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    Mircea Kitsune

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    Mircea Kitsune (real name Filipescu Mircea Alexandru), going under the forum name Taoki, is an 18 year old transgendered Romanian furry otherkin voraphile. He is obsessed over his identity as an otherkin , which he likes to call trans-species, and posts about this unique aspect of himself absolutely everywhere he possibly can. He even wrote his own wikifur page, of course needing to state that he is otherkin. He actively talks about himself being otherkin and defends the concept of otherkin in youtube comments sections which seals his fate as being a self-obsessed attention whore.

    He also is often butthurt over Linden Labs, creators of the popular online game Second Life, making a recent decision to restrict teenagers from the Main Grid, taking away his jerk off material. Mircea decided that the banning of minors from the porn infested Main grid was as great an affront as black folks being forced to sit at the back of the bus and started an online movement to protest the decision.

    A Moral Outrage

    Taking the matter into his own hands, Mircea posted his tl;dr plea for help on the Second Life forums, his Livejournal, and FurNation's message board, along with an image macro.

    In his presented argument, which reeks of butthurt and fursecution, Mircea views the recent decision by Linden Labs as a form of persecution similar to what Blacks in some countries faced in the 1950s on the bus or what midgets face today in restaurants. In short, it is advisable that Mircea become an hero for his cause, much like Malcolm X or Bridget "the Midget" Power.

    In further acts of faggotry, when a forum member pointed out the American laws about minors accessing pornography in the Child Online Protection Act Mircea goes on to bash America for no particular reason, most likely scapegoating it as the reason underage folk can't access porn on Second Life, and claims it "is worse then [sic] all the arabian countries at once". In another post he claims that porn is a civil right. WTF??

    Here be LULZ

    Banning them from the SL for being "too young" is exactly like throwing a black out of a restaurant for being a "nigger".


    —Mircea Kitsune, because racism against black people is the exact same thing as Linden Labs banning minors off the Main Grid so they can't access sexually explicit material.

    America is worse then all the arabian countries at once, if you ask me what I believe. And of course, far worse then the country I believed I was so cursed to live in.


    —Mircea Kitsune

    Looking at something like porn is a right given by life, not by the government.


    —Mircea Kitsune

    Lessons in Fail

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