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    Michael Horowitz Foster

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.

    Michael has to use Photoshop and still can't pull off looking like a respectable human being.

    Michael Horowitz Foster, better known as savetheinternet (or any Mibbit user in ED IRC) is the self-described employer of 4chon.net staff, despite it not being owned by a legitimate company. He spends up to 20 hours a day writing Wikipedia entries for his websites, only to have them quickly deleted due to lack of references. This lead Ryan to DDoS Dreamhost and get 4chon.net kicked off for good. A total of $130 was lost in the process, never forget. After Ryan's untimely arrest, Michael returned to IRC to do some "trolling" (if that's what you want to call it). He remains in IRC, idling with Daniel Brandt to this  very day. BTW, his IP is


    03:46 <savetheinternet> remove this page http://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Michael_Horowitz right now or i will sue you
    03:46 <savetheinternet> i am serious
    03:46 <savetheinternet> my father has some good lawyers
    03:46 <h64> WHATS UR FATHERS ASL

    <garrett> hi im savetheinternet

    <garrett> my hobbies include being jewish

    <garrett> and irc



    Remember that "project" he mentioned in the image above? Shotgunhost is a failed hosting service, which he attempted to popularize through his regular means of advertisement. His Wikipedia article (which was flushed by TOW admins due to lack of verifiability) claimed that Shotgunhost had acquired Quadranet, and had 2500 employees. He then wrote that Shotgunhost "has been criticized for allowing controversial websites to be hosted, including web pages that promote hatred and racism" in an attempt to make him sound racy and slick. Michael has previously claimed that Shotgunhost was an edgy troll to cover up his embarrassments from the numerous errors his clients (although none have been identified) have experienced. It is unlikely 4chon.net uses Shotgunhost, as even he secretly recognizes it as one of the worst services to exist.


    This article caused Michael so much agony, he used his 1337 computer science III knowledge to crack the extremely secure password "Niggers1" and release a list of EDF user's emails under the name "P.F." He then sent it to Brandt and the two stroked their egos, telling themselves that they are bringing ED down to its knees. This of course backfired on him, because nobody cares about EDF. Within a day of Brandt publishing this, complete DOX on savetheinternet were published and spread via IRC. He was quick to have this, along with his dox, pulled from pastebin in a crybaby attempt to remain anonymous.


    Michael is the programmer behind Tinyboard, a imageboard script like Kusabax, and it is the software he uses for 4chon.net. The code is OK, and it is fast.

    At first it was a very happy free software, and on its homepage it had an open support board, so users could exchange their knowledge. But soon the jew inside him decided to come out and fix this problem. In conclusion, he is charging money both for his support and the support board.

    Michael on tinyboard.org requesting money for support.

    IRC Lulz


    <ItsRaidDay> bring it nigger
    <savetheinternet> I'm just kidding, you moron.
    <savetheinternet> dude
    <savetheinternet> do u want 2 fucking get ddos
    <savetheinternet> ???
    <ItsRaidDay> go
    <ItsRaidDay> use LOIC
    <ItsRaidDay> and ddos me
    <savetheinternet> dude i have a new vesion of loic
    <savetheinternet> its private
    <savetheinternet> no one has it but me and 4 people
    <ItsRaidDay> o shit nigger
    <ItsRaidDay> does it support ipv6?
    <savetheinternet> not yet
    <savetheinternet> it was created by Team XoX
    <savetheinternet> if u have herd of them
    <ItsRaidDay> eh, im more of a gay pride parade guy myself
    <savetheinternet> ??

    savetheinternet: hi
    [08:33am] savetheinternet: What's up?
    [08:34am] savetheinternet: Are you there?
    [08:35am] GOB: What
    [08:35am] savetheinternet: Hey.
    [08:35am] savetheinternet: What's going on?
    [08:35am] savetheinternet: My friend told me you wish to speak to me?
    [08:36am] GOB: oh just this
    [08:36am] GOB: I'm buying a plane ride to fucking new zealand to kill asl savetheinternet. First I will introduce my self then i will eat with you. After dinner i will cut every piece of flesh off you only to end it by making you eat my feces and drink my piss which contains acid. Than i will kill you by hanging you with your cock in your mouth. Secondly I will kill every member of your family the same way. Except your mother. who i will leave alive and paraly
    from the waste down.
    [08:36am] savetheinternet: I don't live in New Zealand.
    [08:36am] GOB: u do
    [08:36am] savetheinternet: Hm?
    [08:37am] GOB: u do
    [08:37am] savetheinternet: Also, why would you do that? That's a horrible thing to say.
    [08:37am] savetheinternet: Have I done anything to offend you?
    [08:37am] GOB: You doxed us
    [08:37am] savetheinternet: What do you mean?
    [08:37am] GOB: gave our emails on edfII to brandt
    [08:37am] savetheinternet: Oh, no.
    [08:37am] savetheinternet: That wasn't me.
    [08:37am] GOB: your horowitz
    [08:38am] GOB: are you not?
    [08:38am] savetheinternet: That's a common misconception spread by a self-determined "enemy" of my website.
    [08:38am] savetheinternet: No, I am not.
    [08:38am] GOB: really now
    [08:38am] savetheinternet: "Michael Horowitz" was part of an April Fools' joke on my website.
    [08:38am] savetheinternet: People have mistakenly taken it as real hard facts, so I go along with it.
    [08:38am] savetheinternet: Don't tell people.
    [08:40am] savetheinternet: I find it quite amusing that whenever I deny the dox, people think it's even more real, if you know what I mean.
    [08:40am] GOB: BONERS
    [08:40am] GOB: DMCA
    [08:40am] savetheinternet: Were you a user of the ED forum?
    [08:40am] GOB: DMCA
    [08:40am] GOB: DMCA
    [08:40am] savetheinternet: Hm?
    [08:40am] savetheinternet: What about it?
    [08:40am] GOB: BONERS
    [08:40am] GOB: BONERS
    [08:40am] GOB: BONERS
    [08:40am] savetheinternet: I'm a bit confused here.
    [08:40am] GOB: BONERS
    [08:40am] GOB: BONERS
    [08:40am] savetheinternet: What are you talking about?
    [08:40am] savetheinternet: Hm?
    [08:41am] savetheinternet: What about boners?
    [08:41am] savetheinternet: I'm actually an ex-wiseguy/mod on AnonTalk, believe it or not.
    [08:41am] GOB: send dmc a to ed.ch
    [08:41am] GOB: ok
    [08:42am] savetheinternet: Why?
    [08:42am] GOB: We are sorry, but are moving to a new domain: "www.lemonparty.org". If you have any further inquirys please contact us at our new contact info mentioned on our site.
    [08:42am] savetheinternet: I have nothing that I wish to take down, nor do I want to drop my actual dox.
    [08:42am] GOB: http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    [08:42am] GOB: ?
    [08:42am] savetheinternet: Why would I care about that?
    [08:42am] savetheinternet: Do you actually think that I was being serious in those logs?
    [08:42am] savetheinternet: Like, seriously?
    [08:42am] savetheinternet: Uguu~
    [08:43am] GOB: YES
    [08:43am] savetheinternet: If I was really Jewish, do you think I'd be running a site filled with anti-semitism?
    [08:43am] savetheinternet: Heh.
    [08:43am] GOB: you are a self hating jew
    [08:43am] savetheinternet: Okay.
    [08:44am] savetheinternet: I guess that makes sense./
    [08:44am] GOB: admit doc were right and you hate yourself
    [08:44am] savetheinternet: So, what's up?
    [08:44am] savetheinternet: My real dox really aren't that hard to find, heheh.
    [08:45am] savetheinternet: Why are you asking for me to be banned?
    [08:45am] savetheinternet: Is it because you got bored?

