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    Mitsusei and his squinty eyes


    —Mitsu, on being a lolcow

    Mitsusei filling out this year's census forms

    This devianTARTlet recently provided a little bit of lulzy drama by responding to one of the rare times on dA someone actually attempts to act like a real artist in a typical fashion expected of any good TART. Other than that she's a total pageview whore who thinks getting visits from this article means she can trick people IRL into thinking she's popular on teh internets.

    im in ur thread pissin u off

    Your silly rules do not apply to Mitsu!

    In an event as rare as Halley's Comet or a furry taking a shower, some art student on the DeviantART got the bright idea to try and act like for serious about teh artz and critique stuff. All seemed to be coming up puppies and rainbows for the wannabe art snobs when Mitsusei popped in saying she didn't need a critique she just wanted to spam her crap. When the art student naturally got pissed off at this Mitsusei started to throw her obviously superior weight around:

    Critiques are, after all, in your own feeble opinion. Your critique is going to be different to someone else's critique, and, therefore, render both sides worthless.



    Nevermind the student's thread was all about giving actual art critiques, apparently Mitsusei has a right to be mad at him for uh... the fact his thread wasn't about spamming crap or something? So then after the student points out the obvious by calling Mitsusei an idiot she proceeds to be a pot calling a kettle black:

    Seriously, you're just full of yourself, aren't you? Claiming to be an undergrad and all. Reading all the comments you gave? Hardly any of them qualifies as a striking critique. ... You have some serious anger management, don't you? I said you don't HAVE to critique them because I could careless what you, or anyone else, for that matter, say about it. I don't see anything offensive with my post in the first place. I simply said you dont HAVE to comment if you don't want to. Obviously that is too much for you to process and your brain bursted. ... Please. Communication with other people. Learn it. It's a vital life skill.


    Sounds like someone needs to take their own advice. Mitsusei seems to just keep hammering away at this idea that the student is the bad guy here for not being psychic about her needs and conforming his thread to them before he posted it. How dare he inconvenience the great Mitsusei by expecting her to follow the criteria of his art thread, amirite?

    Mitsusei Files An Complaint

    Oh but it didn't end there! In an attempt to prove how absolutely right she was, Mitsusei ran over to Complaint's Forum (where dA's pathetic wannabe trolls hang out) and threw up an incomprehensible wall of text complaining about the art student, but since it was so confusing only people who saw the original thread knew what the hell she was angry about. Those people however soon called her on her shit and much lulz were had.

    After that it seems she deleted her dA gallery. Scratch that she doesn't even have the stones to delete her gallery for the DRAMAZ: she just scrapped it.

    A Lesson Unlearned

    Denial isn't just a river in Egypt

    Even after all this drama and trying to prove she can so draw with some kind of creepy hybrid of an anime character and a 5 year old's attempt at a technical drawing of human anatomy (BALEETED) our story concludes with our hero Mitsusei not learning a damn thing (ALSO BALEETED) :

    What am I? A cartoonist? A painter? A manga-ka? FUCK, NO.

    I'm the Egotistic Bunny God. I draw for fun. I don't draw because my life revolves around it!! So you draw 5 billion times better than me. CONGRATULATIONS. :] But I can still make a better souffle than you can. And, oh, guess what? I can make bread from scratch.



    Screw you guys! I just draw for fun! You may be able to create art that someone out there actually would want to look at, but I can make BREAD! Mitsusei is proven superior once again!

    Because the Egotistic Bunny God is a chef. It's called culinary arts. Just because my drawing skill SUCKS doesn't mean I'm not a great artist in another perspective.



    I can be an artist with foods, you guys! Screw drawing! Who needs it! It's stupid and I didn't want to do it anyway! Even though culinary arts is considered bullshit by a lot of people and there's much more to it than just the ability to cook edible food making bread makes me a artist!

    Mitsusei goes on to try to prove how mature she is by asking her ass-kissing fans for moar critiques from now on (given they think Mitsusei is worthy of worship they probably don't have a whole lot of sound artistic advice to contribute) but welcomes them to kiss her ass as well.

    If she was more popular I'd daresay we have another snapesnogger on our hands.

