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    Moon beam 750

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
    You can help by posting their nude pix or spamming their talk page.

    ED Forums had its drama cherry popped by an intelligent gentleman with strong future prospects, moon_beam_750. You would assume the last place one would want to make a dick of themself is ED. However monsieur Moonbeam, butthurt over having his excellent threads being constantly altered by mods, decided to tell the ED Forums admin and IRC op, dan, just how the mods should be doing their job. The forums' members had other ideas for how to deal with malcontents such as this...

    What a cute couple

    About Moonbeam

    ED Forums

    Moon_beam_750's butthurt came to a head when ol' Mooney didn't get the message after being banned for his faggotry once. So when Moonbeam fucked up once again by posting a poll reminiscent of Kimmo's "grinds my gears", the mod added a third option to the poll, calling Moonbeam a fucko and causing massive butthurt.

    Naturally, one would assume, that you should put the issue to rest, since Zaiger started tagging people with the word Faggot when they whined. "But I'm all for equality" said Moonbeam, so he took it to the higher ups.

    Ze IRC

    Not to sound completely retarded, but I hardly know anything about IRC. I would like to go to the chats sometimes but I thought IRC is a program you have to buy. Could someone explain it to me in this thread or PM me.


    —Moon_beam_750 on buying IRC

    Moonbeam, ever the fan of equality and democracy decided to have a calm and reasoned chat with the mods on IRC. So after buying a copy of IRC, Moonbeam proceeded straight to #forum to voice his concerns by calling two of the mods assholes and then asking to have one of the mods de-oped.

    The gentlemen casually chatting in the channel decided they were thirsty for some milk. So started the trolling of Moonbeam. Moonbeam, ever the intelligent man, decided that his position needed defending, and he dutifully went about doing so with the use of dubious disclaimers. For at least fifteen minutes Moonbeam sat in IRC, giving insightful replies to those who dared question his mighty logic. After watching Moonbeam get raped in every orifice, the mod dan finally banned him. But the goodtimes were not through yet.

    I think I am going to start asking the Admin of the forum if I can replace on of the mods because this stuff is getting pretty fucking ridiculous


    — Moonbeam on how ED works

    well Jew until people stop acting like dicks to me until then just no


    — Moonbeam on being a Jew

    moon_beam_750: no one understands



    moon_beam_750: well whatever I am done with the forum


    — And yet he comes back for more...

    moon_beam_750: I hope ED burns to the fucking ground I am tired of this and I just say that it wasn't fair and everyone is like NO YOU ARE WRONG MOONBEAM


    — Moonbeam, not realizing the internets have an excellent fire department, ensuring that websites don't "burn to the fucking ground".

    moon_beam_750: and tell me this if you aren't supposed to take anything on ED seriously then what is the point in posting topic discusses if it is all going to be a big joke anyway

    moon_beam_750: the forum would just be better off if every other post was DESU vonranke: OH DAMN YOU GOT US THERE moon_beam_750: yeah basically


    — Moonbeam on getting sarcasm

    moon_beam_750: first of all I am black person

    moon_beam_750: I am mixed moon_beam_750: I am not 15 years old


    — Moonbeam, ever the mature one


    Just the other night I cried because my jeans can barely fit me anymore. I always say that I don't care about my weight, but here lately, I keep getting more conscious about it.



    The internet detectives on #forum found his MySpace and pillaged it's content for precious lulz. The lulz were found in the form of tl;dr bawwwwfests talking about how shit it is to work at McDonald's and be a fat faggot at the same time. Like every other myspace kiddie, Moonbeam feels he has important things to say about the world, has a mental illness which he doesn't take medication or see a doctor for, is a latent homosexual and has the same expression for every single photo.

    After realising the meanies from ED were posting his super secret journals on the forums, Moonbeam engaged in the classic internet pastime of DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING. His MySpace pics and blog have been saved for your viewing pleasure here.

    A Picture is Fine Too

    Moon beam Video

    Moon beam hates the Jonas Brothers!

    Apparently, the Jonas Brothers make his cock leaky dreapy.

