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    Mickyy Moo

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    Mickyy Moo = infected with GOTIS
    You can help by not giving her any attention.

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    Mickyy's 17th birthday party

    "Mickyy Moo"'' or more likely known to herself in her own very special world as "MickyyMoo&&[HEARTS]", is a new addition to the list of blogfags, videofags, cumdumpsters and trolls known to 4chan. From what /b/ has found, she is a 17-year-old female who is possibly male, who lives in western Sydney. Her father is Australian and her mother is of European background. She attends St Mary's Senior High School, in western Sydney, and is currently one of the SRC members. Also, her favorite color is pink, and she is not mainstream.


    Photo posted with EVERY thread

    Mickyy first appeared on the 4chan scene in mid February 2010, after someone had done a copypasta from her tumblr blog, where she first wrote the following article:

    Dear anonymous,

    after watching your 4chan website, /b/ in perticular, for 15 minutes, i came to the decision, that my first assumption was right.. you are all a bunch of low life fags..

    I find it quite ironic really, how you call yourselves “Fags” and yet you hate gays, and promote anti gay protests, with your “god hates fags” poster.. so tell me anonymous, if god hates fags, does god hate you all? quite frankily I wouldnt be surprised if he did

    Your way of life disgusts me; you call yourselves “Non-Conformists” when really you are all the biggest cliches ive ever met. middle age men, with no self esteem, who live in their parents basement.

    Not to mention, you are ALL a bunch of gutless retards, who feel the need to hide behind a computer screen to pick on young girls, you should all be ashamed of yourselves! you call your self men? you call yourself fags or anonymous? I call you hopeless low lives, who seriously need a fucking reality check.

    I found out about the attacks that this so called “anonymous” did on the Australian government. I dont know who did that, but it deffinatly wasnt you guys. your too consumed by the female anatomy, to even get out of your fucking chair to save a kitten, let alone bring down a government website. your just a bunch of arrogant, lying, egotistical men with no lives!

    honestly /b/ you are soo last summer, you should go eat some ice cream, give yourself a pedicure, and cry a little more, because with the way you are all going, youll be dead by the end of the year.

    Many newfags were outraged by this and became major league pussies, as they started to bitch on 4chan, before tracking down her formspring website, where they then sent questions asking her shit that made no sense, or were just completely stupid. This proved to backfire, when Mickyy started to answer in an overconfident, troll-like way, which put many newfags to shame.

    Soon enough, /b/ came across her Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Bebo and Tagged. Because newfags are full of faggotry, not much was really done. However, they did come across a video, which contained 8 minutes of her just talking away like a cumdumpster.

    The video was then spammed with lousy insults, most of which aren't even funny or worth reading. However, this did spark a reply from Mickyy, as she posted a new article to her tumblr:

    Soo this morning I woke up to around 20 different emails from youtube, containing notifications that people had been sending abusive comments to my profile and videos…

    Considering the most used words in these comments were /b/, fuck, and faggot, I spose I can assume that /b/ found my tumblr blog.. My response? About fucking time. When you read my post, I bet it was like looking in a mirror wasn’t it?

    However all you douches have just re-inforced my point so I thank you for this. If you lived up to the name that you promote so much… every inch of my internet space would be hacked, maliciously re-worded and then deleted. But considering that I am still physically able to post this on my website, it proves my point that you are all worthless and fail at life.

    As for the get back in the kitchen buisness, ill get back in the kitchen, when you guys get back to reality, and live lives in the normality, called society. Ordering a pizza from pizza hut is NOT a social skill.

    You things are too unco-ordinated to be a legience, and with your lazy attitude and rediculous behaviour, your practically spitting your cum infused saliva all over Guy Fawke’s grave. Your not a legience your an embarrasment!

    Ohh and may I say, clap clap for the handicapped that found my blog and posted it on /b/ .. I think you started a competition… to find the laziest fat shit on /b/ (Y)

    So /b/ on that note I will end this article and say..

    Haha faggots im still here!! =]

    This reply was then immediately posted onto 4chan, where more newfags became outraged by this (again) and continued to send messages to her formspring in masses. It was with much newfag spam that it prompted Mickyy to again reply via her tumblr:

    Dear /b/

    Considering you are practically stalking my website now, I hope this message finds you in good timing.

    Just to get a few facts straight:

    • I do not go on 4chan, it is a waste of time… quite frankily im trying to do my homework, so the formsprings notifications is annoying enough.
    • I havent posted anything on that website… So im not milking the attention from the 4chan cow, if anything you are the people are taking my attention off my homework. the only reason im replying to formsprings is because Im a polite person and reply promptly and 2 my computer wont shut the fuck up.
    • Insulting me doesent work. why should I take anything you take seriously? i believe thats your website slogan isnt it?
    • for people who have such a disregard for the government who are bringing in internet censorship, you seem to suck the cocks of your moderators pretty well from what Ive heard.

