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Milwin being eaten out by his master CobaltCat
Cobaltcat, a Dane with cerebral palsy.

Milwin was a 16-year-old ED user (and former EDitor) with the IQ of a Somalian infant who goes around threatening to ban people, apparently unaware of the fact that he's not a sysop, and therefore cannot ban anyone. By dickriding every possible person on the forums, he has become the whore of Likeicare and Cobaltcat. Proof of this exposed circlejerk can be viewed here. Due to the fact that Milwin is a 16 year old sandnigger with a very limited vocabulary and IQ, he is incapable of defending himself and needs protection from multiple sysops such as Likeicare and Cobaltcat. Milwin's favorite activities includes circle jerking on the ED forums, beating his meat to some hot beastiality porn and getting beat by his dad for not praying to Allah.

I really don't get why posting gay sex is fine while posting bestiality will get you banned, the only places it's illegal is new zealand and the netherlands, so i'm just wondering


—Milwin, being anti-homosexual and pro-zoophile


How Milwin improves the wiki. And remember that bestiality is a vital component of lulz, everyone.

Milwin's primary contribution to Encyclopedia Dramatica was complaining about the wiki on the ED forums. When he had Editor privileges that enabled him to contribute to the main page, Milwin preferred to bitch and complain about the work of others, instead of actually contributing anything of value to ED himself; however, he did author the PewDiePie article, but who cares about that stuff anyways? Due to his inactivity for long periods of time, his Editor status has been revoked.

Judging from the current frontpage on the wiki, anyone vandalizing it would would make a much better frontpage than the unfunny cunt who made it.



—Milwin, his wonderful example of how to be an EDitor.

i have no idea who you are please leave me alone!!!!



Milwin without his butt buddies from EDF.

ps: i ban you if you keep harassing me.



Someone should let him know that editors can't ban...

Bestiality advocate

Milwin admitted to watching bestiality and apparently has a preference for male animals. Unable to be original, Milwin takes a page directly from Onideus' book and attempts to use reversals, claiming that people who object to allowing bestiality on Encyclopedia Dramatica must secretly be zoophiles who are ashamed of themselves.

Dunno why anyone would think that, they're only banned in like 2 fucking places and those two places won't affect ED at all.
My best guess is that the people who screamed about this are furries who are ashamed of their animal fucking activities so they decided to pretend that they're against this (when in reality they endorse this).
If anyone asks why bestiality should be here, it's really simple: lulz
I find the idea of a human being fucking a different specie hilarious in itself.
alternate reason: material for articles
there's some articles in the wiki about animal fuckers (like that drako dude) but no pics were found, 90% of the people who would open an article about animal fuckers would be just to see their sick fuck activities.


By just seeing that link alone you can see how far in the deep ass we have fallen.

Also viewable in this image are Milwin's (more than likely accidental) repeated abuse of common logical fallacies, including hasty generalization, red herring, and appeal to probability.


Milwin vs Asalieri AKA ED gets kicked out of Sweden

File:Asa Doxd (censored).PNG
Anal violation in progress

Aside from pointing out reddit is officially more hardcore than ED because of their stance on bestiality, Milwin is also responsible for getting the site forcibly removed from an entire country. Not blocked as is the Chinese tradition, instead had the Swedish registrar put ED's .se domain on hold because of legal threats and fallout of massive lulz and butthurt inflicted upon Asalieri.

Last Thursday Milwin dropped dox on Eric Gaede and the succeeding harmless craigslist prank spiraled into a tsunami of lulz which produced a legnthy youtube video of people pulling up to Asa's home looking for free video games left over by his dead child.

This brought one of Asalieri's austimal whiteknights to fight for the honor of his beloved youtube superhero. Starwind3437 informed everyone of his undying love for poorly produced video game reviewer reviews, let everyone knows he buys bead art from Asalieri's wife, and then was coerced by Milwin into taking the blame from the craigslist prank.

Asalieri and a flush memo.

After this Starwind vanished into the wind and was never heard from again. Meanwhile, Asalieri joined the forums to try and reason with the masses, which ended with Milwin dropping more dox and spamming it all over the Dead Horse Interchange, a forum frequented by Asalieri. Not just regular shithead spam though, Milwin imitated 5 forum regulars and left a personalized message on behalf of each user he was impersonating. On top of that, Milwin also dropped a love letter from ED to Asalieri at the same time.

That was enough for a second white knight to appear, this time in the form of a pretend-lawyer. The pretend lawyer, Joeysixone, sent a legal threat to the Swedish registrar which was enough to put a temporary hold on ED's hosting, lasting one month, and for the Asalieri wiki article to be removed. However the toast Gods were infuriated and hastily exposed Joeysixone as some faggot raggaeton rapper, so ED brushed off all the faux legal threats and returned to Sweden for great justice.

Asalieri has since quit video game reviews and now focuses on professional sports.

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The brave little nonce leaves forevar

In August 2014, Milwin made his Lolgo.png final thread on EDF2 and announced his final and everlasting flounce from ED. He then presumably returned to doing whatever it is that juvenile sand niggers are wont to do, taking his Faggot of the Year award with him... and nothing of value was lost.

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