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    Hanson exploitable fixed.png
    Cat eyes.JPG
    This is what all the guys line up for. Take a number

    MimiKayuko (powerword: Andria Wehner), is one of the many Deviantart suethors in major denial. Despite having twenty fucking two folders existing primarily to home her various self inserted mary sues, she denies that any of her so called original characters are such.

    File:NEKO AND CAT by mimikayuko.jpg
    Wednesday Adams with Scones stuck to her head. Note the watermark to make sure nobody steals the jewel

    MimiKayuko started off just like any tartlet, taking pictures of classmates so as to appear to have friends and taking photos of every scribble she shits out in a notebook.

    This is her American Dragon Jake Long Grandma, A blue penis with a blue underarm gas problem.

    She eventually advances from taking blurry photos of her crayon abuse to figuring out what prt+scr button does and proceeds to abuse that as well by joining online roleplaying games and screen capping her beautiful OC's and then submitting them to DA, despite that being against the rules. But nobody reads those. After months of abusing on the prt+scr button she discovers the wonders of doll bases.

    The most original Sailor Moon Character ever, Sailor Universe.

    Rarely does MimiKayuko exert the effort to draw her own shit but when she does every third Thursday of each month during a rain storm of about 5x8 miles after a thick fog proceeding a unicorn bat-mitzvah, they are unfailingly distorted and penis shaped.

    Expectedly, nothing has changed in her "art" stlye or behaviour in 2011, since her joining in '07-'08. She still rapes the mouse in MSPaint and slaps her fat rolls on the keyboard when typing up her OC's bio. The only real improvement is that her class mates have asked her to stop sneaking photos of them and lying about her relationship with them. Her main means of expressing what we can loosely regard as ideas is the dry anal rape of doll bases. Unlike the other talentless children on DA, she has come into possession of a professional art program, photoshop, and yet can't seem to shit out anything on her own and thus relies nearly solely on doll bases. Even after acquiring the program every fuckface little kid on DA cries and begs for, she still shits out MSPaint quality brain diarrhea and cannot grasp the concept of anatomy.

    A recent study shows that she is really fucking desperate to get attention. How desperate you may ask? So desperate that she's made two other accounts on DA used to favourite her main accounts bullshit 'art' and to defend herself. She's even complimented her own art using said sock-accounts, further displaying her narcissistic faggotry. She's made fan art for herself. Would you like a glass of tears with that roflcake? All three were made at about the same time though neither of the other two have any deviations what so ever. The names of both make it painfully obvious they're just puppet accounts since one accounts name is the name of her god-awful American Dragon oc and the other uses the same first name as that oc and also just so happens to have several of her shit stains in the favorites.

    A Typical MimiKayuko OC

    Will unfailingly consist of only their name, a little bit of info and maybe some likes and dislikes but always which canon male she mashes with her self insert. Mimikayuko has never, not once, finished a characters reference sheet. Ever. A sheet will get as far as her info and as soon as you hit the bio she claims she will finish it some other time but never ever does. Obviously this is her method of getting her foot in the door but that's as far as she ever gets. After drawing her character molesting and/or raping some poor man, she moves onto the next love of her HotPocket smeared life. She doesn't even have to know what the show, cartoon, movie or book is about to make an OC for it. The simple rules of that continuum escape this rotund piglet every time. The simple fact that a person in the Airbender Universe has one bending skill or none besides the Avatar flies completely over her head.

    You roody-poo's better not steal her original characters or else she'll call you names and go on a tangent about how your original character is a copy of hers even though the only similarity is their hairstyle or skin color. A popular instance is after *[1] submitted a Hetalia oc by the name of Alaska then proceeded to submit a Sailor Universe OC. This enraged MimiKayuko who then wrote a journal pissing out accusations, only to delete it when TashaTusspot removed the images, and provided links so that her fellow retards could report Tasha for having similar characters. Like most other spoiled brats, MimiKayuko throws an utter fit when she thinks she's being treated unfairly. Even when the person she's trying to rally her fellow hand-eye-coordination challenged friends against is totally in the right.

    When it's pointed out that she doesn't actually have any proof and that the accused thief has better OC's, Mimi tries to guilt the other into taking her side
    This is the note MimiKayuko sent to one of her psuedofriends crying about how Tasha is stealing her OC's. Her friend proceeded to send the note to Tasha and they lol'd.