    So /B/, keep it going, Im having fun at your expense =]

    A few hours later, Mickyy then posted a new video onto her youtube addressed to /b/ (the worst mistake she could possibly make). The video has already encountered small amounts of newfag spam, although most of the comments have been made on 4chan, formspring, and possibly through omegle.

    Poetry fag upside down

    Since then no direct blog post or video post has been made, addressed to 4chan. However, in more recent tumblr posts, there have been "snipets" of writings possibly directed to /b/ including:

    Today I found out that my yahoo account had been hacked, my formsprings has stopped working and my youtube is being constantly spammed. noice (Y)

    (since this post, her yahoo has been regained and her formspring has begun working again)

    To, My biggest lovers, I love you; To, My biggest haters, I love you even more (L) ♥

    stupid questions compile on my formsprings
    so itll be sad to see what 4chan brings
    my youtube videos are on the fritz
    and email notfications have censored bits

    (extract from a poem she wrote whilst laying upside-down on her couch)

    Queen of the Trolls

    On the 26th of February 2010 it was decided on /b/ that Mickyy Moo is now the Queen of Trolling. The reason behind this decision was for her trolling power of pissing 4chan off. It is advised that you approach the troll with caution, as it is known to turn into an attention whore or a camera whore at any random moment which the troll may decide.

    In short, she's barking because she wants you to give her the attention she craves. But why does anyone even give it to her? Who the fuck made her the "Queen of Trolls" other then a bunch of newfags over at /b/ who wouldn't know a troll if it was on the other side of a fascist agenda, and posted under the name "Ididitfort3hlulz". There are a million other duckfaced camwhores that people could be talking to, and fucking. Because lets be quite honest, if you're afraid of a duckface, especially one that trolls /b/, then you are the utmost scum of the internet. + Another two points fail if you ever referred to this bitch as "Queen of Trolls."

    You all sicken me with the trolls section of this website. Only one or two of names deserves to be on the list, and Queen of Trolls belongs to OmgHi2Furries by far. Not some duckface bitch who had to bluntly insult 4chan users to get reactions. At least go with the hot Irish chick who ignored every part of trolling except on how to perform a troll raid. When will you all stop being bitches and actually think up some good ways to troll, outside of directly insulting their most obvious belief that is worn on their shoulder? Back in the days of me being an oldfag, shit was actually funny. And with the current tea party elections, religious extremists, and borderline conservative terrorist groups, you guys should be rolling in the fucking lulz. But you don't have the balls to think up something original, and if you did it would only be to further your e-penis, instead of providing comical gold to the 2% of people who are smart enough to understand the joke. Or maybe trolls have finally died in their moms basement? Only you can tell the next part of this FUCKING ANTI-LULZ STORY. CREATE LULZ NOW!



    Tits or GTFO

    It is quite obvious that Mickyy does have a nice set of tits. It has been confirmed that she has noodz out there somewhere on the internets, but because they were taken so long ago, it would be classified as CP in the US. Living down under, pics of under 18 is also classified as CP, so none for you. The closest and more recent photos containing Mickyy in a more camera whore way, had to be phusked from her photobucket, and myspace.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    TV appearances

    Turns out this cumdumpster has made television. Mickyy tried out for the TV show Australias Next Top Model, but got rejected for being ugly and fat. But being the camera whore that she is, she did make TV on weeknight news show "A Current Affair" (only in australia amerifags!)

    Longest running thread on /b/ ever?

    On February 20, 2010, the usual troll thread was posted onto /b/, which included the first tumblr post she wrote, and a photo. The thread was created at approx: 03:18:51. After 265 posts and 65 image replies omitted, the thread did not 404 until around 08:55:25 (the time of the last reply) therefore meaning the thread had remained active on 4chan for 5 hours 56 minutes and 54 seconds. Almost a 6-hour thread!

    Grammar Nazi

    The Grammar Nazi has attacked Mickyy on multiple occasions. Mostly for her spelling mistakes, and her "incontrolable OCD" of doubling letters at the end of some words. Other such writing techniques include the fact that she has the term "lol" in every sentence and two of the four "msn icons" including: =], =/, (Y), (L). It is apparent amongst most /b/tards that this is quite annoying and it's starting to piss everyone off.


    Although a meme template has been created, no one has actually used it, or they haven't published it, possibly making it a failed or a forced meme

    2011 - Mickyy Moo's "Cum Back"

    On the 3rd of January 2011, Mickyy Moo reappeared onto the scene, reactivating her Facebook and Formspring. She then posted a new video due to Popular Demand entitled "Omg. That fat heffa is seriously trying to make a cum back?"


    Pictures of Mickyy Moo About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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