    My art may suck but YOU eat bread from a supermarket! WHO'S THE LOSER NOW!?

    Mitsusei's Response to This Article

    Mitsusei recently put up a journal which proves what an attention whoring comment slut she is. It's doubtful she'll delete it (scratch that, she replaced the text in it. But the quotes from the original remain here) because she seems to think being in ED makes her P0PULUR!

    She responded to the contents of the article in turn, effectively "flaming them back" and for some reason thought "people who lurk 4chan at 3 in the morning" would be offended by her stinging barbs:

    I apologize. I wwas wrong. You CAN get *magically* better overnight. I'm now being compared to the great Snapesnogger. That is, without doing any work whatsoever. Awesome.


    —Mitsusei, trying in vain to pretend ED's article made her happy

    Our little dickgirl seems to think being compared to snapesnogger for any reason is a good thing.

    I wonder if I threw in enough material for them to edit the entry again so I get more attention. That above sentense should suffice for another 500 pageview or so. :]


    —Mitsusei, not realizing it would also bring over 9000 EDiots to troll her

    Mitsusei doesn't care where she gets it from, just as long as she gets her some sweet sweet pageviews.
    Because the moar pageviews you have on DeviantART the better artist you are.

    I didn't know that some hillybillies from the state of texas aren't aware of what those of us who eats on a regular basis call "Fine dining" - It's when you pay some extravagant asshole for a plate of food that probably cost 4.99 elsewhere.



    Mitsusei's response to the fact that being able to make bread doesn't make you a culinary artist.
    I suppose in her little azn world flied lice and Kung Pow The-Neighbor's-Dog count as "fine dining".

    Now I'm off to the complain forum, stirring up more drama.


    —Mitsusei, off to the complaint forum to stir up more drama

    For future lulz at your expense we can only hope. Godspeed, Mitsusei. Godspeed.

    Mitsusei thinks her fans can make fun of her better than a bunch of bored /b/tards

    Mitsusei's Fanwankers' Responses to this Article

    lol drama! yuss! but how come Sir Idiot keeps reffering to you as as a she???? XD

    At least this fanwanker was wise enough to recognize the work Sir Idiot of the /b/ clan.
    There is no way Mitsusei has a penis.

    and btw, Sir Idiot also needs to learn to SPELL CHECK. especially if they wanna be taken seriously and not for the IDIOT they obviously are XD

    Because ED is all about being taken seriously.

    indeed hail Mitsu! first they mess with the bunny god but then her fans! oh bring it on bitches!

    Watch out ED. This black person's all up in your grill.

    I've been seeing nearly a thousand visitors from ED. Fwee. More pageviews. I can go off to Anime North and tell people I have 30k pageviews and they'll be like. D: you. are. god.


    —Mitsusei, on some kind of drug I haven't encountered before

    Because DeviantART pageviews inflate your e-penis, which is the only penis Mitsusei has.
    (Nevermind when the above quote was stated this page had only 400 views, and at least 100 of them were Mitsusei and her cronies)

    Mitsusei Joins ED

    Seeing that her brilliant masterpieces had their copyrights violated repeatedly by ED's long, hard, throbbing server (despite their flawless watermark protection), the succulent Mitsu arrived here on ED to have the art removed and get an ED name of her own.

    But because of azn pride, Mitsusei could not be satiated by merely having her precious artworks removed from the leering gaze of ED. She began systematically de-lulzing this article, mistaking the wiki links for "hidden text" and completely doing it wrong. This started a very lulzy revert war with Mitsusei's azn butthurting aimed solely at a mysterious figure she calls "Icklebee". No one is sure who or what this Icklebee is or what signifigance it has to Mitsusei.

    Please kindly keep off my page. If you do not wish to discuss the matter further because you've either ran out of valid points, then drop it. If you're going to make up more lies, then I have the right to keep those kinds of BS off my page.


    —Mitsusei, on this article's talk page

    Mitsusei deleted or saved over all her DeviantART journals that were quoted here and started accusing ED of doctoring screepcaps and making up quotes. Luckily, since she's a lolcow winnar is ED. Everyone knows screencaps are the only way to prove something happened because internets lolcows always try to erase evidence of their lulz.