    [-+]IRC Logs

    moon_beam_750: yeah
    moon_beam_750: I pierce did that shit too
    moon_beam_750: and banned me
    moon_beam_750: I took the time to make the topic so they should leave it alone
    moon_beam_750: 2 mods so far act like assholes Zaiger is the only one who proved himself to me (though he did not have to_
    lulzkiller: yeah hes prob the best mod
    moon_beam_750: but yeah like I was saying that is like on the pro life thread
    moon_beam_750: that is like me being a mod and saying well I don't agree with what you have to say so I am going to alter your thread/delete it because I don't have to reason with you
    moon_beam_750: that's basically what wit did and I don't know if wit did it for a joke but I don't find it very funny
    lulzkiller: yeah
    lulzkiller: cash seemed a little pissed off
    moon_beam_750: who is cash btw I never seen that name
    moon_beam_750: I think I am going to start asking the Admin of the forum if I can replace on of the mods because this stuff is getting pretty fucking ridiculous
    &dan: **************
    &dan: **************
    &dan: **************what you aren't seeing here is a gigantic NO
    &dan: **************
    &dan: **************
    lulzkiller: lol god has spoken
    moon_beam_750: lol i can't see what was said
    moon_beam_750: lol
    lulzkiller: he has a big no
    &dan: (no)
    moon_beam_750: lol fair enough
    &dan: and here's why
    &dan: ed sysops and edf moderators are assholes
    &dan: also, they chat hard
    moon_beam_750: Still why should it have to be that way
    moon_beam_750: altering posts because you feel differently
    +vonLipwig: the solution is to start sucking mod dick
    moon_beam_750: I am the last person to suck mod dick
    &dan: show me the thread where the original post was altered
    moon_beam_750: They were given capabilities therefore they should know acting like assholes will not encourage other uses to join or post
    moon_beam_750: http://forums.encyclopediadramatica....read.php?t=549
    moon_beam_750: wit mess with the poll I made
    +vonLipwig: it's not so much they were given them but they were entitled to them
    +vonLipwig: afaik all the mods are ed sysops
    moon_beam_750: and then put that a white boy hating on rap as part of the thread topic
    lulzkiller: trufax
    &dan: lol
    &dan: i like how wit helped you
    moon_beam_750: how so
    moon_beam_750: in the thread she was saying daft punk said the same thing
    &dan: by making your poll results more clear for me to read
    moon_beam_750: ? I am lost
    &dan: <---being an asshole
    moon_beam_750: lol
    +vonLipwig: oh kazaanana
    +vonLipwig: the forums looked the same in firefox btw
    lulzkiller: hey dan i know this is prob highly confidential information but when you register one of the new forum group things is it like dibating
    moon_beam_750: either way she saying other people do this but my point is that rappers make it horrible
    lulzkiller: <------ this person failed englis btw
    lulzkiller: english
    &dan: restate teh question
    +vonLipwig: looks like you failled intelligence as well
    moon_beam_750: how I have no control over that and I think I made it pretty clear
    +vonLipwig: chill out you're taking it way too seriously
    &dan: moonbeam, there is a music forum, so i think most of the music stuff in general is open season...you just have to pay ten bucks to be left alone
    lulzkiller: von some people become rocket sientests some become plumbers
    &dan: plumbers make more money
    lulzkiller: prob
    moon_beam_750: ok but it is still retarded why should I post in a thread that isn't a topic
    &dan: but anyways, please restate your question lulzkiller
    lulzkiller: when you pay your ten bucks
    &dan: also, vonlip, that is really unfortunate that it looks that way
    &dan: it doesnt here, but i am starting to hate that skin
    moon_beam_750: well I won't pay ten dollars until people stop acting like dicks to me until then just no
    lulzkiller: is there a debating forum whern you pay your money
    moon_beam_750: my question was
    vonranke: evening all
    +vonLipwig: no but there's a questions and answer forum for asking the mods questions like that.
    +vonLipwig: so it's worth it for you i think
    &dan: there is a donating button where it links you to a third party online company
    moon_beam_750: basically that rappers should no sample music if they are going to try to cash in on sampling music
    +vonLipwig: well that's pretty stupid.
    moon_beam_750: well I am tired of this, the one time I got banned for making a thread, no warning I just got banned and that isn't fair
    +vonLipwig: why should rappers be any exception?
    moon_beam_750: because they make it horrible
    moon_beam_750: how many people complain about other people sampling
    +vonLipwig: yeah it's true that commercial rnb/rap is bullshit but you're being really general and illogical
    &dan: i will ask wit what happened and get back to you