    The Many Love Lives of MimiKayuko

    She is in the delusion that any fictional character she beats off to is hers and hers alone. She never has felt or seen a penis in real life, let alone a man, because there is no man in the galaxyverse that would ever want to fuck a selfish, overweight, illiterate 13 year old with serious anger issues and lack of ambition. As mentioned before, Mimikayuko has shat out twenty-two folders for her gallery for each of her self inserted mary-sues. Her main victims are some of the more popular males of the Naruto Manga/anime including Orochimaru, Cockashi, Kabuto, Sasuke, Itachi and Hidan who are all hers and nobody else is allowed to have them. 99.99% of her Oc bios include something along the lines of her self insert knowing them since a very young age and them being bestust friends and falling in love at the age of five. Of course having a love life as a toddler never effects their ability to be better than everybody else at everything and become the best at what they do. In most cases she is also a princess, even if princesses don't really exist in that time or region or if there is already a princess. If a character is already in a relationship canonly then don't doubt MimiKayuko will deny the validity of that relationship and insist her OC is the only and only true love for them. At one point during her Despicable Me hard-on she had requested that a Gru and Vector based fan group allow only her OC and Gru pairings, which the founder promptly denied. She shows no remorse for her greed and only continues to barrel through the media claiming every male she possibly can. Almost anybody will do such as guys from The Hobbit, Naruto, Despicable Me, Disney Movies (Hades, Barbarossa, Milo, American Dragon Jake Long, Jackie Chan, etc) Horses, Hetalia,Xiaolin Showdown,Airbender, Avatar,Kingdom Hearts and various miscellaneous characters.

    Butthurt over her Article

    Seems that she believes she can warrant herself her own personal army of Tartlet friends to launch an attack against the trolls. And for some unexplained reason, she think that we're trying to shut down DevianTART, which is just her way of getting people to listen to her bullshit "case" of cyber bullying.

    She also believes DevianTART was ever a "beautiful, kind, and sweet site".

    tl;dr she's an asspie

    Seems she doesn't know shit.

    You spelt 'losers' wrong, fucktard.

    There are over 9000 articles of tartlets making asses of themselves up here and she is just another butthurt retard that thinks that ED is one person out to get them. Nevertheless she chooses to believe that she deserves special treatment of some kind beacause she's innocent and this has gone too far.

    Of course, this is all just coverup for the fact she wants everyone to forget she ever had an article up here for a reason and get everyone to give her sympathetic ass-pats for being featured on such a 'meanie-site'. Mimikayuko is infact taking things so super serious as to try and get an e-lawyer to sue all 399 of the users on ED.

    Some Golden Comments on her account

    Chris Chan and A-Log are innocent? What have you been smoking?


    —Terranol on Mimikayuko being a fucking idiot

    How in the hell do you love something thats so mean. Epically when its called cyberbullying. And if they bring it back up is more on their part to live a shorter life of being an jerk to bring that up. Why love a page when it brings hell towards innocent people. So you are saying that you agree with cyberbullying then you can go down with them. Im not going to deal it with something that meaner the kids in school.


    Mimikayuko on being a self-righteous attention whore

    Im not smoking anything. Im talking about MY SELF AND THE ONES WHO ARE INNOCENT. can you understand that. I dont smoke a damn thing.


    She'd improve if she did.

    You're really, really dumb. Just because you've been featured on an oh-so horrible website, doesn't mean you get to command an army. How about murder, rape, child abuse? Aren't those things worse than having your name plastered on just some website?


    —RaineSageRocks says: NO PERSONAL ARMY FOR YOU, CUNT!

    One is a big no no calling peoples oc's even fan characters mary sues because you think its funny. The other reason is that people will block you and I have seen it happen before.


    The dumb cunt trying to defend her 'OH-SO-ORIGINAL CHARACTERS'

    I can find people who can track you down who wrote stuff about me and the other 399 people on that site



    For people who has issues with my characters. They are just for fun some are serious characters but not all of them. I do have alot of fanfiction and you do to so dont get mad just because I have one and its not your perfection of your world. None of my oc's and fanfiction characters are perfect or that would be in the artist comments. Its time to get over the word mary sue which I dont get because they are two first names to insult someones character or they wouldnt be name and the book would be named Fake. and they would had use that instead of two human names to insult a more famous character since that book came out. Its time to enjoy the fact that someone has an Idea and if you dont like it just look at something else they have and move on. I know when it comes to mary sue you just dont like the fact that the person has a fan character has an oc of a show you like and has ruined it with their character. If they like the show comic cartoon or movie you also like its not just for you its for everyone to like and enjoy. What ever happen to just being nice when someone does something for themselves with art and other things that are good.






    Im gonna get you.


    —Her profile description.

    Its not handicap to be dyslexic...and no its not an excuse and say what you want but you know its not true especially being mean to someone who you just met..Read... Dyslexia is a broad term defining a learning disability that impairs a person's fluency or comprehension accuracy in being able to read, speak, and spell.



    Im going to find who ever ownes that site and sue the crap out of them. Better believe it I will find a way how!


    —Like every other person that swore they were going to take down ED... OH WAIT, WE'RE STILL HERE.

    You're stabbing art!


    —Bern-Hates-Everyone pointing out the obvious

    No Im not you are.


    Mimikayuko to Bern-Hates-Everyone, "NO U!!!"

    They should get charge for still having those sites up again.


    This is the grammar of an 18 year old?

    Every thing is seen different. Whether its seen by you or me. Quit being such a nub and get over it!


    —Her tag line, clearly stating that she is an asspie

    You should probably take your own advice in your sig.


    —zaiger420 giving her probably some of the best advice there is.

    But you can look on their computers internet address because that follows every computer they use and you can find that once you find what ever else you need.


    Mimikayuko on backtracing us.

