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    Mary Sue, now with moar lensflare

    Morganphantom15 is one of the new additions to the Horton Hears a Who fandom. She is known for having called off her fictional wedding between her and Stan from South Park in order to pursue a relationship with Jojo from the Horton Hears a Who movie. Seeing as Jojo and Stan are in fact, little boys, one may wonder if Morgan is a pedophile. Fact: Morgan threatened to become an hero IRL over the final episode of South Park's 11th season because Wendy stole her man. This was laughed upon by most, but of course she deleted everything before caps were made. This was at least 100 days before Jojo.

    The Wedding is OFF!

    Morgan was just like any other tartlet, she made shiny animu art between her and Stan, and made up a cute little storyline where Stan and her Mary-Sue make love and have two kids. This garnered many friends who supported her love for Stan. However one day while she was flicking her bean to South Park, she saw the commercials for the new Horton Hears a Who movie and her love for Stan was all but forgotten!

    Hey guiz the wedding is off!11!1

    Yes, it's kinda hard for me in a way, I've loved Stan for almost 2 years and now it's over, I wish it wasn't, but I just don't love him anymore, so there will be no wedding, well not yet, if good things go one with me and Jojo, there might be another XD!!!!



    But what of her children with Stan you say? Well she thought of that! With a snap of her chubby pedophile fingers, she changed the father to Jojo as if nothing ever happened!

    Also, if you are wondering about Mark and Renee. They are still my children, but now I'm gonna go as if Stan wasn't their father, instead Jojo was, there are only two things different about them now, Mark doesn't feel sick around Vi, and Renee has brown eyes like jojo.



    True Love 4eva!

    I love him more than anything!!1!1

    Her new love had to be proclaimed for all of DeviantArt to see! I mean, couldn't they see that she truly loved Jojo and it wasn't just because he looks like an emo child and has the voice of Jesse McCartney? No, Morgan's love was totally real! So like any 15 year old would do, she made a new journal to do so!


    Alas, from all good drama there is lulz to be had, as undoubtedly Morganphantom15 was snarked which resulted in much lulz and drama for all! People began to tell her that it was unhealthy for her to lust after fictional little boy cock, so her friends came to the rescue, telling people to STFU because she could love whoever she wanted! Nevermind that he wasn't real nor of legal age! So Morgan did what anyone would do, she begged people to stop being mean to her!

    But, I just wish everyeone would stop, dissing me doesn't make them better people, it makes them jerks. It may be creepy to you, but it's not to me, and the best thing to do when you see someone like me whn it comes to a cartoon is to ignore me, not making me feel bad. Cause it dosn't make me want to stop loving Jojo



    After all was said and done, she decided to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING, as if nothing ever happened, but lucky for us we have screenshots!

    I am a closet LESBIAN!

    Some deviants decided to point out to Morgan that her original character was a Mary Sue, which lead to massive butthurt and moar hidden comments. If there is any justice in the world, you will refuse to call her anything but a Mary Sue until she finally gets banned for her generally immature behavior towards people who point out her faggotry. Of course when she points it out herself it makes things all the more lulzworthy that she is just that retarded.

    And I wil deny it casue I am not a Mary-fucking-sue!!!! It's my story, my fandom, my work, but it's not Mary-sue!!!


    —Morganphantom15 being butthurt, per usual


    Official movie image of Jojo.

    Jojo is the underage emo star of Blue Sky Studio's newest CG film, Horton Hires a Ho, based on Dr. Seuss' epic trilogy of novels by the same name. Apparently deaf and dumb, Jojo has nonetheless garnered a huge fan following of people who appreciate his WAI WAI KAWAII nature and soft, dark emo heart. Nevermind that the kid is underage, just check out that sexy fuzzy body! Who wouldn't want to date that?

    Horton Hears a Sue

    The first official Jojo and Morgan piccy!!!! :hug: DAMMIT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! I know that NO ONE loves him more than I do!!!!!! I've never felt this way before!!! :aww: Some of my friends are still in shock, but they say as long as I'm happy then it's cool :D and yes I am extremely happy with Jojo!!!!!! He makes me feel like I've never felt before!!!!! :hug: :heart: So this is what we would look like. I have never taken CGI work into cartoon work before XD I gotta say I like how it came out, I thought it was gonna suck, well the backgorund sucks, but I got lazy :P but I really do love how this came out :aww: I'm gonna put it on a white T-shirt and gonna wear it tomorrow to see the movie :excited: DAMMIT I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!! :D I FREAKIN LOVE JOJO SO SO MUCH I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH!!!!!! :heart: :heart: And I am SO glad I have him in my life now!!!!! :hug: XD I sound stupid I know, but it's true!!!! also, I'm getting my hair cut today and I'm hoping to get it to look like that. Which is why it looks different :D!!!!! :aww: More drawings and request coming!!!! :aww: Enjoy!!!!



    The first second that Horton trailers hit the internet, the Series of Tubes birthed a horde of squealing Who-Sues.

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