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Mod Sass

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The first recorded incident of mod sass and subsequent b&

When you're called out on your bullshit by a mod or a sysop on Encyclopædia Dramatica, a forum, or even our very own EDF (and you will be), the timid cowardly sheep of society will simply stop what they're doing and lurk for awhile. When you write yourself into an article and soon find your user page covered in (un)desirable images, the timid cowardly sheep of society would get the hint and apologize to the person who put it there. However, anyone with an actual ounce of self worth will actually stand up for their rights. Unfortunately for these poor souls, all mods of any website, forum, IRC, etc. in real life have godly powers. They can snap their fingers and have you die IRL. They can teleport into your room physically and then beat you up. Srsly. So if you piss off a mod OTI, they will make your IRL hell. All mods must be feared and respected. SIEG HEIL!


Mod sass in real time.

Ranked as the #1 way of earning yourself a piping hot stack of bancakes, mod sass is the act of giving a mod or a sysop sass when you are ordered to cease your faggotry and read either ED:101 or ED:VIP, or just stop posting altogether. Depending on where it takes place, some mods may not even care, while others will obliterate you off of the face of the interbutts if you start any shit. Two exceptions to this rule are that mod sass is always acceptable on any other wiki and all chan boards.

Reasons for Mod Sass

Examples of Mod Sass

Yiri puts the smack down.
Exclusive illustrated abstract of Myr's fail.
Mthrfkn giving Oldsnake what he deserves.
Some mod sass
Moar mod sass
I got a theory about this list. See, when you sift through ED, you'll notice two things: It's only funny when it's pointing out the truth (well, so long as it's never about themselves, 'cus when you make fun of ED, that's crossing the line!) and there's a bunch of internet nobodies you've never heard of. My theory the average ED editor is such a profound loser that he can't be bothered to think up anything clever, or witty, or satirical by the dictionary definition of the word (or do anything of actual signifigance with their lives, for that matter), so they piss off whoever happens to get within reach so they write up some dumbass article full of racial and homophobic slurs. That shit's edgy, yo. Lulz and whatnot.

"Oh, Tabby! You're just cranky 'cus your inbox is being constantly flooded with messages you don't give a rat's ass about!" True, voice in my head, true. But I've tried retrieving my password once and tried getting off this damned list three times, and clearly that ain't workin', so here's what gonna happen: I'm gonna try to unsubscribe to this crap one more time, then I'm spamming you assholes with whatever shit I feel like harassing you with until I get taken off this damned list. We'll see how you like it until you figure out how to filter your email and eliminate my minor annoyances! THE DAY IS MINE NOW!

An example of Stevejoe's[1] BAW post that started a cascade of butthurt and lulz.

Mod Sass on ED

What happens when you repost your deleted article.

Mod sass on ED is one of the most heinous of acts, even worse than pædophilia, bestiality, or being Jew. Doing so will bring down upon you the terrible wrath of the gods and their almighty banhammer. Anyone who would defy their authority will be left to rot in the banned list with a bloody, gaping asshole. There is zero tolerance for it here and consequences are worse than being burned in hellfire for eternity. If you've really pissed someone off, there will be more consequences than just a permanent ban from ED in its entirety. Here is an eyewitness account of what might happen:

I'd be very careful in insulting the mods, even playfully... I have witnessed their terrible final form: a Legion-style coming together of penis in ass, penis in penis, finger in ear and ass, toes in mouth, tongue in bellybutton, nose in eye-socket and penis in every other hole transformation into one single, exceptionally fat monster of unjust punishment, dark lulz and ultimate hellfire. This awful beast of the murk belches cheetos smoke and gurgles a sick slime, as bodily fluids from the mods are leaked and sucked into one another, like a primitive blood, ejaculated throughout the to all those posting here, BE WARNED.


—Flu, warning the rest of you.

In short, you'd better learn your place you fucking dirty peasant. Don't be that person. Don't be a faggot.

Getting Even

What if you get banned for mod sass? Well, he who lulz last, lulz loudest.


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