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    Psychopath in training

    File:Lj-favicon.png Missravenx is yet another heartless wench who is thought to be suffering from inconsistent personality disorder diagnosed by qualified e-psychiatrists. She has a long history of bizarre behavior such as eliciting sympathy from oblivious onlookers, and has constructed elaborate false accusations against those that have crossed her path such as police brutality, false imprisonment, and child abductions. Her symptoms include a grandiose ego, birthing babies in the bathtub, really bad baby names, and a desire to perform home vasectomies. As a result, she has received much undeserved attention from the Internets.


    Please wear tinfoil sombrero if exposed to drama

    Missravenx made her claim to fame in the LiveJournal group Childfree where she announced her positive pregnancy test and her distaste for doctors and children. Missravenx is self-diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and claims to be a genius with an IQ over 9000, and will be able to provide her own medical treatment with her extensive medical knowledge; such as cayenne pepper on the yahoo to treat tearing. She gains more fame by announcing that she will give the baby over nine thousand middle names and have an unassisted birth in the bathtub despite the objection of the interwebs. She has a desire to home-school the child and travel the globe as soon as her car stops its "not stopping and overheating thing."

    WTF? Ok, I just found out I'm pregnant a few weeks ago and have always wanted to be childfree...But I've decided that I will keep it though since it's kind of an interesting experiment to see what's happening to my body. But I will never be one of those Moos that change my journal to baaayyybeeee mode. EWWWW. I might take a picture for myself but I really have no desire to since I think babies are gross and ugly so why take pictures of them? That and I think it'll be nice to have a little person around to do my cleaning for me and fortunately I won't ever touch a stinky diaper since my boyfriend said he'd do it! And yeah I know about abortion but I hate doctors so I'm not gonna go to any even to get this thing out of me. (I plan on an unassisted home birth without going to any doctors for prenatal or anything silly like that.)


    — Missravenx in childfree

    The vasectomy

    People who don't want home vasectomies are idiots

    Most recent from Missravenx was her announcement to perform a home vasectomy on her unwilling partner after a Planned Parenthood cancellation. Her boyfriend decided that he didn't want her anywhere near his junk with a scalpel, nor did he want her to feed their baby any more ass pie, so he grabbed his shit and made a run for it.

    Missravenx displayed her batshit insanity by offering her $300 a snip 'scalpel free' home vasectomy service and being a bitch about the comments pointing out that people who randomly decide to perform home vasectomies are stupid. She then unfriended fucking everyone, made her journal friends only, and only added people who agreed that she TOTALLY qualified to stab holes in her boyfriend's nuts.

    Soon after, Missravenx found herself in jail for minor warrants and received lots of bruising for resisting arrest. She returned the favor by giving a performance of They Might be Giants from her jail cell.

    Her partner had enough of her craziness and with the child's best interests in mind, attempted to have her committed to a mental facility. Sadly, the idiots at the mental facility concluded there was nothing wrong with her. He has relocated with their child to a land free of threats of at-home vasectomies.

    It seems that there are a few rather cruel and dramatic responders that feel the need to comment with their ugliness and ignorance. To you I say may you find some joy in your life besides lowering yourselves to such idiotic depths as to attempt to cause hurt with words. I remain unaffected by your dark arrows and pity your own inner ugliness.

    As for R..... and MY child P......, it seems he had somewhat of a plan to take P...... and has involved the mental health community unnecessarily and conned money from friends and family to support his intentions.

    As for me being insane... well one could say that; only because I allowed myself to believe in and become involved with a person, one could hardly call it a man, whom I have now been forced to realize has many mental challenges of "his" own. Unlike R...., I prefer to remain private about "his" sickness and have shared the necessary details with the police. I believe "he" has taken MY child to Laredo to be with a family that some would also consider to be an unhealthy environment. It is my intent to get my child back and once that has occurred those of you who care will be informed and those of you who have an opinion that is other than useful or caring can basically kiss my ass.

    Thank you for your understanding that this has been hurtful on many levels and remember karma is 100 fold.....


    —Missravenx to the haters

    Interesting Facts

    • She has an obsession with House MD and has been known to carry a cane
    • She has a male alter-ego named Hugh Gecock. She believes this is an incredibly creative name.
    • Before the two met, her former-boyfriend-turned-baby-liberator had been taking female hormones for 7 months in an attempt to somehow turn into a woman. Seriously.
    • Missravenx attempted to say her journal was a fictional story by adding a disclaimer about "fictional" characters with "coincidental" names to her LJ profile.

    Disclaimer: The characters and incidents portrayed in this online journal and the names herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintended. This journal is strictly for entertainment purposes only and the writer holds all copyright to original characters and events.


    — Missravenx's attempt at a disclaimer



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