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    Generally, Americans refer to Moonspeak as any non-English language rather than using Greek, because 87% of them lost all common sense when they gained independence from Europe; however, in common Internet parlance, the label specifically refers to any language that does not use the Latin alphabet.

    Moonspeak generally implies special fonts to read, either Unicode encoding or character set specific encoding to transmit, and either non-QWERTY keyboards or input systems to type. As a result of these requirements, Moonspeak is a very fragile way of transmitting thoughts; lacking either the right set of fonts or the right encoding renders Moonspeak as a blob of squares.

    Consequently, Moonspeakers resort to arbitrary transliteration of their language into the Latin alphabet to quickly and reliably communicate. The only cure for moonspeak is fire or Esperanto.

    Sample Moonspeak

    Read the following example from right to left.

    זיינתי את אמא שלך

    Some Moonspeak Scripts


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