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Milo Yiannopoulos/Feminist Version

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Police.gif This was written either by a troll or an actual SJW feminist who must have mistook ED for her tumblr blog. Either way, it was too funny to just delete.

Despite not being ginger, he still has no soul.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Milo Yiannopoulos is a writer for conservative tabloid Breitbart. Yiannopoulos is gay, transphobic, and literally trash. Considering his Greek last name and his right-wing leanings, it's quite likely he's a closet Golden Dawn supporter. Otis' worse half latched onto the internet hate movement GamerGate and has risen to prominence thanks to his transphobic and misogynistic rambling, littered with boundless preening and self-aggrandizement.



Yiannopoulos is best known for his long-winded prose only hardened hatemongers can actually stomach. His columns on Breitbart have ranged in subject matter from why women have no place in comic books to unsourced claims about GamerGate opponents, most of which border on the legally actionable. Of course, to the basement-dwelling trolls of GamerGate, his writing is top kek and full of lulz despite its very real and negative impact on oppressed groups. When he claimed transgenderism is a psychiatric disorder, it's obvious he didn't think of how this could further marginalize a group in need of protection.

"Transgenderism is a Psychiatric Disorder"

Bigot alert.

Yiannopoulos spent a considerable amount of time and effort on this piece to demonize trans* people. Making claims like "(Transgenderism) is the only mental illness classified as such by the medical establishment that we indulge with surgery instead of treating with therapy," Yiannopoulos paints the trans* experience as one of suffering without acknowledging bigotry such as his is one of the main reasons many trans* people are unhappy. The shitlord continued, calling trans* people "victims" while being oblivious to the very real harm his words could cause. "Post-op transsexuals are no longer man, nor yet female; able neither to ejaculate nor be inseminated." Wow. Total ignorance of nonbinary people, transmen, and even misgendering post-op transwomen? Those words are a literal act of violence against all trans* people.

"The answer should be obvious: we’re abusing people who need our help, by indulging their psychoses in place of administering treatment." Psychoses? Trans* people aren't mentally ill, you transphobic piece of trash. I'm not even going to start on his published harassment of Brianna Wu, a transwoman developer whose feminist anti-GamerGate advocacy is crucial to stopping the evils of games like GTA which objectify women.

"Female Thor is what Happens when Progressive Hang-Wringing and Misandry Ruin a Cherished Art Form"

Chimpout is an extremely racist term. Yiannopoulos needs to check his privilege and use neutral language.

For one, Google Chrome put a red line under the word "misandry" because it's not a real thing. Sexism is institutional power and privilege being used to oppress a non-dominant group. Of course, a man like Yiannopoulos is oblivious to this and tries to mansplain the advent of female Thor. In the problematic column, he writes (TW: misogyny), "It’s hard to believe the most macho, overtly masculine character in the comic canon could possibly be reimagined as a broad. But that’s almost certainly precisely the reason Thor was chosen: as a fuck-you to so-called nerdbros from the achingly progressive staff of today’s comic book establishment." Broad?! What is this to him, a game to see how much blatant misogyny he can get away with on the internet? (Thanks to sites like 4chan and ED, it's unfortunately quite a bit.) And traditional "macho" masculinity is so outdated, like who would ever identify with that? Thank Jezebel for female Thor, a welcome breath of diversity that bucks the trend of shoehorning.

"I Dropped Out of Manchester and Cambridge but it's Honestly Fine"

Self-proclaimed shitlord.

In true white male fashion, Yiannopoulos boasts about how his privilege helped him get where he is today. He dropped out of two universities, yet the world still opened up for him. Instead of acknowledging how his success was likely due to his status as a white male and how a PoC in the same position would be ridiculed and stereotyped, Yiannopoulos felt the need to brag. "If you’re as talented, intelligent and handsome as I am, you don’t need a degree to succeed," he begins, setting the tone of this orgy of the self. "The dirty secret of professional and personal success is it has a lot more to do with your God-given assets than it does how hard you studied at uni or where you went." By that he means he benefited from institutional racism and patriarchy.

Like most men, Yiannopoulos can't keep his rape instrument in his pants. Not that anyone wants to see, because boys are gross. "When I do manage to drag myself out of bed after hung over fumbles with the housekeeper’s husband it’s to a well-paid column for a mischievous American news website and regular appearances on Newsnight and Sky News." Congratulations, you've gotten a bunch of stuff handed to you for being born a certain way.

He also brags about his self-proclaimed attractiveness, something only insecure people do. Who cares about society's standards of beauty anyway? All people are beautiful. Except Milo.


A purge of misogynists and racists? Finally!

Yiannopoulos' blog has numerous entries attacking prominent Muslim leaders, painting them as anti-Western. The racism there is reminiscent of what you'd find on Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs or Your Daily Muslim. His Twitter, named after a Roman emperor the likes of which he will never compare to, is full of problematic content that even 100 trigger warnings couldn't entirely summarize. I'll share some of these here, but be warned, many of these sentiments come from the foulest depths of GamerGate and other MRA landfills.

Failed Business

Yiannopoulos founded and later sold a site called The Kernel, better known as The KKKernel. The site's first run was the opposite of glorious. "Suspending publication at The Kernel in March this year was a painful and humiliating process. I’d been too arrogant about my ability to run a business and allowed a combination of starry optimism and financial incompetence to bring the company to its knees," he wrote. A white man? Arrogant? No way...

Of course, he somehow had the capital to revive the failed venture and sold it for a hefty sum.

Yiannopoulos' Predicted Reaction to This Article

It's expected Yiannopoulos will react to this article with a look of disdain because it's (intentionally) painfully unfunny. He'll probably also self-dox and upload his own n00dz to this site before claiming he's a victim of online harassment, despite the inherent hypocrisy in him doing so. With a need for attention as extreme as his, who knows how low he will sink?

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