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    Million Mask March

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    File:Guy Fawkes mask factory.jpeg
    The rat infested sweatshop with suicidal workers Ms Gill imagines

    The Million Mask March, aka Guy Fawkes Day, aka Occupy Wall Street Part II Electric Boogaloo was a multi-city protest by Anonymous that took place in 450 cities worldwide. Despite Anonymous' desire to have a million people participate in the protest, it is not yet clear how many participated. Some cities had a large turnout numbering into the thousands, while most cities experienced this result:

    [...] the turnout was estimated by The Washington Post to have been in the low hundreds.



    Martha Gill

    The only real result

    Despite Anonymous's attempt to draw a million people, several thousand came, but an old media blogger by the name of Martha Gill was exposed as an idiot and a poor journalist. After deciding that an image of Brazilians producing Guy Fawkes masks could only depict sweatshop conditions, Ms Gill found herself on the receiving end of the wrath of Anonymous.

    Anonymous is an organisation defined mostly by its choice of headgear


    —Martha Gill, starting off poorly

    Ms Gill's refusal to adhere to even the most basic of journalistic standards infuriated Anonymous, starting with the first line of her crappy blog. In this opening refrain, she claims that Anonymous is best known for their choice of "headgear".

    Russel Brand

    File:Russel Brand at the Million Mask March.jpg
    Look at me! I'm edgy and not afraid to go slumming!

    Included in the attendees for the Million Mask March in London was noted junkie and fame whore Russel Brand, who appeared to miss the point of Anonymous as a group, when he took off his mask for some reason.



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