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    Michelle Bombshell

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    Somewhere, there's some skin under there

    Michelle Bomshell McGee, (aka Michelle Sinai according to her "private" Twitter account and WhoIs) is the heavily modded white supremacist in the harem of Jesse James (aka Sandra Bollock's husband servant boy). She was the one that broke the news to the world that Jesse James was a typical male and was fucking anything with a vagina and tattoos.

    Angry White Boy clothes

    Since coming out of the closet as a raging whore, Michelle has been dumped by the only people that thought she was hot enough to be anything other than a gutter trash alt-porn star. Not because of her sleeping with the husband of America's sweetheart, but because she is apparently a raging Neo-Nazi with a raging boner for Hitler.

    Since the clothing line is called "Angry White Boy" and most people associate anyone who isn't apologetic for being a member of the racial majority with skin-head curb stompers, the line politely severed it's ties with her. They called her such horrible things like "professional" and "a pleasure to work with", which fanned her fires and made her rage on her Twitter and FaceBook like the menopausal crack whore she really is.

    The Huffington Post, in all their righteous and holy glory, were truly Black Knights of the Internet and screen-capped that shit. Aside from alluding that she thinks she's a big enough star to have coat tails, she instantly repels anyone that may have overlooked the whole Nazi thing by having a USI melt down worthy of a Liart66.

    The Web Site

    Since there is no moderation going on, the comment section on her blog is an all out fuck-fest of "Sandy lovers" and "Bombshell Bastards" having at each other. The side of light is crying about what a home wrecking whore she is, and the rabid cultist following of Tits McGee insists that they would cheat on their wives with her too. Posts have been deleted to staunch the epic flow of middle-American flame wars, but still the morbidly obese rednecks weigh in with their opinion on the whole sordid deal that does not involve them or their dicks in the slightest.


    Same as the website, but on a larger scale. She has taken to posting like a teamster instead of as herself to make it appear that she is important enough to have handlers.

    Even though she claims that her USI rant against Angry White Boy Clothing was the result of a hack, she has left the angry messages up for all to see and has yet to issue a public apology.

    The AWB mastermind himself, as well as his supporters, have stopped by several times to diss her crusty ass, but she has let her minions scream at them like banshees while she sits back and reads through Mein Kampf.


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