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    File:Hustler june 1978.png
    Women are USDA Prime when made into ground meat.

    Misogyny refers to the hatred of women, a belief that is widespread throughout the world today. Well established for centuries in the further advanced Middle East, its popularity is on the rise in the West with misogyny being hailed as the new Pilates.

    Origins of Misogyny

    Many experts believe that the origins of misogyny are rooted in religion. The two most popular and valid religions, Christianity and Islam, both blame wymin for major catastrophic turning points in history. From the first book of the Holy Bible:

    Adam: O God, surrounded by but all your other creatures I have begun to think wicked and deviant things. What am I to do?
    God: These thoughts you describe are ill, indeed. Any who would cater to do them would be most abhorrent to me. It seems I must create for you your own companion but there will be the cost.
    Adam: What will be the cost, O Lord?
    God: An arm and a leg.
    Adam: What can I get for just a rib, Lord?

    So God created woman and all was well, as she knew her place. One day, though, Eve met a snake who suggested that she should eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Eve knew this was forbade but being a petulant bitch she did take fruit from the tree which she ate and made Adam eat too. God saw what Eve had done however and he was pissed. Not only had he had it with the motherfucking snakes in his motherfucking paradise but he also kicked out Adam and Eve too. So there you have it reader, the reason Christians aren’t in paradise right now is because of women. Fucking bitches.

    Fear the Matriarchy

    Despite women being the root cause of evil in the world they have managed to rise to positions of power and prominence in Western society due to incessant whining and nagging and the guys in charge before being busy playing World of Warcraft.

    People have yet to realize it’s not The Man holding you down but The Woman.

    But What Can I Do?

    If you train them right, women are better for fucking than Fleshlights.
    File:Americanpsycho misogyny.jpg
    When all else fails... nail the bitch!

    So what can you do to help safeguard the future of men everywhere? You may at first be stumped this question and fair enough, this is not conventional warfare. There are no borders or boundaries to this struggle. The enemy is everywhere.
    Your "girlfriend"? The enemy.
    Lindsay Lohan? The enemy.
    Your mother? Yes, even she is the enemy.

    So you’ve read this article and now want to try and combat the marauding female threat by becoming a misogynist yourself? Here are some tips:


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