    (18:07:40) (&Beefcake) savetheinternet
    (18:07:47) (&Beefcake) are you circumsised?
    (18:08:40) (savetheinternet) can you please stop?
    (18:08:44) (savetheinternet) you do this every fucking time i come over here
    (18:08:53) (&Beefcake) are you?
    (18:08:59) (&Beefcake) I have a genuine interest
    (18:09:04) (savetheinternet) how is it fucking relevant to anything?
    (18:09:12) (&Beefcake) in this channel's foreskin population
    (18:09:17) (savetheinternet) just fuck off
    (18:09:24) (&Beefcake) I have a foreskin
    (18:09:34) (savetheinternet) good for you
    (18:09:37) (&Beefcake) does this make you comfortable telling us what your situation is?
    (18:10:10) (savetheinternet) drop it
    (18:10:16) (+Cinox) Wat
    (18:10:22) (&Beefcake) on a completely unrelated note
    (18:10:26) (+Cinox) Oh god
    (18:10:36) (&Beefcake) what is the circumference of your areola's?
    (18:10:45) (+Cinox) savetheinternet is pissed by a simple trolling scheme.
    (18:10:46) (&Beefcake) I'm writing a book you see
    (18:10:48) (savetheinternet) who do you think you are?
    (18:10:53) (savetheinternet) no, seriously
    (18:10:57) (savetheinternet) who the fuck do you think you are?
    (18:11:08) (&Beefcake) "On the Origin of Areola's"
    (18:11:12) (savetheinternet) fuck this
    (18:11:13) (&Beefcake) well i'm Beefcake
    (18:11:13) (savetheinternet) fuck you
    (18:11:16) (&Beefcake) nice to meet you
    (18:11:18) (savetheinternet) you're a fucking cunt
    (18:11:23) (savetheinternet) rude piece of shit
    (18:11:27) (&Beefcake) that's not a very nice thing to say
    (18:11:28) (savetheinternet) i honestly hope you die
    (18:11:30)      —› quit: (savetheinternet) ([email protected]) (client exited: Leaving)
    (18:11:39) (&Beefcake) all I want to know is the circumference of your areola's
    (18:11:46) (&Beefcake) :'-(

    (14:07:00) (Marekatt) Are you circumcised, savetheinternet?
    (14:07:07) (savetheinternet) Marekatt: nope
    (14:07:13) (savetheinternet) i'm not actually Jewish, believe it or not
    (14:07:16) (Marekatt) Do you have smegma problems?
    (14:07:21) (savetheinternet) yeah
    (14:07:24) (savetheinternet) sometimes
    (14:07:25) (&Beefcake) lol
    (14:07:29) (&Beefcake) take a shower
    (14:07:34) (Marekatt) Wash you filthy whore
    (14:07:39) (&Beefcake) ^
    (14:07:43) (savetheinternet) i shower twice a week
    (14:07:47) (&Beefcake) ...
    (14:07:50) (Marekatt) ...
    (14:07:51) (&Beefcake) eeew
    (14:07:58) (Marekatt) Do you go to school or work every day?
    (14:08:13) (savetheinternet) yeah
    (14:08:17) (&Beefcake) eeew
    (14:08:21) (Marekatt) Then you really need to shower more often
    (14:08:26) (&Beefcake) daily
    (14:08:29) (savetheinternet) why?
    (14:08:36) (Marekatt) Because you get greasy and smelly
    (14:08:40) (Marekatt) And it'd disgusting
    (14:08:40) (&Beefcake) because not showering often makes you stink
    (14:08:43) (&Beefcake) and you get smegma
    (14:08:51) (savetheinternet) oh