    moon_beam_750: I guess but it is still shitty regardless I am not going to pony up and pay ten dollars to a service I am not going to get my fair share of
    Poly_: err, what's the drama here?
    &dan: vonlip, now i cannot find the donations link, isnt it on the front page?
    Poly_: your thread got changed?
    +vonLipwig: pretty much every genre has sampling in it, if you're against sampling argue against sampling, it doesn't matter if it's a rapper sampling or pink floyd
    moon_beam_750: yes and it has been the second time someone altered my thread or deleted it
    +vonLipwig: user CP paid subscriptions dan
    moon_beam_750: BUT MY POINT WAS...
    Poly_: what exactly got changed? :S
    moon_beam_750: rappers make it horrible
    &dan: thats not showing up for me, but thanks
    moon_beam_750: my poll and wit made a sarcastic poll response
    +vonLipwig: well you don't like rap and wit does
    lulzkiller: damn my lack of credit card
    moon_beam_750: my point is
    Poly_: so what was the poll before? just "yes" or "no"?
    vonranke: i think the results of the poll are fairly convincing
    moon_beam_750: yes
    moon_beam_750: ?
    Poly_: .. that's really what you're complaining about?
    moon_beam_750: no one understands
    moon_beam_750: the options were
    +vonLipwig: those fucking rappers
    moon_beam_750: yes
    +vonLipwig: fuck them
    moon_beam_750: no
    +vonLipwig: fuck rappers
    +vonLipwig: fuck
    moon_beam_750: Not just rappers do this, fucko
    moon_beam_750: that is a poll choice
    vonranke: and it has a resounding majority
    Poly_: well it was kind of a stupid question to begin with and since most of the thread responses point out that sampling is in every genre of music I think it's valid
    +vonLipwig: it's true when rappers sample music they create the square root of shit
    +vonLipwig: which is arse
    Poly_: <moon_beam_750> I think I am going to start asking the Admin of the forum if I can replace on of the mods because this stuff is getting pretty fucking ridiculous
    Poly_: lol
    moon_beam_750: You know I wouldn't care but I am all for equality
    moon_beam_750: I was banned once becauase of a mod
    Poly_: besides the fact that the mods are all ED sysops, that is the fastest way to ensure you NEVER get considered for moderating anywhere
    moon_beam_750: and my poll was changed because someone wanted to be a smart bitch about it
    Poly_: and it was funny
    moon_beam_750: well I hate it
    moon_beam_750: like I said
    lulzkiller: internet is seriouse buisness
    moon_beam_750: why donate to ED if they are going to treat me poorly to begin with
    vonranke: ah man, its just a bit of fun, they're just going to see how butthurt you are and laugh
    +vonLipwig: you care about this way too much mano
    Poly_: if you're "all for equality" then you are completely unsuited for anything ED-related
    moon_beam_750: well whatever I am done with the forum
    moon_beam_750: I am "butthurt" because they shouldn't change my stuff
    +vonLipwig: every cloud has a silver lining
    moon_beam_750: I posted 2 things all together
    moon_beam_750: actually three
    vonranke: PUT ON A HAPPY FACE
    moon_beam_750: fuck ed
    moon_beam_750: I am done
    Poly_: I see that you posted 214 things
    Poly_: in.. a week
    +vonLipwig: i will post your goodbye thread
    moon_beam_750: I mean threads
    moon_beam_750: I posted 3 threads
    moon_beam_750: 1 was altered
    moon_beam_750: one was deleted
    moon_beam_750: so why post at all if people are going to piss on my topic
    vonranke: maybe your threads sucked
    moon_beam_750: I try my best to be as fluid in my topic to make it so everyone can discuss it
    Poly_: "Is raping the pro life women and getting them pregnant worth the lulz and being raped by big bubba? Hmmm...I wonder..."
    moon_beam_750: whatever I don't need this, and ED does not need my money either
    moon_beam_750: I hope ED burns to the fucking ground I am tired of this and I just say that it wasn't fair and everyone is like NO YOU ARE WRONG MOONBEAM
    moon_beam_750: I try to be good
    moon_beam_750: I try to do things and be logical
    Poly_: you bitched about it for ages and ages and complained about it in here and in multiple threads
    Poly_: you didn't just say "that's not fair"
    moon_beam_750: well you know what
    moon_beam_750: just to be spiteful
    Poly_: you have learned nothing from ED if this is how you take an internet forum
    moon_beam_750: I am just going to keep on bitching
    moon_beam_750: how about that
    moon_beam_750: well a forum should be fair
    Poly_: go for it
    moon_beam_750: I shouldn't be banned because people disagree with a post I make
    vonranke: ahahaha i love this
    moon_beam_750: well whatever ED has hard time getting money as it is
    +vonLipwig: logs are up on the forum btw
    Poly_: oh fuck
    Poly_: you're a guy?
    Poly_: seriously?
    moon_beam_750: am I
    moon_beam_750: or am I not?
    moon_beam_750: --------------fuck anything said before-------------
    moon_beam_750: but may I say this
    moon_beam_750: I am only "mad"
