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    Not to be confused with Moonspeak, although they are equally confusing.'

    The Internet is a growing community of people. And in this growing community, there is a smaller community that is growing abnormally large in a relatively short amount of time. What could this community be? None other than the New-Age conspiracy theorists.

    Montalk.net is a supposed bastion of humanity and higher knowledge. Only retards believe the bullshit that society feeds them and Montalk is here to help set you straight on the matter altogether. In actuality, it is yet another cesspool for the people who believe The Matrix is real and not just a Science Fiction movie, who believe Reptilian aliens rule the world, and that Metaphysics is the most advanced form of science to date. Rivaling even David Icke, Thomas Cox has created a website that uses logical fallacies to tell you that if you don't believe every word he says, you are a slave to the Matrix and the aliens, which, of course, convinces gullible people that he must be right. Montalk is also a play on Montauk, which is the name of a conspiracy theory involving time travel tubes and alien chairs. Srsly. That conspiracy has just as much bat-shit insanity attached to it as this guy does to himself.


    For a more detailed outline of ideas at montalk.net, read Key Concepts. Take only what resonates with your inner sense of knowing and correlates with your observations and experience - leave the rest.


    —Failing at science.

    For clarity, it is essentially to note that the website is named www.montalk.net and the admin of said site goes by the handle Montalk. Thus it can make things a bit confusing for us sleeping sheep that don't know of the evil conspiracies lurking everywhere. The above statement sets up the stupidity that lies within. Montalk claims that his website is dedicated to expanding the understanding of Fringe Science. A quick search of 'science' on dictionary.com (fuck you, I'm not getting up to walk to the bookcase) notes the following:


    • a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences.
    • systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.
    • any of the branches of natural or physical science.
    • systematized knowledge in general.
    • knowledge, as of facts or principles; knowledge gained by systematic study.
    • a particular branch of knowledge.
    • skill, esp. reflecting a precise application of facts or principles; proficiency.

    Montalk is setting himself up to generate traffic and lure more people into his methodology of thinking. Science is supported by things like facts and method. Taking what "only resonates with your inner sense of knowing and correlates with your observations and experience" is completely opposite of this. Good fucking idea! Only read and study that which we already know! That'll expand our knowledge base. This statement sets the tone for the remainder of the website of hypocrisy and flagrant stupidity.

    This website is entirely TL;DR and chock full of self-importance.

    They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity.


    —Montalk on you.

    Montalk Has Answers

    Guess what fuckers? God isn't a being but rather a consciousness that imparts pieces of itself into lowly shells so as to further explore its own limits. We are made of three things: a physical body, a spirit, and a soul. Lesser beings like animals and plants are still growing their souls. Human should currently be devoted to evolving their spirits. Evolution itself is a byproduct of the soul trying to survive. Animals and plants change to better host the souls that inhabit them. Humans on the other hand, only evolve because of aliens or for their soul to meet the criteria of the body's alien DNA.

    A perpetual balance of good and evil must be maintained to allow spiritual growth. So for everytime you jack off, hug your grandmother. Every time you donate money to the Haitians, kill a kitten. YOU CAN NOT BE TOO GOOD OR TOO EVIL. You must simply be a vessel for the positive growth of the consciousness of God within so that you can become closer to it. You must understand that the fragment of God that is within you must be nurtured and allowed to grow and evolve closer to the Creator. It is highly important that you maintain strong individuality. So that you can reach the same plane of existence and be like everyone else doing the exact same thing and striving for the same outcome.

    Reptilians? In my World?

    Bad news. Apparently reptilians don't have much free will so they use technology and subtle coercion to force us to suck as well. The reptilians are not aliens in the Martian sense. But rather, they are interdimensional beings much like the lesser demons of the astral plane who they are in league with to torture and control mankind. Aliens abound in the world and are literally present everywhere in society, underwater, on the moon, and in outer space. Oddly enough, no aliens on the internets. Windows must be incompatible with their computers. Lucky bastards.

    The Grays and Reptilians are both apparently just out for humanity to have something to molest. The Grays want to use our DNA to genetically engineer hybrids for further incarnations, a major plot of the X-Files. The Reptilians just want to enslave the shit out of us so they can use us for physical and spiritual food. The commonly spouted rhetoric of the New World Order are actually agents of both trying to unite the world to hand it over to their masters.

    The Matrix is REAL

    Montalk's take on the Matrix is that it is actually all built off of lies and deceit. That pesky law that says you have to wear pants to the store? Part of the Matrix. Feel like a fat fuck because you can't put down the twinkies? Agents of the Matrix just want you to be self-conscious. The Matrix is all powerful and all knowing. It is an ethereal entity that constantly processes human behavior and finds ways to introduce shit into the system to better enact control and make your life suck.

    Why? Because certain alien species and demons feed off of our misery. We can overcome the Matrix because we have more free will. If you are a delicate and special snowflake make sure the entire world knows! Don't let the Matrix force you to believe that you lack the free will to stop blowing truckers for crack money. Swallow that cock because you want to, not because you have to. That's what free will is all about.

    Religion and You

    It is fairly well known that most religions are tools to control the masses. But did you know they were actually created by the aliens to maintain a better control over mankind? Montalk claims that there is no religion higher than truth. But what is truth? It is also stated that one should only take and use what resonates with oneself. If two people take the same point, and it doesn't resonate with one of them; it makes it an opinion. Not a truth. How is everyone striving for individuality and free will going to bring them together under one universal truth? Perspective of the viewer will automatically make the truth different for most people that look at it.

    The religion that Montalk and other conspiracy fags like him believe in is plain and clear for anyone with a brain to see; the dollar. Though to be fair, exploiting stupid people is not only hilarious but should be profitable. No one gives a shit about conspiracy fags anyways so it all works out.

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