    [23:54] == ROBERT_DOE [[email protected]] has joined #bastardchan 
    [23:54] <ROBERT_DOE> who wants to be sued 
    [23:55] <ROBERT_DOE> the_bastard, edencoder: i am suing you two for defamation and harassment 
    [23:55] <ROBERT_DOE> where do you want me to send the bill for those pizzas i received last night???? 
    [23:56] <@the_bastard> funny 
    [23:56] <@the_bastard> Aesop? 
    [23:56] == ROBERT_DOE [[email protected]] 
    [23:56] == realname : ROBERT 
    [23:56] == channels : #bastardchan #politics ~#leetchan 
    [23:56] == server : *.rizon.net [Where are you?] 
    [23:56] == : has identified for this nick 
    [23:56] == End of WHOIS 
    [23:56] <ROBERT_DOE> it's fucking not funny 
    [23:56] <ROBERT_DOE> and who the fuck is aesop 
    [23:56] <@the_bastard> you think i had something to with that? 
    [23:56] <@the_bastard> get over yoruself 
    [23:57] <ROBERT_DOE> i am holding you responsible you little shit 
    [23:57] <@the_bastard> as if i haven't heard that before 
    [23:57] <@the_bastard> wasn't me 
    [23:57] <ROBERT_DOE> try ordering pizza to my house in front of my face 
    [23:57] <ROBERT_DOE> and see what happens 
    [23:57] <@the_bastard> you would tell me you wanted extra cheese 
    [23:59] <ROBERT_DOE> i'd fuckign slit your thorat 
    [23:59] <ROBERT_DOE> anyway 
    [23:59] <ROBERT_DOE> stop posting my fucking dox online 
    [23:59] <ROBERT_DOE> or you'll fucking face the consequences 
    [23:59] <@the_bastard> wasn't me dipshit 
    [00:00] <@the_bastard> youve made a lot of enemies amongst the chans 
    [00:00] <@the_bastard> try one of them 
    [00:00] <ROBERT_DOE> bullshit 
    [00:01] <@the_bastard> i dont care if you believe me or not. wont change the fact that your dox (if they are real) are all over the surface chans and the deep web chans, they're even saved to the DoxBin on the depweb 
    [00:01] <ROBERT_DOE> i'm initiating lawsuits against those sites 
    [00:01] <@the_bastard> i didnt dox you and i dont care who did, but everyone already knows who you are, and thats not likely to change anytime soon 
    [00:01] <@the_bastard> and seriously? 
    [00:01] <@the_bastard> NO ONE has ever managed to sue a deep web site 
    [00:02] <ROBERT_DOE> do you know who the fuck i am? 
    [00:02] <ROBERT_DOE> my mom and dad are lawyers 
    [00:02] <@the_bastard> an angry weeaboo? 
    [00:02] <@the_bastard> that doesnt mean anythign 
    [00:02] <ROBERT_DOE> they're taking this to the U.S. Supreme Court 
    [00:02] <@the_bastard> XD 
    [00:02] <ROBERT_DOE> your asses are going to get fucked over 
    [00:02] <@the_bastard> try that line on 4chan 
    [00:02] <ROBERT_DOE> last warning 
    [00:02] <@the_bastard> someone might actually believe you there 
    [00:03] <ROBERT_DOE> last warning, mate 
    [00:03] <ROBERT_DOE> delete my fucking dox 
    [00:03] <@the_bastard> for what 
    [00:03] <ROBERT_DOE> or face the consequences 
    [00:03] <@the_bastard> i dont have the authority to delete someone elses post on someone elses website 
    [00:03] <ROBERT_DOE> bullshit 
    [00:03] <ROBERT_DOE> you're behind everything 
    [00:03] <@the_bastard> bastardchan is my only site 
    [00:03] <@the_bastard> while i wish i had the money to open more 
    [00:03] <@the_bastard> i dont 
    [00:04] <ROBERT_DOE> whether you like it or not, you are being held responsible 
    [00:04] <ROBERT_DOE> see you in court 
    [00:04] == ROBERT_DOE [[email protected]] has left #bastardchan [] 
    [00:29] == ROBERT_DOE [[email protected]com] has joined #bastardchan 
    [00:29] <ROBERT_DOE> http://bastardchan.org/b/res/31363.html 
    [00:30] <@the_bastard> i love you too 
    [00:31] <@the_bastard> i didnt dox you and i dont own the sites where it was posted 
    [00:31] <@the_bastard> had it been posted to mine, which it wasnt, all you would have to do is ask nicely 
    [00:31] <@the_bastard> but i didnt dox you, i didnt post your dox anywhere, and threatening me over somethign i didnt do wont solve anything 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> OR 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> YOU 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> WILL 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> FUCKING 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> FACE 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> THE 
    [00:32] <@the_bastard> Cool Story Bro 
    [00:32] <@the_bastard> Freedom of Speech 
    [00:32] <@the_bastard> neither am i 
    [00:32] <@the_bastard> no 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> REMOVE IT 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> IM SERIOUS 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> RIGHT 
    [00:32] <ROBERT_DOE> FUCKING 
    [00:33] <ROBERT_DOE> NOW 
    [00:33] <@the_bastard> i havent said anythign that wasnt true 
    [00:33] <ROBERT_DOE> YOU HEAR ME? 
    [00:33] <@the_bastard> i copy posted a public conversation from a public IRC to a public image board 
    [00:33] <ROBERT_DOE> REMOVE 
    [00:33] <ROBERT_DOE> RIGHT NOW 
    [00:34] <@the_bastard> on what gronds my friend? 
    [00:34] <ROBERT_DOE> LIBEL 
    [00:34] <ROBERT_DOE> AS IVE SAID 9000 TIMES 
    [00:34] <@the_bastard> not 9001? 
    [00:34] <ROBERT_DOE> OR I WILL SUE 
    [00:34] <@the_bastard> OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!! 
    [00:34] <ROBERT_DOE> REMOVE 
    [00:35] <ROBERT_DOE> THE 
    [00:35] <@the_bastard> nope 
    [00:35] <ROBERT_DOE> okay 
    [00:35] <ROBERT_DOE> what if i ask nicely? 
    [00:35] <ROBERT_DOE> how about 
    [00:35] <ROBERT_DOE> Remove that thread or i will SUE THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF YOU 
    [00:35] <@the_bastard> that wasnt very nice 
    [00:36] <ROBERT_DOE> holy fuck mate 
    [00:36] <@the_bastard> why are you so angry? 