    Im not a lolcow. Why not fight them. Its time that they should go down and you sit on your but and not defend the people who ARE INNOCENT


    Mimikuyako being a lolcow

    There is nothing wrong with me. I did nothing wrong to them. Here I am drawing and having fun until they poked the wrong person with a stick.


    —She's right, we should have used a butcher knife

    Reacting to it just gives more matertial. Obviously this journal will be screencapped and posted to ED by the end of the week.

    They won't take down the page, they take down pages of people that have only pissed off 1 or 2 people, you've obiously caused so much e-drama that you're 'worthy' of keeping the page up, and if you try and take it down yourself on an ED account it will be banned along with your IP adress, so don't bother. Really, if you're stupid enough to think you can take down ED or or the article then you need to wake up and smell the internet, you don't get you're own personal army, you don't try and reason with the mods, you can't kill Encyclopedia Dramatica.


    — TheSupremelyEvilOne putting the retard in her place.

    She leaving and she's srs u gaiz

    As far back as August 21st, 2011, she began making claims that she's deleting art. She doesn't say why, but likely because she was getting sick of being told what an inept ape she was. On the 30'th of that month, she made another journal telling everybody that she made another account and only her friends an know where it is followed by another journal a couple of days later about how DA has 'loosers'. Whatever the fuck that is. Exactly one month later, another journal appeared about how she's leaving DA for good and it's not her fault she's a retard who can't draw a piece of shit if she was given a stencil and a brown crayon. Lacking sufficient asspats to keep her on DA, she advertises that she's getting rid of her art even though she didn't remove any the first time she claimed she would a month earlier. Even though she claimed she was 'leaving forever' on October 2nd, one month after, she's still on DA making another leaving forever journal which will undoubtedly be followed by another 'bawleeting everything' journal and another leaving forever journal a month after that one.


    Guess who actually followed through? But not to worry folks, Tropical-BlueMermaid is still alive and well!

    Still Rolling

    Despite having created and run away from seven accounts, Andrea has learned only one thing and that is to keep her possessive caps-rape declarations to herself. Sure, she may not e-shout about how Loki's pale, 2-inch manchild wanker is HERZ AND HERZ ALOEN!!11, but she makes up for it still with the ever-flowing pus-bucket she calls her DA gallery. She's pretty much divorced each of the twenty-something husbands and focuses all of her four weeks of attention to Loki, StarScream, Jackie Fucking Chan, Aro Voltori, Dr. Who, Once Upon A Times Rumpleforeskin, Amon, Victorious character Robbie, Mozenrath and eventually any of the main male characters of any other fandom she's in. In the usual Andrea Whelmer fashion, she makes sure to let everybody know that her OC and the Canon have been bff's for liek, evr and always leaves the Flaws blank in the character sheets. Otherwise, she's still the same shitty artist with the same shitty MarySues with completely original descriptions such as:

    Her hair has grown from blonde to rich dark brown. A color that was rare to see in Asgard. Her eyes were bluer and beautiful as the blue clear sky of Asgard. She had a beautiful shape face and beautiful shaped nose that would make Asgardian females jealous.


    —Andrea's MarySue for the Thor/Avengers Movie, Eira.

    He has never seen anything as beautiful when he laid his eyes on Eira.


    — Excerpt from her Thor/Avengers Fanfic. Probably plagiarized from every other fanfiction on the planet.

    Right now Annabeth shes the 9th Time Lady. Its a rare thing to happen to a time lord or time lady but it happen to her. She grew up with the doctor, they hanged out a lot together. She was going to be his original wife, but his first wife got jealous and change her time so that Annabeth couldnt marry him.


    — The Doctors actual wife vandalizes the Space-Time continuum just to keep this hag from marrying The Doctor. The Doctors actual wife being even slightly concerned for her and The Doctors relationship would have been over-reacting.

    She met the avatar Korra and became close friends with her. Soon after she seen the equalist and what they do she too wanted to become one.


    — Her firebinding FC decides to join the Equalists, a group of people who hate benders, despite being BFF's with the Avatar herself. Change her FC with a black chick and the Equalists with the KKK and you have yourself the next BlockBuster!

    One day she saw Jasmine in her Scourge of the Desert outfit. Soon after she saw that outfit she started dressing like the Scourge of the Desert and started calling her self that.


    — Admitting that her OC's are just as unoriginal as the fuckface that whelps them.

    Fail Groups

    Just like very suethor on DeviantArt, she's convinced her OC's are special enough to have their own groups devoted to them and whatever poor canon character she can get her grubby little fingers on. After her failed attempt to make a Dispicable-Me group convert to allowing on her OC and Gru images and nobody else's, she began shitting out her own groups such as:

    *http://megatronxdarkstream.deviantart.com/ Her MegaTron x DarkStream group. Isn't Dark-Stream what happens to your piss when you don't drink enough water?

    NEW More failgroups for her MarySue pairings


    Looks Who's aboard the FailBoat About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Contact Info


    *http://www.mimikayuko.deviantart.com/ Her DevianTART

    All Baawleeted unless she was banned. Who the fuck knows. DA's current shitty coding displays the Deactivated screen for both deactivation and bans. For no fucking legitimate reason.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png A-Volturi-Vampire Her new DA account. - Deactivated.

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