    Poly_: man, I thought it was only us girls who got pissy about mean people
    moon_beam_750: because I write threads and when I try to get people to discuss things I try to make the topic so everyone can discuss it
    +vonLipwig: you're a girl?
    lulzkiller: are you a girl poly?
    vonranke: how old are you moonbeam?
    +vonLipwig: lets skip the talking and get to the rape
    +vonLipwig: and by talking i meant stalking
    lulzkiller: lipwig your my new idol haha
    moon_beam_750: I made a total of 3 threads and mods have always been banning or altering my posts
    Poly_: moon_beam_750: lurk moar
    moon_beam_750: that isn't fair and I would find it humorous if wit wasn't being biased about it
    moon_beam_750: because wit thought something completely different she decided to spam polls and tell me how it is no different
    vonranke: well theres a pretty simple solution to this all
    moon_beam_750: than other artists when my sole point was that rappers usually sample other songs that are nostalgic and completely ruined them whether the song was horrible or not to begin with
    +vonLipwig: rappers aren't the only people that do this
    moon_beam_750: but know wit changed my poll and made the thread a big joke by telling me NO other people do it to which completely misses the fucking point
    moon_beam_750: that is all
    moon_beam_750: but HERE RECENTLY
    moon_beam_750: yes rappers have been the ones doing it RECENTLY
    +vonLipwig: and besides it's not fucking rappers anyway
    moon_beam_750: I even showed videos to prove my point
    vonranke: i think it was in the delivery moonbeam. and that you came off sounding like a 15 year old
    +vonLipwig: it's shitty commercial rnb rap bullshit that you're complaining about
    +vonLipwig: real rap has so much more class
    moon_beam_750: I was being general about it
    moon_beam_750: do I seriously have to write 10 pages of shit to prove a point
    moon_beam_750: oh wait it would be altered if no one agreed with it
    +vonLipwig: if it takes that much for you to actually make a valid point sure
    moon_beam_750: so thank god I didn't right ten pages
    Poly_: people have posted plenty of controversial shit on the forums
    moon_beam_750: everyone else seemed to get what I was saying
    moon_beam_750: and tell me this if you aren't supposed to take anything on ED seriously then what is the point in posting topic discusses if it is all going to be a big joke anyway
    moon_beam_750: the forum would just be better off if every other post was DESU
    vonranke: OH DAMN YOU GOT US THERE
    moon_beam_750: yeah basically
    Poly_: so it's either "take everything seriously" or "spam stupid crap"?
    moon_beam_750: any topic I have seen seems like everyone makes it into a big joke and then the thread is basically dead
    lulzkiller: took the words right from my mouth
    moon_beam_750: no but there should be a medium
    Poly_: there is a medium
    Poly_: you just don't recognise it, clearly
    moon_beam_750: I obviously posting something for people to discuss
    vonranke: oh shit all these years ive spent studying logic and writing thesis' and ive been completely steamrolled with two sentences
    moon_beam_750: no for people to ridicule me by calling me a whiney 15 year old and saying I am a fucko white boy who hates rap
    moon_beam_750: that is discriminating
    +vonLipwig: you evidently are a white boy that hates rap
    vonranke: this is too good
    moon_beam_750: in no way I intended to sound whiney I was just saying
    vonranke: you couldnt make this up
    moon_beam_750: oh ok
    +vonLipwig: calling out discrimination on the ed forums is also equally ironic
    moon_beam_750: first of all I am not entirely white
    moon_beam_750: I am mixed
    moon_beam_750: I am not 15 years old
    Poly_: you're whining right now
    moon_beam_750: because people are acted like because I said something that I am now lower than them and that everyone opinion and logic is better than mine
    moon_beam_750: you are sitting there right now still continuing to condescend on me
    vonranke: yup
    Poly_: oh yes
    moon_beam_750: that makes you no better
    Poly_: yes it does
    moon_beam_750: see sarcasm right there
    moon_beam_750: condescending
    Poly_: what the fuck
    vonranke: by definition of your argument, it does
    Poly_: my phone has been ringing all day with an Eastern States number
    Poly_: constantly
    moon_beam_750: oh ok I forgot everyone is right but me
    Poly_: and I pick up the phone, say "Hello?" and an Indian woman says "Hello?" then hangs up
    moon_beam_750: you know everyone is right besides me
    Poly_: then calls back
    vonranke: except on opposite day
    Poly_: and I hear a kid in the background
    moon_beam_750: you know everyone is right besides me
    Poly_: and I say "Hello?" and she hangs up again
    moon_beam_750: you know everyone is right besides me
    Poly_: stop repeating yourself, you twat
    lulzkiller: trufax
    moon_beam_750: your a twat
    moon_beam_750: I am glad you can start name calling to you fat prick

