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    Mjbear (the Mj standing for Michael Jackson, obviously) is a babyfur, pedophile and furfag tartlet. He spends the majority of his days masturbating to his own furry art, which is similar in appearance to aged dog feces.

    He draws animals in diapers to make people happy

    He is 27 years old. 27 years old. TWENTY FUCKING SEVEN YEARS OLD. He is best friends with fellow babyfur tartlets Knuffy and TheWetRabbit. He is known for his epic fail, having AIDS, and his disliek of Mudkips.

    "Hugs 4 Peace"

    What he really means by "Hugs 4 Peace".

    From his ID

    "I believe the world needs peace. No matter where you go you can find love. It ties us as a species. So I have set out to spread love. Most cultures show love by hugging. So I hug the world in hope that love will show we are the same. If we are all the same we should find peace. MJ"

    MJ's has a nonsensical agenda of wanting to spread world peace by hugging.


    So his art is going to create a "world wide hug" that is going to go to other websites and create world peace? WTF??

    Mjbear fun facts


    • He is obsessed with penguins and gargoyles.

    • AIM is Mjlilbear8D

    This is his sex slave.

    • He does not like football, ask him why.

    His "Art"

    See also

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