweet guy once you get to know



    Telephone Harassment

    In August, 2009, Mozdoc made a series of over 100 phonecalls to Giza's cellphone, presumably to protest his ban from WikiFur. 88 of the voicemails were saved and posted online . This in turn prompted DJ Oddy to make a dance mix based on the contents of the voicemails.

    Mozdoc contends that nobody contacted him to talk about the bans, and how to properly act inside a wiki.

    Places of RAGE

    Fur series.jpg

    Mozdoc is part of a series on


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