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    Moreschi (powerword Andy Sabisky) was one of Wikipedia's resident admin trolls, whose hobbies included trolling RFAs with swearing and being mean to the poor nerds, too bad nobody gives a fuck. He also enjoyed insulting vandals (but who doesn't? after all ED:VIP). He just doesn't understand that as autistics, aspies have very delicate feelings and you can't say anything bad...sob. What an insensitive fuck! (Would you be surprised to know that he's an amateur classical musician, likes comic books, and has a degree in psychology?[1])

    Andy cranks his little English dick

    Moreschi used his admin powers like an LAPD police officer, so basically "to protect and serve the powerful. His greatest troll ever was baiting the much hated aspie admin-wannabe Qst at his RFA. Unable to take the vicious tongue-lashing, Qst foolishly vandalized without a proxy, and got pwned several hours later.

    His arch-nemesis for a while was the troll Molag Bal, who is obsessed with TOW. When Molag tried to get unbanned Moreschi told him "Go back to ED, Molag, we don't need you here." Well too bad we don't either.

    I can't, off the top of my head, remember who it was that said if Molag Bal ever became an administrator they would engage in rough anal sex with 12 truck drivers and a monkey...now, not saying I altogether agree with the expression, but the sentiment is spot-on.



    By the way, Molag Bal already has a secret administrator account. Now in the Moreschi Versus SlimVirgin grudge match:

    You, Sarah or Linda or whatever the hell your name is, can keep well out of this. Just because I fucked over your little backdoors clique in the full light of day does not give you the right to follow me around chucking dung from the sidelines.



    This comment caused David Gerard to boot Moreschi from the Wikipedia Mailing List.

    Andy ran for Arbcom in 2007[2], and had his ass kicked. Oops.


    Andy's "greatest shit" was his relentless trolling of the ever-popular Ottava Rima (see Wikiversity). It got his ass desysopped at least once, in 2009[3]. Not that anyone cares. It led to one of Wikipedia's most miserable, brutal arbitrations in its history[4]. The insideroids and "cabalistas" fought amongst themselves like rabid plague-carrying rats, eating eyeballs and legs in a cannibal frenzy. Fuck you, Newyorkbrad. At least it got Ottava ass-b&d.

    And finally, after spreading loving thoughfulness for 5 years, Andy quit quietly in 2011. They threatened to desysop him so he briefly returned, trolled and blocked some more (pointlessly), and quit again in July 2012. Then they desysopped him for reals, d00d.


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