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People who think they're famous

For idiots unaware, Moguls are the people who hold authority and are usually in the media or motion industry. This includes faggots like actors and directors, or even retards who makes a living holding a paint brush.

- Their Massive Ego
- Getting Doxed easily
- Lots of Money
- Being Boycotted
- Heroin

Most celebrities tend to be dimwits and shallow people who base their personalities around trauma and the woke crowd who also threaten to cancel them.

They come at every age in any part of the world, You could even say "They're just like me!" except they make fools out of themselves online because they're usually not even smarter then a fifth grader.

Nothing of importance usually comes from them besides the one thing that has made them famous, which is why some try to ride that high forever.

Usually not realizing people move on to the next best thing if you aren't original for your own shit. Most, if not all of these people are extreme attention whroes who cannot grasp that the world doesn't revolve around them

Shit that goes here

I haven’t walked in Central Park for 15 years. I’d like to, you know?


—George Clooney

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