    [00:36] <ROBERT_DOE> you really don't know who youre fucking with, are you? 
    [00:36] <@the_bastard> an angry weeaboo 
    [00:36] <@the_bastard> havent we been through that already? 
    [00:36] <ROBERT_DOE> when i present the evidence to my dad, you're going to get sued to the ground 
    [00:37] <ROBERT_DOE> REMOVE IT 
    [00:38] <ROBERT_DOE> ok 
    [00:38] <@the_bastard> you can keep saying that forever. the only way that thread gets removed, is when the next epic thread occurs and we elect to stickie that one in its place, allowing the current to disapear 
    [00:38] <ROBERT_DOE> dont tell me i didnt warn you 
    [00:38] <ROBERT_DOE> this is going to be a historical case 
    [00:38] <@the_bastard> keep this up and we screenshot that thread and post your rage everywhere 
    [00:38] == ROBERT_DOE [[email protected]] has left #bastardchan [] 
    [00:38] <@the_bastard> Sujay? your middle bame us Sujay? 
    == ROBERT_DOE [[email protected]] has joined #bastardchan 
    [00:54] == jimmies101 [[email protected]] has joined #bastardchan 
    [00:55] <ROBERT_DOE> someones gonna get sued 
    [00:55] <@the_bastard> hey travis 
    [00:55] == nerdhunter [[email protected]] has joined #bastardchan 
    [00:56] == nerdhunter has changed nick to savetheinternet 
    [00:56] <ROBERT_DOE> brb you cunt 
    [00:56] <ROBERT_DOE> gonna get something to drink 
    [00:56] <@the_bastard> i'll take a vodka martini shaken not stirred 
    [00:57] <savetheinternet> listen up, you fucking idiot 
    [00:57] == savetheinternet [[email protected]] 
    [00:57] == realname : h 
    [00:57] == channels : #bastardchan 
    [00:57] == server : *.rizon.net [Where are you?] 
    [00:57] == : has identified for this nick 
    [00:57] == End of WHOIS 
    [00:57] <savetheinternet> do what ROBERT_DOE says, or you're going to have a problem 
    [00:57] <savetheinternet> a very large problem 
    [00:57] <savetheinternet> i am a reputable lawyer 
    [00:57] <@the_bastard> i think it's funny that a friend of mine just mentioned you and here you are 
    [00:57] <savetheinternet> i could have you sued in a millisecond 
    [00:57] <savetheinternet> do you know how easy it is for me to sue someone? 
    [00:58] <savetheinternet> the_bastard: remove it, now. 
    [00:58] <@the_bastard> no 
    [00:58] <savetheinternet> this is your only warning. 
    [00:58] <savetheinternet> the_bastard: i am demanding you remove it 
    00:58] <savetheinternet> you are hereby compelled to remove it 
    [00:58] <savetheinternet> do you want to take this matter to court? 
    [00:59] <savetheinternet> no answer? are you scared? 
    [00:59] <@the_bastard> >.< try threatening on 4chan, they might actually believe you there. 
    [00:59] <savetheinternet> i'm not fucking joking around 
    [01:00] <savetheinternet> i've sued people before 
    [01:00] <@the_bastard> i'm fapping 
    [01:00] <savetheinternet> i have a 100% success rate 
    [01:00] <ROBERT_DOE> http://tripfags.com/media/lawsuit.jpg 
    [01:00] <ROBERT_DOE> the_bastard: you're going to get one of these fuckers in your mail 
    [01:00] <savetheinternet> ^ i sued cornell hub into submission 
    [01:00] <ROBERT_DOE> as well as twice the amount of pizza you ordered me 
    [01:00] <@the_bastard> dont know them, dont care 
    [01:00] <savetheinternet> triple it, ROBERT_DOE 
    [01:00] <ROBERT_DOE> ok 
    [01:00] <ROBERT_DOE> triple 
    [01:00] <savetheinternet> i could sue the_bastard for everything he and his parent's own 
    [01:01] <@the_bastard> so thats like what? $12.95 
    [01:01] <@the_bastard> can i write you a check? 
    [01:01] <savetheinternet> you can write me a cheque for $500,000 
    [01:02] <@the_bastard> MPAA doesnt even get that much 
    [01:02] <savetheinternet> if you can't afford it, you'll be paying me off until the day you die 
    [01:02] <@the_bastard> no i wont 
    [01:02] <savetheinternet> yes, you fucking will 
    [01:02] <savetheinternet> do you not realize what i'm capable of? 
    [01:02] <@the_bastard> do you really expect me to believe any of this? 
    [01:03] <@the_bastard> i didnt dox you. dont know who did, but if i did, i'd give him a medal 
    [01:03] <savetheinternet> you did dox me 
    [01:03] <savetheinternet> and you also doxed ROBERT_DOE 
    [01:03] <@the_bastard> how do you figure? 
    [01:03] <savetheinternet> are you stupid? 
    [01:03] <savetheinternet> the evidence is right in front of you 
    [01:03] <savetheinternet> open your FUCKING eyes 
    [01:03] <@the_bastard> you have my IP address? 
    [01:04] <@the_bastard> by all means post it here if you do 
    [01:04] <savetheinternet> why? 
    [01:04] <@the_bastard> cause it wasnt me, so the odds of it matching let alone beng close to mine is more then 1 in 7500000000 
    [01:06] <ROBERT_DOE> im gonna brb 
    [01:06] <ROBERT_DOE> that thread better be fucking gone 
    [01:06] == spartan [[email protected]] has joined #bastardchan 
    [01:07] <savetheinternet> just remove the fucking dox and we don't have a problem 
    [01:08] <savetheinternet> i will take you and every single one of your users to court 
    [01:08] <@the_bastard> wasnt me, 
    [01:08] <savetheinternet> bullshit. 
    [01:09] <savetheinternet> try that line in court 
    [01:09] <savetheinternet> see how far it takes you 
    [01:09] <@the_bastard> whale feces 
    [01:09] <savetheinternet> you're getting sued 
    [01:09] <@the_bastard> so you say 
    [01:10] <savetheinternet> i'm not joking. 
    [01:10] <savetheinternet> do i look like i'm joking? 
    [01:10] <@the_bastard> i cant see you stupid 
    [01:10] <savetheinternet> i'm the direct opposite 
    [01:10] <savetheinternet> i have an incredible amount of power, kid 
    [01:10] <savetheinternet> i could sue you for anything 
