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Mind of Mencia

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Sucks to be Conan right now.
Carlos Mencia's Wikipedia page
I think Mind of Mencia is a pretty cool guy. eh steals jokes and doesnt afraid of anything


A cooler guy than you.

A racist Comedy Central show that pretends not to be racist by putting a retarded half-Honduran, half-German poseur. The general thinking is that Carlos Mencia (who was brought in to serve as a replacement for Dave Chappelle because Comedy Central completely failed to see the difference between Chappelle's Show and racism) steals jokes from other, better comedians and apparently thinks it's hilarious to yell "beaner" and "wetback" every five seconds (even though he's not even Mexican), but he can't be racist, because only white people are racist. However, none of that matters, because the show is EXTREMELY unfunny. Watching this show can be likened to the feeling of cutting off your cock with a nail file. His typical jokes involve racism, while Mencia says it's not racist, then insults the audience, calling them stupid for not laughing because they "don't get it" or are "too big of pussies to laugh". Additionally, he likes to yell about freedom of speech, yet he (and his equally retarded fans) can't take criticism of any kind. In retrospect, he barely even tells jokes. He just says "deet de de" for half an hour.

The show would be better if it didn't have the host wearing shirts showing his stomach and dressing in drag all the time. Not by much, though.

The show has officially been canceled. And nothing of value was lost.

Carlos Mencia

For starters, Carlos Mencia isn't even his own name. It's Ned Holness And on top of that, he's not even Mexican (as stated above.) He's actually half-German (father's side) and half-nigger (Pretty south of Mexico, actually. Almost into South America.) The fact he was born in Honduras doesn't mean anything, seeing as his own parents didn't want him (even they knew he sucked) and gave him to his aunt right at the moment he was born. His aunt lives in Los Angeles, California.

Basically, he's like the half-white black kid that tries to be gangsta, even though he lives in a suburban neighborhood with other white people, but only if you replace gangsta with beaner, and half black with "half just kind of tan and not really a minority."

The Origin of Carlos Mencia

The persona of Carlos Mencia was hatched from an egg (like all minorities) in the back alleys of Southern California. Southern Cali, known for its gang violence and abundance of angry spics, encouraged a half-Honduran "Carlos" to become a racist by proving that all racist stereotypes are true. Carlos was beaten by local gangs throughout most of his life, earning his nickname, "Fat Fuck."

Due to his upbringing, Mencia internalized (ate) the rage of the entire Mexican race, and set out to kill Whitey, but he'd also internalized all the laziness, and chose "comedy" as a low-impact alternative. He takes his anger out on The Man by pretending to tell jokes on stage when he's really just repeating obscenities.

Eventually, Comedy Central decided they needed another unfunny show to replace shows like Drawn Together and its biggest moneymaker, Chappelle's Show. Mind of Mencia has lasted more than 1 season because it appeals to today's youth's interest in minorities, retards, AND fat people.

Objectifying Midgets

Carlos is also known for objectifying midgets, as shown on his show. This slavery he puts them through includes, sneaking into other comedians houses and stealing their underwear jokes, working in his chocolate factory and watching The O.C.. Since Mencia is an Arab, he cannot be punished by the United States Government for reinstating slavery or be killed by conventional weapons.

Sample Mind of Mencia jokes

  • I am a product. I am not a comedian.
  • (makes a stupid observation about life) YOU ARE RETARRTED....(5 seconds later, same set up) YOU ARE RETARRTED
  • The vaguvinator! Vaguvinate your vagina.
  • Lol nigger spic whitey beaner beaner redneck towelhead coon wetback beaner darkie cracker spic omgwtfbbqroflmao!!!
  • I'm really original and edgy and no one has been anywhere near as edgy as me!!1!
  • You're not laughing at my jokes because you're STUPAAAD!! DEET DEE DEE!
  • I steal all of my material from better comedians, such as Paul Mooney, Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby, Dan Quayle, Chris Rock, Joe Rogan, and George Lopez (he punched me for stealing a segment from his show by the way). Yet, whenever anyone accuses me of being a joke thief, I crawl right back into my thick motherfucking insecure shell, and call myself "The punisher!" As a matter of fact, I don't think I've written anything in my entire life! I guess I'm a hypocrite for calling other people stupid! DEET DEE DEE!!!
  • Does a weird faggoty dance while talking
  • I also like stealing jokes from lesser known comedians such as Louis Ramey, because then I can get away with it and noone will know or care.
  • Ha, ha, ha, getting caught stealing a bit on a radio show while talking about Joe Rogan pwning me is da bomb. No srsly
  • "When I make fun of George Bush, it's because I'm jealous of his intellect."
  • "Oh Carlos, that's so funny about beaners." (often talks to himself like a dumbass in attempt to make something funny)

The Forums

Typical bullshit MoM fans spew out when confronted.

You think Mencia is pathetic? Wait until you meet his fans. It's ironic that Mencia complains about stupid people, since his fan base is comprised entirely of them. These people think that Mencia is a comic genius and spend their time worshiping his every move in his shitty BBS forum. There also many butthurt rants about Joe Rogan (Half of the threads in the section dedicated to Mencia himself are about Joe Rogan!)

Click Here To Visit The Mencia Forums

Stolen Jokes

In a video made by Joe Rogan, he comes up on stage while Mencia is going through his normal "DEET DEE DEE! BEANER WETBACK NIGGER CRACKER GAY GUY! DEET DEE DEE!" routine when Rogan pwns him and proves all his jokes are stolen. Carlos was so scared people might discover his "secret", when people uploaded it to Youtube, he cried to Youtube to remove the video.

Mencia never says anything about this on his show, because, as most people don't know, after the show, Rogan did a sneak attack and raped Mencia. Right before climax, he said, "Bitch, if you ever mention anything about this on your show, I'll call INS on you and stick my big black cock up your ass before they ship your ass to Mexico, so you can see how real Mexicans live."

After standing up for the rights of others like a good American, Rogan was banned from The Comedy Store, and dropped from his Hollywood agency, Gersh. It is no accident that Mencia, who was also a client of Gersh, was instrumental in getting Rogan thrown out of there. In support of Joe, other name comics left the agency in protest of Mencia's backstabbing shit. (Rogan has mentioned this situation in radio interviews, and his blog at

At the present time, Mencia is still a practicing Communist, and a half-German bastard stool pigeon for the Jew. He can be seen playing shitty indian casinos in flyover states.


Realizing how funny the Joe Rogan "destroying Carlos Mencia's career" joke was, the lazy wannnabe spic decided he wanted that same kind of lulz worthy attention and stole the entire Joe Rogan skit.

Of course like all times Ned Holness steals material, it wasn't funny. It just came out the second time filled with more AIDS and FAIL than the entire continent of Africa.

Samples of Thievery

To be duly noted is that all the "original versions" are funnier anyway.

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