    There was no defacing done. I was merely trying to spice up your incompetence at writing my article. Just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean other people don't find it funny. You're just jealous because I did a better job at the pipe links than you did. And boy, your jealous is ugly, much like your face. ... Yes, the incident DID happen, but not in the way that YOU fabricated it. No one ever said the entire thing was fake. I'm pointing out that YOU were the one who fabricated and blow-out-of-proportion of how pretty much the entire thing went down. You used half quotes, you doctored things that didn't exist, and you obviously doesn't know what you're talking about. Having said that, the single way for you to cover up was to make up lies - and now that they're exposed, you're nothing.


    —Mitsusei, taking ED and the internets seriously

    Mitsusei has accused ED of doctoring screencaps. What an absolutely ridiculous notion!

    After the revert war and butthurting ceased to be amusing to ED members, Mitsusei was banned. Luckily for the lulz she spent the rest of the night on the ED IRC continuing to treat the whole thing as serious business. Before deciding that everyone's gay for Mitsusei, those present in the chat were treated to Mitsusei's claims of why this article and the fact her photo was briefly posted on it was so SERIOUS:

    <Mitsu> You posted my FACE on the article.
    <Mitsu> Do you know how serious it could get?
    <Mitsu> From strictly the law's point of view
    <Mitsu> so humor me for a moment
    <Mitsu> Someone from my highschool sees the picture.
    <Mitsu> they get an ED account
    <Mitsu> post my real life contacts
    <Mitsu> I get harassing phonecalls
    <Mitsu> I call the police
    <Mitsu> what do you think will happen?
    <Mitsu> My highschool buddies will get jailed.
    <Mitsu> They'll spend several good thousand dollars for lawyers
    <Mitsu> And then it'll get traced to you.
    <Mitsu> you posted my picture. that's enough evidence
    <Mitsu> you wont go to prison
    <IckleBee> lol E-lawyer
    <Mitsu> you'll have to hire a lawyer and end up with probation for a year.

    Other ED patrons in the IRC at the time took up the challenge of finding Mitsusei's phone number so they could call her up and prove the police wouldn't give a shit. They, however, got bored and went to sleep after Mitsusei started acting more emo than like a lolcow but if there are more developments on these lulz please contribute. And where they may not have gotten her number, a video of the lucious queen trap Mitsusei was discovered (see 6:13 of video below).

    Mitsusei also showed what an internet tough guy she is:

    <Mitsu> No, icklebee, listen to me for a minute.
    <Mitsu> Here's the deal
    <Mitsu> You remove everything related to me on your talk page.
    <Mitsu> I'll let my locked article slide

    she also cited her AZN PRYDE but this was not logged. Mitsusei then claimed to be internets ruined despite the fact this article has had no effect on her hundreds of e-penis sucking fans.

    You're acting like a complete retard and a sore loser. Nevermind the fact that you're making up bullshit, using my legally copyrighted material against ED's warnings I.E. the bolded words at the bottom of the editting page, nevermind the fact that I never even knew you in my life, nor did i insult, offend, or talked about you - and yet and blowing things out of proportion - you're being unreasonable.

    Do you think it's funny to act like an idiot or are you just pissed now that someone's biting back?

    I did NOT edit the image. If you check the history, you'll see the KangaJew did, fuckwad. It seems that you lack the brains to do so. There's no rules against editing articles for more lulz. In fact, alot of people like you 4channers would think that adding random links is funny

    Here's an idea - drop it. I have my pictures removed, and now I'm having fun on ED. If you're bend on standing in my way, then simply get the fuck out of here.




    Milking the Lolcow

    If you feel so inclined, you an always get more lulz and reaction from her by doing the following things:

    1. Post pictures of her and talk about the way she looks.
    2. Say any meme!
    3. How do I make bread from scratch ¯\(º_o)/¯
    4. Desu raids
    5. Remember to raid her AIM (Mitsusei, and Mitsuseijoshi) and GAIA ACCOUNT (GAIAFAG)
    6. She's from Canada
    7. She may pretend to no care, but she is really planning on becoming an hero

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