    [01:10] <savetheinternet> whether it be true or not 
    [01:10] <savetheinternet> you think the judge will care? 
    [01:10] <@the_bastard> yep 
    [01:11] <savetheinternet> i have a 100% success rate 
    [01:11] <savetheinternet> i could DESTROY your life 
    [01:11] <@the_bastard> not even the MPAA and the RIAA with their million dollar attourneys has a 100% success rate in court 
    [01:11] <@the_bastard> what life? 
    [01:12] <@the_bastard> i run a shitty imageboard, does it look like i have a life? 
    [01:12] <savetheinternet> what do those petty organizations have to do with anything? 
    [01:12] <savetheinternet> i could sue them too 
    [01:12] <@the_bastard> I would PAY to see that. 
    [01:12] <savetheinternet> are you stupid? 
    [01:12] <savetheinternet> you think it's hard for me to sue someone? 
    [01:12] <@the_bastard> brb, have to update the thread 
    [01:12] <savetheinternet> easy as cake 
    [01:13] <savetheinternet> what thread? 
    [01:13] <@the_bastard> on the site 
    [01:13] <savetheinternet> you don't have permission to log this 
    [01:13] <@the_bastard> its our IRC 
    [01:13] <@the_bastard> i can do whatever the fuck i want 
    [01:13] <savetheinternet> you are hereby ordered to cease recording this chat 
    [01:13] <@the_bastard> how about NO Scott 
    [01:13] <savetheinternet> i'm not playing around 
    [01:13] <savetheinternet> stop recording this chat 
    [01:13] <@the_bastard> no 
    [01:14] <savetheinternet> you do not have my permission. 
    [01:14] <savetheinternet> nor did you seek to acquire it 
    [01:14] <@the_bastard> i dont need it nor do i care 
    [01:14] <savetheinternet> i could have you thrown in prison 
    [01:14] <@the_bastard> YAY!, I get to see my uncle again! 
    [01:15] <savetheinternet> i could have your uncle killed 
    [01:15] <@the_bastard> eh, go ahead 
    [01:15] <savetheinternet> oh, you don't think i'm capable of that either? 
    [01:15] <@the_bastard> he's an asshole anyways 
    [01:15] <@the_bastard> nigga owes me $20 
    [01:17] == savetheinternet [[email protected]] 
    [01:17] == realname : h 
    [01:17] == channels : #bastardchan 
    [01:17] == server : *.rizon.net [Where are you?] 
    [01:17] == : has identified for this nick 
    [01:17] == End of WHOIS 
    [01:25] <@the_bastard> welcome back Aesop 
    [01:27] <@the_bastard> too many inactive guests, time to clean 
    [01:28] * the_bastard slaps jimmies101 around a bit with a large fishbot 
    [01:28] == jimmies101 was kicked from #bastardchan by the_bastard [jimmies101] 
    [01:28] * the_bastard slaps ROBERT_DOE around a bit with a large fishbot 
    [01:28] == ROBERT_DOE was kicked from #bastardchan by the_bastard [ROBERT_DOE] 
    [01:28] <robdoe> wtf 
    [01:28] * the_bastard slaps savetheinternet around a bit with a large fishbot 
    [01:28] <robdoe> that's rude 
    [01:28] == savetheinternet was kicked from #bastardchan by the_bastard [savetheinternet] 
    [01:28] <@the_bastard> funny though 
    [01:32] * the_bastard slaps robdoe around a bit with a large fishbot 
    [01:32] <@the_bastard> just because 
    [01:36] <robdoe> you're a fucking nerd 
    [01:37] <robdoe> i'm going to sue you 
    [01:37] <@the_bastard> now now aesop, be nice 
    [01:38] <edencoder> yo the_bastard 
    [01:38] <edencoder> is someone angry? 
    [01:38] <@the_bastard> thats an understatement 
    [01:39] <@the_bastard> i've been copy/pasting the whole thing to site 
    [01:39] <@the_bastard> twoud be cruel not to let them see the festivites 
    [01:41] <edencoder> lold 
    [01:41] <edencoder> so whats STI getting angry about above? 
    [01:43] <@the_bastard> not really sure, he says that he was doxed as well 
    [01:43] <@the_bastard> and apparently im also responsible 
    [01:43] <edencoder> lol 
    [01:43] <edencoder> my dox is publically available 
    [01:43] <edencoder> you want it? 
    [01:43] <@the_bastard> im indifferent 
    [01:43] <edencoder> noone delivers pizza to me anyway :( 
    [01:43] <robdoe> im going to fucking sue you edencoder 
    [01:43] <robdoe> YOU posted the dox on leetchan 
    [01:44] <robdoe> YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE 
    [01:44] <edencoder> lol 
    [01:44] <@the_bastard> oh, and here i was thinking they had run out of steem 
    [01:44] <edencoder> i fucking hate leetchan 
    [01:44] <edencoder> why would i go there 
    [01:44] <robdoe> beats me 
    [01:44] <robdoe> you've been posting shit for WEEKS 
    [01:44] <edencoder> brilliant 
    [01:45] <@the_bastard> your site hasnt seen activity in weeks 
    [01:45] <edencoder> ^ 
    [01:45] <robdoe> FUCK OFF 
    [01:45] <edencoder> why are you mad? 
    [01:45] <robdoe> MY SITE HAS 100,000 POSTS/DAY 
    [01:45] <edencoder> all of your own dox 
    [01:45] <edencoder> 100,000 dox posts 
    [01:45] <@the_bastard> WOW, What are you smoking and where can i get some 
    [01:46] <spartan> id like some too 
    [01:46] <spartan> wait let me guess... bath salts 
    [01:46] <edencoder> ^ 
    [01:46] <edencoder> robdoe 
    [01:46] <edencoder> btw 
    [01:46] <edencoder> the_bastard has no admin/mod privelages on 1eden 
    [01:47] <edencoder> he cant delete shit 
    [01:47] <edencoder> aint his fault 
    [01:47] <robdoe> doesnt make a diff 
    [01:47] <robdoe> you will be sued anyway 
    [01:48] <@the_bastard> you're funny 
    [01:48] <edencoder> lol 
    [01:48] <robdoe> fuck off 
    [01:48] <edencoder> freedom of speech bro 
    [01:48] <edencoder> we have that here too 
    [01:49] <edencoder> besides, i dont believe we have done anything wrong 
    [01:49] <edencoder> but i tell you what 
    [01:49] <edencoder> chuck a giant banner at the top of leetchan 
    [01:49] <edencoder> that says "1eden is our ruler" 
    [01:49] <edencoder> and ill take the thread down

