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    Moot is Olev

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    PROOF moot is olev

    MOOT IS OLEV is something Moot spammed on 4chan Dec 27. Not sure if Forced Meme, not sure if Meme come to think of it. What do it mean? Is a palindrome? Is olev an anagram for love? Is Moot love? Probably some bullshit I shouldn't care about, but because of my OCD, it's bugging the hell out of me.

    At this time, it appears to come from the fact that all camwhore threads in the month leading up to this party were spammed with "WRITE OLEV ON TITS", effectively destroying said cancer. The mess that /b/ became seems to have been moot revealing that he is this "Olev" character who has been roaming 4chan slaying the camwhores and their shit threads. The changes made equate to moot screaming "LOL I TROL U!!!1!" right in your face.


    The second stage of moot's madness was to go into PARTY MODE and change /b/'s color layout to the Mcdonalds standard red and yellow. While both entertaining and lulzy to this author's amphetamine driven mind, it sure did make it hard as shit to read. However, it's easy to change the colors back to normal by putting ":resetcolors:" in all fields (including password) without the quotation marks.


    Where did you come from?


    The song in question, just look at them.

    The faggots in question

    No other song contained the special kind of fail necessary to be played on repeat over /b/

    Reversion of the Cancer

    On December 29th, 2010 the cancerous and horrific hilarious Mcdonalds color scheme was reverted back to the traditional Futaba style. On 11:30 PM Eastern Time on December 28, 2010 the Cotton Eye Joe music had stopped. On December 29, 2010 on 5:55 PM Eastern Time MOOT IS OLEV was replaced with "RIP Cotton Eye Joe". As of that time, MOOT IS OLEV had disappeared off the face of the imageboard except among newfags who try to bring it back up complaining that they want it back because they thought it was "funny", funny though it may be. Moot, in his current state of insanity, changed the "RIP Cotton Eye Joe" to "RIP Cotton Eye Jim" as of December 29, 2010 at 11:23 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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