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    After a furious prostitution session, there's nothing minthoney loves more than a nice, refreshing can of spinach garnished with heroin. LJ user File:Lj-favicon.png minthoney is one of the filthiest crackwhores to EVER have a Livejournal. A 21 year old hermaphrodite college student originally from Detroit and residing northeast of Atlanta, her journal was inspired by her pimp as a way to draw more clients. She has a habit of stirring up trouble in prostitution-based Livejournal communities like File:Lj-favicon.png feministsexwork for being just plain whorish, even compared to her fellow sex workers.

    Minthoney often writes about her flaccid anus, posts conversations or recounted tales of crazy douchebag clients, or brags about all the guys drooling over her, which can usually be measured at any given time in the hundreds.

    Politically, File:Lj-favicon.png minthoney is a self described nazi and supporter of killing fags and Jews. She hates all people, including but not limitted to, babies, black people, homosexuals, animals, and drug users. She has been seen lamenting how she is a member of both PETA and the ASPCA and yet a vicious bestiality-enthusiast at the same time. File:Lj-favicon.png minthoney is also known for various racial slurs directed at people, only if she is in company that is just as racist as she is.

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