    Remove my page or I'll DDoS you!!

    * savetheinternet ([email protected]) has joined #ed
    <savetheinternet> Hi.
    <savetheinternet> I'm ready to negotiate the removal of my page now.
    <rock> hi
    <rock> NEVER
    <ExplodingPiglets> lol wut?
    <ExplodingPiglets> savetheinternet, 
    <ExplodingPiglets> link your page
    <ExplodingPiglets> and I'll do something about it
    <rock> link your page
    <rock> but NEVER
    <savetheinternet> http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    <Zalgo> Title: Michael Horowitz - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
    <ExplodingPiglets> ok let me do something about it
    <savetheinternet> Thanksw.
    <savetheinternet> *Thanks.
    <ExplodingPiglets> hold on
    <ExplodingPiglets> first
    <ExplodingPiglets> you have to do something for me
    <savetheinternet> What is it?
    <ExplodingPiglets> join #wtfux
    <ExplodingPiglets> and say ExplodingPiglets has such a big dick
    <ExplodingPiglets> and that you love to suck it 
    <rock> what is it with fucking Australians?
    <ExplodingPiglets> Actually nvm
    <ExplodingPiglets> Suck my dick in here
    <ExplodingPiglets> savetheinternet, 
    <Wizard> You are so crude piglets!!
    <Wizard> So crude!!!
    <savetheinternet> What?
    <savetheinternet> REMOVE MY FUCKING PAGE NOW.
    <ExplodingPiglets> Suck my dick. 
    <ExplodingPiglets> I will
    <savetheinternet> I'M TIRED OF THESE FUCKING GAMES
    <ExplodingPiglets> but first
    <ExplodingPiglets> you have to suck my dick
    <rock> I LOVE GAMES
    <ExplodingPiglets> I will remove your page, but first you have to suck my dick
    <savetheinternet> Stop fucking around.
    <savetheinternet> I will DDoS ED again.
    <rock> you don't have the balls
    <ExplodingPiglets> savetheinternet, threatening DDoS against us is not going to change anything. 
    * junius ([email protected]) has joined #ed
    * DanielBrandt sets mode +q #ed junius
    * DanielBrandt gives channel operator status to junius
    <savetheinternet> I will fucking destroy ED if you don't comply.
    * MikuChi ([email protected]) has joined #ed
    <Wizard> You can't ddos my grandma's half operating 56k dailup modem
    <ExplodingPiglets> In fact, it is more entertaining because then we know we trule pissed you off. 
    <ExplodingPiglets> *truly
    <Wizard> so shut the fuck up
    <rock> do it do it do it do it
    <rock> DO IT PLEASE DO IT
    <savetheinternet> Wizard: Shut your fucking mouth unless you want a class action law suit.
    <lenny__> make a donation
    <savetheinternet> I'm not donating shit.
    <EmilyPlays> YESSSS
    <MikuChi> this loser savetheinternet is back?
    <EmilyPlays> I WANNA PLAY TF2
    <Wizard> Shut the fck up before I cast a spell on you and turn you into a cold sore on oprah's vagina
    <Xero> WHORES
    <EmilyPlays> cOcOrOsie
    <EmilyPlays> Hai Xero
    <Wizard> I will fucking invert your colors you piece of shit
    <EmilyPlays> Long time no see
    <Xero> hi EmilyPlays 
    <Wizard> Sue my ass
    <Xero> penis
    <savetheinternet> h Xero 
    * ExplodingPiglets has changed the topic to: * Topic for #ed is: ED Status: More stable than a horse (lolpuns), u jelly? | 
    http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/donate.html | TIME TO FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVEN111!!|   In other news, savetheinternet wants his page 
    removed and will sue us if we do not comply. His page can be found at http://encyclopediadramatica
    <Wizard> Ill eat your face
    <MikuChi> savetheinternet u r such a loser get out of here
    <lenny__> donate $50 and pledge another $100 if your page is removed
    <ExplodingPiglets> aw fuck
    <ExplodingPiglets> I bjorked the url
    <lenny__> that's what I would do
    <Wizard> savetheinternet, im going to personally edit your page
    <Wizard> So that it is a million times worse
    <Xero> hey savetheinternet 
    <Wizard> If you do not sht yor fucking mouth
    <MikuChi> savetheinternet ill write loser all over your page
    * ExplodingPiglets has changed the topic to: * Topic for #ed is: ED Status: More stable than a horse (lolpuns), u jelly? | 
    http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/donate.html | TIME TO FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVEN111!!| 
    In other news, savetheinternet wants his page removed or DDoS.  http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    <savetheinternet> Wizard: Prepare for a major fucking DDoS.
    <Xero> https://lhvxqyd7ux2oinn7.tor2web.org/doxviewer.php?dox=savetheinternet
    <Zalgo> Title: DOX-BIN (at https://lhvxqyd7ux2oinn7.tor2web.org)
    <Xero> savetheinternet, DDOS THIS
    * ExplodingPiglets tickles savetheinternet 
    <ExplodingPiglets> http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    <Zalgo> Title: Michael Horowitz - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
    <ExplodingPiglets> oh shit
    <rock> savetheinternet how many axehandles is your ass bigger than your husand
    <rock> *HUSBAND
    <ExplodingPiglets> I am getting a lawsuit!
    <EmilyPlays>  http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz 
    http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    <Zalgo> Title: Michael Horowitz - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
