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    Pedobear a.gif
    Hanson exploitable fixed.png
    Did You Know: Ryan Clark's Mistystuffer DeviantArt page is finally suspended and closed for good. That means no more lolis being turned into abominated blobs of lard!

    Mistystuffer, real name Ryan Clark, is a veteran pedophile from DeviantArt that only draw pictures of little anime girls as horrifying blobs of fat. Sometimes he draws inflation art of lolis as full blown balloons. He also runs a website known as Animexpansion, a place for mostly untalented inflation and fat artists to contribute and discuss everything about expansion/inflation. Sadly, he's proud of all this for over 10 years now. While not busying himself with his unholy artwork, he's either fapping to or purchasing an endless supply of loli hentai or nth generation VHS copies of shitty Japanese special effects films.

    you are a monster. an abomination. such art should not be exposed to the eyes of humanity, not even of the darkness corners of the internet.


    AssassinWarrior on Mistystuffer's drawings.


    Celebrating 10 years of Animexpansion and Mistystuffer's pedophilia for little fat girls. Note that this is his original character, Puyo. For more, see next section.

    The Animexpansion website was created in 2001 where Mistystuffer posts mostly his drawings and snapshot scenes of little anime girls expanded and/or inflated. Several followers has followed the way of Mistystuffer and more population of followers grow year after year.

    • Animexpansion - Home of Mistystuffer and the source of anime weight gain / inflation.


    Mistystuffer's "art" can hardly be called art, but is more like some gore-esque abominations spawned in a clone factory. The reason to this is his artwork features one or more of the following things:

    1. Little girls, can be Anime or Cartoon which were transformed into marmalade-like, shapeless blobs of fat.
    2. Little girls, can be Anime or cartoon which were inflated like balloons.
    3. He's drawing this for fetish reasons. This means that he should be banned due to underage porn. But unfortunately, the tartlets are too busy fapping and not reporting so his faggotry will possibly continue if it cannot be stopped.

    His massive amount of "art" also have the same, creepy-looking stare and expression that is so repetitive that it makes some Tracers look creative. They also have the same blank, boring background.

    While his underage fat fetish assumes him to be ridiculed in a so-called art site, just like every single tartlet who indulge themselves in Shitty art he has somehow managed to obtain a bunch of mindless individuals as his fanbase. Regardless of how shitty his artwork seems like to outsiders, There are always a bunch of drones who will say something like "OMG SHE'S SOOOO CUTE!!! >w< and "Awesome!". Anybody who gives the slightest criticism will be shredded to death by his legion of fantards.

    WARNING....PEDO FAT FAGGOTRY AHEAD!!! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    "Puyo" is an underage girl created by Mistystuffer in order to satisfy his unpleasant Sick-fuckery. Unlike most Original characters who have at least some bland personality, This Original Character has absolutely no personality whatsoever; It is created just to satisfy his never-ending thirst for animu, underage blobs of lard.


    File:All lies.png
    Mistystuffer's response to criticism and the fact that other artists are better than him Disregard that, all fat admirers produce shitty art.
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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