    Moon Beam... the Aftermath

    After all was said and done, an apologetic Moon beam 750 slunk back into #forum and for some odd reason, felt the need to apologize for his actions.

    IRC private message I received from "Splat."

    splat: Hey are you there?
    splat: Well I just wanted to say this bit before I go but I just needed some closure for myself. I wanted to apologize that I did act in such a way that wasn't very good and something as minor as a thread is nothing to be worked up over
    splat: In my defense I did wake up upon going to the forum and I was upset because I trying to make a point and wit tried to make me feels stupid (or that's what it seemed like)
    splat: If it would be possible I would like to set up a time so that everyone can come to the irc so I can apologize
    splat: (again it really isn't in my interest to join the forum again but coming at this problem will make me feel better at the least)
    splat: so can you at least grant me that request
    splat: to tell everyone that I am sorry for being an ass/butthurt kid/ or whatever

    WHOIS Information on "Splat"

    8:35:47 ::: ( • ) /Whois ( splat ) ————————————————————————————
    8:35:47 ::: ( • ) Address: [email protected]0ngs-7B58C3B8.mibbit.com
    8:35:47 ::: ( • ) Name: c-71-61-69-114.hsd1.pa.comcast.net
    8:35:47 ::: ( • ) Server: anonymuncule.irc ( Was that your plan, Ray? Get her? )
    8:35:47 ::: ( • ) Idle: 12m 35s ( Connected on: 09:17:25 - 04/09/09 ( Friday ) • Connected at: -2498s )
    8:35:47 ::: ( • ) /Whois ————————————————————————

    During the creation of this page, yet another whine-message was received...

    splat: well nevermind thinking back on it everyone on ED acts like you can never be serious about anything so I don't even know if it is really worth it

    A RETURN?!?!

    After a record of two days of quitting IRC forever, it appears that Moon beam 750 returned as Moonsex, giving us all a very special message of his homecoming on our forums.

    Hey I missed you guys. I almost cried about the amount of hate, but I know there is unlimited forgiveness.


    —Moonbeam and his fortunate return.

    Some argue that this is not the second resurrection of Moon beam, but a troll. Others also argue that nobody gives a shit, which is probably the closer bet.

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