    <EmilyPlays>  http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    <Zalgo> Title: Michael Horowitz - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
    <EmilyPlays>  http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    <EmilyPlays>  http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    <Zalgo> Title: Michael Horowitz - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
    <EmilyPlays>  http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Michael_Horowitz
    <Zalgo> Title: Michael Horowitz - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
    <Zalgo> Title: Michael Horowitz - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
    * allah.irc has kicked EmilyPlays from #ed (Flooding (Limit is 5 lines per 8 seconds))
    <ExplodingPiglets> Well, somebody got a kick out of that.
    * EmilyPlays ([email protected]) has joined #ed
    <rock> lol
    <ExplodingPiglets> savetheinternet, 
    <ExplodingPiglets> Are you being a pseudo-lolcow?
    <rock> Emily got over excited
    <EmilyPlays> Let's spam 4chon with his dox 
    <ExplodingPiglets> Are you pretending to be pathetic so that you can get attention?
    <savetheinternet> If you go anywhere near my site, you will be sued.
    <savetheinternet> Only and final warning.
    <ExplodingPiglets> may I have the link?
    <rock> no I wont
    <ExplodingPiglets> I want the link so that I know what to avoid. 
    <Wizard> Shut the fuck up savetheinternet
    <Wizard> Im going to dump your website
    <EmilyPlays> lolno
    <Wizard> and edit the html
    <ExplodingPiglets> Wizard, be civil. 
    <Wizard> and take a new photo of the gayporn on it
    <EmilyPlays> Link to his real dox plox
    <Wizard> and say I hacked it
    <ExplodingPiglets> savetheinternet is obvious distressed. 
    <Wizard> He doesnt have a right to not be a little bitch
    <ExplodingPiglets> We should treat him like a crybaby.
    * WheatThins ([email protected]) has joined #ed
    * DanielBrandt gives channel half-operator status to WheatThins
    * pockeyandhentai has quit (Ping timeout)
    <savetheinternet> <%ExplodingPiglets> I want the link so that I know what to avoid.  <-- http://4chon.net. Don't fucking touch it.
    <Zalgo> Title: 4chon (at 4chon.net)
    <ExplodingPiglets> savetheinternet, 
    <EmilyPlays> http://4chon.net/r9k/res/383264.html
    <Zalgo> Title: /r9k/ - Robot9001 (at 4chon.net)
    <ExplodingPiglets> I will remove your page under one condition. 
    <ExplodingPiglets> You have to suck my dick. 
    <WheatThins> All of the dicks *
    <ExplodingPiglets> I'm kidding. 
    <ExplodingPiglets> Fine I'll remove your page 
    <ExplodingPiglets> hold on
    <savetheinternet> Fucking finally.
    <rock> godammit page has been locked
    <rock> your mother has the pussy of a whore :D
    <ExplodingPiglets> there you go
    <ExplodingPiglets> the page has been blanked
    <ExplodingPiglets> Are you happy?
    <savetheinternet> NO IT FUCKING HASN'T
    <ExplodingPiglets> lol meepsheep must have a script
    <EmilyPlays> lol
    <ExplodingPiglets> I'll tell you what. 
    <ExplodingPiglets> I'll let all the readers know your concern by posting these logs
    <EmilyPlays> ^
    <savetheinternet> Don't you FUCKING dare.
    <ExplodingPiglets> When they see you screaming at us and threatening illegal activity, they will certainly take you seriously.
    <ExplodingPiglets> Why not? I am trying to help you.
    <savetheinternet> -- The above can not be used in any court of any jurisdiction --
    <lenny__> dude you can't be for real
    <ExplodingPiglets> We were never planning on taking you to court
    <ExplodingPiglets> so that is irrelevant. 
    <PerpA> guys
    <PerpA> seriously
    <PerpA> savetheinternet = a troll
    <PerpA> ignore him please
    <PerpA> he's just here to act stupid and hope we do the same
    <savetheinternet> I'm. Not. A. Fucking. Troll.
    <ExplodingPiglets> I had a feeling about that. 
    <ExplodingPiglets> :)
    <ExplodingPiglets> Still, I am also a troll 
    <ExplodingPiglets> and when he is done "freaking out", I will post the logs
    <Xero> THIS
    <Xero> THREAD
    <Xero> IS
    <Xero> DILDOS
    <Wizard> Im a fucking wizard and he is my troll
    <ExplodingPiglets> but not before editing out the part where he is a troll
    <Wizard> You are a cancer internet
    <WheatThins> There are logs of him saying he is a troll
    <ExplodingPiglets> we want it to seem realistic
    <ExplodingPiglets> so that people actually think he is a moron
    <Wizard> You are a fucking cancer that must be nuked with radiation at the cost of the body
    <ExplodingPiglets> Which, he still could be. 
    <zaiger> ExplodingPiglets y so blanking pages?
    <rock> what man do you work for
    <ExplodingPiglets> zaiger, this kind guy wanted his page to be removed. So I pretended to blank it. 
    <ExplodingPiglets> for a bit
    <ExplodingPiglets> I was going to wait a few minutes for him to settle down
    <zaiger> k
    <ExplodingPiglets> then I was going to be like "oops! I undid my blanking!"
    <ExplodingPiglets> and watch him freak out
    <ExplodingPiglets> It was going to be funny.
    <Xero> ahguaugugh
    <ExplodingPiglets> but meepsheeps script ruined my fun :(
    <savetheinternet> Expect another DDoS in a few hours. I'll be back tomorrow.
    * savetheinternet has quit (client exited: Leaving)


