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As it became apparent that My Little Pony was a fad the children of 4chan were unlikely to forget in the near future, moot, unhappy as he was with the brony-manchild populace, finally caved and gave them their own board in the style of "here's your shit, keep it here". While /mlp/ was unsuccessful in allocating the spreading ponies, it was able to go through "the cycle" of any board within a matter of months as opposed to the typical lifespan of 2-3 years. What began in February of 2012 as a place to post ponies was within months a raging hugbox soup for children who are afraid to post on /b/ due to the possibility of seeing gore. If autism ever had a board, this is it. With all that being said, anyone seeking roleplay, fanfiction, and the imageboard version of DeviantArt are probably looking for 4chan's /mlp/ board.

Typical threads

They're proud of this too

The following make up 80% of the content on /mlp/, seeing a single page without any of these threads is without a doubt impossible.

This piece of shit actually became a bestseller on amazon!
  • Autism/Mental Illness - Normally mental illness isn't something one goes to brag about, but on /mlp/ autistics compete for the title of most fucked up. Everyone posting on /mlp/ is diagnosed with Low-Functioning Autism along with comorbid anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar, OCD, and PTSD, no exceptions. Many have been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital for an extended period of time.
  • Flutter-rape - Thread to post fantasy stories about flutter shy trying to rape anon, everyone tries to make as sick and deprived a story as possible - because nothing's funnier than a shy cartoon pony who's intelligence and audience is that of a 5 year old trying to rape 30 year old men
  • Rule 34 - There are about as many moderators here as there are on /v/, pretty much everyone turns a blind eye to the fact that /mlp/ is supposed to be a sfw board whenever a mare's vagina is posted. NO LONGER ALLOWED DUE TO SCRUFFYPOCALYPS Also frequent discussion of why jacking off to horse porn is superior to jacking off to anything normal or actually getting laid in real life.
  • Tulpas - Instructions and feedback on how to give yourself schizophrenia so that you can talk to twilight sparkle in your head, with the end goal being telepathic phone sex or hallucinating sex with a pony.
  • Rape Train - Some guy who used to write fanfics about, shockingly, rape, who has since been copied to no end
  • AiE - Anon in Equestria, fanfics about the glorious posters and their reactions to awakening in the show they cherish on a creepy level
  • /b/read - /b/ rejects (see: paragraph one) do what they do best
  • Human - Posters roleplay as ponies who watch humans (omg how clever!)
  • TOPF Thread - Threads usually in the format of "Would Pinkie Pie like X" or "What would Pinkie Pie think of X". Supposedly all created by "That One Pinkie Fag" an exceptionally insane (even by /mlp/ standards) individual who wants to date and marry Pinkie Pie like most other autists on the board. Hated by /mlp/ for the sheer amount of these threads and insane ramblings. TOPF is also a devout communist and frequently posts how he wants to lead a bolshevik revolution in Equestria (where all /mlp/ residents believe they will go when they die) and execute all the royalty. Has stated he would lock his horse waifu up in the basement and virtually starve her into loving him like any rational communist would do in this situation.
  • Fat Pony - Fat ponies. 'Nuff said.
  • My Massive Pony - Giant ponies based on a April Fools joke.
  • Nightly Twilight - Threads focused on Twilight Sparkle. Sethisto, not in bed, always posts his waifu Trixie Lulamoon in every Twilight Sparkle thread.

Lack of love and toleration

/mlp/ has countless sworn enemies despite the brony pseudo-hippy hivemind. The most prolific of these being /v/ and the NCF's army of Gabens. Both have successfully trolled /mlp/ countless times, and were ironclad in such acts of bravery as Howard Stern trolling every brony ever, Derpy being pulled, and the ongoing in-drama between major hubs of the mlp fandom (especially that of /mlp/ and EqD) leaving the manchildren in an ongoing civil war merely to amuse anons of a higher class. /s4s/ seems to be the only board that doesn't flip a shit whenever pone is brought up, this is most likely due to the fact that ever since last Thursday most moralfag bronies have left /mlp/ for other faggotry infested sites including EqD and jewtube, thus leaving behind shitposters and oldfags that can't get away with saying and doing the shit they usually say on those other websites. Since /s4s/ openly feeds on shitposting/funposting they often allow ponyfags to engage in their threads for the lelz.

I've seen some shit

Most posts on /mlp/ involve posters trying to one-up one another by seeing who can be the faggot with the most disgusting sexual fetish/act. Typical discussion involves fucking plushies, pillows, real-life horses, as well as posting pictures of horse dildos and cumming on MLP merchandise. Initially a joke on /mlp/ requested pictures of someone to cum on a plastic pony figure, despite being a joke, anon severely underestimated how retarded and sexually perverse bronies are.

This is the complete archive of samefags cumming on pony figurines. Would you cum on a pony figurine to win a $25 in Steam items? [1] Dead link. No longer relevant.


/mlp/ has an unofficial channel on Rizon, just as any other 4chan board does, located in #mlpfim. It is a common target for GNAA trolling and other hilarious irc hijinks, largely due to the incompetent channel ops and their tendencies to rage at the slightest disruptions, especially /hi scrolls. Below is a log composed by one channel aspie after an hour of having his precious ponychats ruined to no end.

[03:03] * Aerolite sets mode: +m

[03:03] <~Aerolite> SHUT UP



The channel is owned by a racist admitted zoophile named "Aerolite" who doesn't allow gayniggers in the channel because he is afraid they will write about "how stupid he is on ED". Good job opers.

Relations with other boards

  • /v/ - Hated by /mlp/ posters due to their constant ruining of all brony-related activities. The feeling is mutual, but only because /v/ hates everything that isn't Hideo Kojima.
  • /b/ - Love/hate type, all bronies wish they were "cool enough" to fit in with /b/tards. However, some /b/tards tend to group those behind brony threads on /b/ (a bannable offense) with all of /mlp/.
  • /co/ - Everyone on /mlp/ is also the cause of 100% of /co/ cancer.
  • /r9k/ - Same as above.
  • /pol/ - Typically nor/mlp/eople and /pol/iticians are insane, so one would think that this would be a stable relationship, right? No, /pol/'s attempts to convey itself as the last bastion of masculinity causes it to generally hate the show, the fandom and the board with it. Start a thread that conveys atheist ideals with the cover photo being of a fedora wearing OC pone for maximum lels.
  • /k/ - Same as above, though for slightly different reasons.
  • /s4s/ - Neutral/accepted, enjoys the shitposting.

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