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    One of Mike's many inflation fetish artworks. It is rumored that he doesn't think of this as a fetish. Only he knows what they're actually filled with since he draws everything the same way every time.

    Mikemedia does not even deserve the dishonor of being labeled as a half-assed artist on DeviantART. He's a little nothing quarter-assed artist. He is utterly obsessed with cartoons being inflated with water, and has been ever since he saw a certain Goofy cartoon, as he claims in several TL;DRjournals. May possibly be the result of an attempt to build a robot designed to perfectly mimic Bleedman, though this ended up being a failure when the robot only produced quarter-assed cartoon drawings and would reply to stimuli after reading one or two sentences, which made complex communication impossible. People invented this bullshit to keep from thinking that there is a human out there that is honestly that stupid. They failed.

    At one point in time his sister tried to put an end to his art. She failed.

    The creator of such beautiful work.

    Why Mikemedia produces Lulz

    Keep in mind, these aren't supposed to be the Powerpuff Girls if they were fat. Also, he doesn't think it's quarter-assed. This is just his art style. Say any different and he'll bitch at you.
    File:Robotboy BLOAToon.PNG
    Just as presumed, Mike goes after pretty much every show on Cartoon Network.

    Mikemedia is actually a clusterfuck of failure.

    • He has been on deviantART for over 5 years, and thinks this is some kind of accomplishment.
    • Can't seem to read comments properly, because:
      • His replies to comments are usually in the form of one word or phrase, such as "Thanks" or "Tell me about it".
      • If you're lucky it might actually be a phrase that has something to do with what he is commenting on.
      • Unless you're pissing him off, then he'll scream and throw objects at you.
    • He has a shitty idea that involves a multi-crossover between every cartoon in existence and his Mary Sue.
    • He bitched about this idea being stolen by Cartoon Network.
    • He honestly thinks he'll be able to distribute his idea as a cartoon and make money off of it without getting his ass sued.
    • He gets pissy over any criticism.
    • This is because he believes that people should only comment when they have nothing but praise to give.
    • Likes to post shit nobody cares about on his Journal.
    • This shit is different than shit most people post because it's one of the following:
    • Retarded observations that EVERYONE on DA knows about.
    • Not making a penis joke about the Wii Pointing out shit everyone knows about period.
    • He also tends to devote posts to his sexual fetish and stuff he found on YouTube, but this isn't unique to Mikemedia.
    • However, what does make them unique to Mikemedia is that they're more poorly written than usual.
    • He likes to throw diapers at trolls and tell the world how much he hates them.
    • He will harass any artist who ever drew any picture of a fatty anytime to draw wank material for him.
    • He wets the bed. He says that "I'm not a bedwetter!"
    • he can't spell worth for shit; "I didn't vandalized anything"
    • He likes the heated dong
    • Was created using the asshairs of an ape and a dirty douche
    • Believes that his characters are original despite the fact that all he does is add a warp filter from Photoshop and purple hair
    • Believes that his art is the best ever and thinks he is actually too good to trade with some artists.
    • That or he can't understand your post.

    Mikemedia gets Owned

    Some time at least 100 years ago, many artists got together to do art trades with him. The reason for this was to compare their art to his half-assed art for the lulz. More lulz were had when Mikemedia found out about it and complained. In the end, while everyone lost, those who managed to get lulz from the experience truly won.

    No sir, he doesn't like this site.

    The Great RugalB98 Saga

    Some weeks ago, Mikemedia found himself attempting once again to appear intelligent in front of his masses of ass-goblin watchers. Unfortunately, one person (i.e. deviant RugalB98) was the only one who had the balls to actually say something about Mike's 'talent' (if you call drawing the same fuckin' girl inflated over and over again or doing recolors of the Fairly Oddparents in Paint 'talent') but, of course, Mike pitched a fit.

    After sucking himself off for a while, Mike tried to block Rugal by using DA's new blocking system. Of course, it hadn't dawned on Mike that blocking only prevents a person from commenting on your page, not if you comment on someone's page.

    Mike failed yet again.

    Apparently, Mike wet his pants at the sight and decided to go to the DA bigwigs to get Rugal banned. Sadly, Rugal was banned, but this proved two things:

    1. Mike is a jerk-off who is quite likely to jizz off to a picture of his own mother sucking the cock of a dead dog.
    2. DA is fucked up because if you're popular YOU CAN BAN PEOPLE 1-2-3! LULZ!!!

    In the end, one of the few people who had a brain on DeviantArt has been banned and one that continues to bitch around still thrives. Maybe in this sense, Mike will clean up his act and thrive on DA but most likely he will continue to sit around, shitting out 'new' pictures in hopes that the ghost of Tex Avery will come and suck his cock... well, if he had one that is.


    Be nice now, Mikey has the autismz

    On April 6th 2008, another artist knew that Mike is an absolute pussy when it comes to gore, and created a masterpiece of epic win depicting Mike's cartoon self whaling hand in hand, one of the many fun things to do in his homeland Australia, as the result of a failed attempt to get him to do an art trade. It is a widely known fact that Mike is a rampant whore when it comes to art trades with artists that are actually better than him, but when someone wants to trade with him, that's not always the case. In this case, he turn Neilando's art trade down, so Neil drew it himself. Perhaps it was for the better that Mike didn't draw it, because he can't draw anything more than inflated toons that he thinks is like the style of Bob Clampett, but in reality is actually a cheap knock off of Butch Hartman.

    Lulz ensued, and of course, being the pussy he is even at the age of 21, Mike's testicles corkscrewed and shot up into his throat with surprise over it. With an even wimpier voice than usual in his journals, he screeched at his personal army to attack the artist. Alas, this didn't really work, as any time Mike is being a crybaby, it's usually over shit no one cares about.

    A little later, several other artists from SketchTavern hopped on the bandwagon producing an absolutely scrumptious amount of troll art, but sadly they were all TOS'd when they were up on DA, and two of the artists were permabanned for partying just a little too hard. Thankfully for them, they are better artists than Mike will ever be.

    The Poll

    On June 21st, Mike made a poll asking if people hate him. The results so far are... underwhelming. Perhaps things might change soon?

    Screenshots Whoopee!

    Troll Art

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