    23:57		*** savetheinternet joined #ed
    23:57	savetheinternet	Hey.
    23:57	Sen	Are you circumsized, savetheinternet?
    23:57	roidsage	oh fuck
    23:57	savetheinternet	Nope.
    23:57	roidsage	savetheinternet
    23:57	savetheinternet	Hey, roidsage.
    23:57	roidsage	holy shit
    23:58	savetheinternet	Got something to say to me, cunt?
    23:58	savetheinternet	Do you know who I am?
    23:58	roidsage	we were just talking bout you
    23:58	Sen	OoooOoOooooo
    23:58	savetheinternet	I'm not a force to be reckoned with.
    23:58	Sen	Someone wants to throwdown
    23:58	roidsage	im gonna log this
    23:58		*** grumpy quit (client exited: \(;-)
    23:58	dickbutt9000	lol
    23:58	Sen	Obviously as everyone trolls you like you're insignificant and you just get angrier, you fucking retard
    23:58	roidsage	michael Right?
    23:58	savetheinternet	Fuck off, Sen.
    23:58	Sen	You are clearly NOT a force to be recokened with
    23:58	savetheinternet	Don't say my real name.
    23:59	roidsage	You name is Michael
    23:59	roidsage	Michael Horowitz
    23:59	roidsage	Michael Horowitz
    23:59	roidsage	Michael Horowitz
    23:59	roidsage	Michael Horowitz
    23:59	savetheinternet	FUCK OFF
    23:59	cryptopsy	hi sti
    23:59	dickbutt9000	rage in all caps it's the way to rage
    23:59	savetheinternet	Hey, cryptopsy.
    23:59	Sen	Someone needs a band-aid for his owwie
    23:59	roidsage	You live in Australia
    23:59	raine	im actually michael horowitz
    23:59	savetheinternet	You do realize I can sue you all in a heartbeat, right?
    23:59	roidsage	ha ha
    23:59	roidsage	http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Savetheinternet
    23:59	Zalgo	Title: Michael Horowitz - Encyclopedia Dramatica (at encyclopediadramatica.ch)
    00:00	cryptopsy	sti why are you butthurt? i'm new to this network, so i don't know who's a faggot or not
    00:00	roidsage	Sue this guy
    00:00	roidsage	Lolcow
    00:00	Sen	Slave the Intercest
    00:00	roidsage	Im posting this
    00:01		*** dragonwind joined #ed
    00:01	RayZfox	http://fatpita.net/?i=900
    00:01	savetheinternet	Post it and you get sued. Simple.
    00:01	Zalgo	Title: fatpita.net :: funny random pictures (at fatpita.net)
    00:02	RayZfox	savetheinternet: but i already has
    00:02	dragonwind	do i smell a lolsuit?
    00:02	Sen	Someone get STI (Honestly? That's your acronym?) some BBQ ripple ice cream
    00:02	RayZfox	plus you dont know who i am cunt
    00:02		*** Wizardreallydrunk quit (Ping timeout)
    00:02	RayZfox	savetheinternet: go fist yourself and die.
    00:02	savetheinternet	You got a problem with my fucking name, Sen?
    00:02	RayZfox	dragonwind: http://fatpita.net/?i=900
    00:02	raine	savetheinternet: you upset cuz ur out of matzah balls or something?
    00:02	Zalgo	Title: fatpita.net :: funny random pictures (at fatpita.net)
    00:02	dickbutt9000	savetheinternet is jewish
    00:02	dragonwind	hi, im jack mehoff, esqire, attorney at lol
    00:02	dickbutt9000	oh my
    00:02	savetheinternet	Can you guys just leave me alone?
    00:02	savetheinternet	Pick on someone your own size.
    00:02	Sen	Not at all, merely find it ironic that it abbreviates to that
    00:02	dickbutt9000	where is the jew cave located at savetheinternet?
    00:03	roidsage	K guys stop milking the lolcow
    00:03	roidsage	Pffffft jew
    00:03	dragonwind	NEVAR!
    00:03	Sen	sure, I can go back to lurking
    00:03	roidsage	!ud jew
    00:03	Zalgo	[UrbanDictionary] jew --> 1. Someone who practices Judaism. 2. Derogatory term for someone tight with their money or someone not very generous.
    00:03	savetheinternet	You're all a bunch of goyim, aren't you?
    00:03	dragonwind	forme, tetris it is
    00:03	cryptopsy	what's a goyim?
    00:03	dickbutt9000	zalgo must look it up for us
    00:04	raine	what a MESHU'GEH
    00:04	dickbutt9000	i have no clue what a fucking goyim is
    00:04	Sen	!ud goyim
    00:04	Zalgo	[UrbanDictionary] Goyim --> Non-Jews, in Hebrew and Yiddish. Literally, the "peoples." Sometimes pejorative. See shiksa and shaygetz
    00:04	Sen	Informative.
    00:04	dickbutt9000	oh so it means anyone who isnt a fucking kike
    00:04	roidsage	k im gonna post the logs of this guy
    00:05	savetheinternet	Don't.,
    00:05	savetheinternet	Last warning.
    00:06	cryptopsy	what's a meshu'geh ?
    00:06	Sen	!ud meshu'guh
    00:06	Zalgo	[UrbanDictionary] meshu'guh is not defined yet.
    00:06	roidsage	hey internet
    00:06	roidsage	ASL
    00:06	raine	http://help.berberber.com/forum115/32122-hebrew-equivalent-american-exclamations-what-some-clean-ones.html
    00:06	Zalgo	Title: Hebrew equivalent to American exclamations. What are some clean ones? - The international discussion forum (at help.berberber.com)
    00:06	cryptopsy	!ud meshuggah
    00:06	Zalgo	[UrbanDictionary] meshuggah --> n. 1. A metal band from Sweden whose music features many dizzingly complex polyrhythms and hemiolas characteristic of free jazz and African drumming. 2. A metal group whose rhythmic concepts tend to go right over the heads of most metal fans, leading them to pigeonhole the band with such descriptions as "toughest band I've ever heard," thus raping them of the credibi...
    00:06	roidsage	AS:
    00:06	roidsage	AS:
    00:06	raine	this is what i googled
    00:06	roidsage	ASL
    00:06	roidsage	ASL
    00:06	dickbutt9000	ASL
    00:06	dickbutt9000	ASL
    00:06	savetheinternet	Real fucking mature.
    00:07	roidsage	ha ha
    00:07	cryptopsy	umad?
    00:07	dickbutt9000	umad bro?
    00:07	Sen	NOOB
    00:07	savetheinternet	Whatever.
    00:07	savetheinternet	I've had it with this place.
    00:07	Sen	We still love you
    00:07	Sen	=]
    00:07	roidsage	BYE
    00:07	savetheinternet	If I ever see logs of me published by you, roidsage, don't be surprised when I rape you in the fucking ass with a lawsuit.
    00:08		*** savetheinternet quit (client exited: Fuck off.)

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